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Sara Tollefson

In 2011, Los Angeles and I made an introduction that quickly grew into love. Packed with me an Art and Design degree from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. I’m one of those lucky few that knew at an early age what I wanted to be, and eventually learned where I needed to do it. Feeling the city’s energy, movement and a creative buzz ringing through the air (sometimes in the form of honking), I knew I was home. Read More>>

Matthew Garrett

I’m Matthew Garrett the founder of CLEVER Productions & Branding. I began my career path in college at Saginaw Valley State University. Entering college I studied to become a dentist because I was always naturally gifted in the sciences, and coming out of high school it was a career that was paid well, had good hours, and seemed to be a guaranteed position after completing my educational goals, but after my first year I just knew the dental career path wasn’t for me. Read More>>

Carson Nicely

Hey there! I started my career in entertainment when I was 18 and in college working in the A&F Stores as the shirtless greeter. From there, ended up getting scouted by the marketing team when they did a store visit to the Orlando mall and ended up in 3 campaigns for A&F. Read More>>

Ben Johnstone

I have been a working actor in LA for the past 7 years. Taking care of myself physically has always been an aspect of my job, but when it comes to fitness it’s always been something that has interested me. When I first started working out, I had a couple of trainers, read some magazines articles and got advice from friends. Read More>>

Cordero Roman

A few years back, I became increasingly upset with people accepting the low standard of iPhone photos as a means of capturing memories. I felt like I had a civil duty to try and help people enjoy high-quality photos that don’t distort perspective, aren’t taken in horrible lighting, and don’t have 90% unnecessary head space. So I purchased a DSLR and just started shooting photos of people around me. Read More>>

Nick Lovell

I got my BA from the USC School of Cinema-Television, and that was a pretty fantastic experience. Since then I’ve been building my career as a Commercial Producer, Director, and Editor which has been very exciting, with my still photography (and now fashion film) moving on a parallel course. Read More>>

Korbin Bielski

I have been taking photos since I was 14, first picking up my mother’s Instamatic camera. My father nurtured my new found interested by buying me my own starter camera and then eventually buying me a professional SLR camera. I went to film school in Florida and immediately moved to L.A. upon graduation. I discovered quickly that being a PA on film sets was not for me. I have been through many ups and downs and many different career choices. After some soul searching, I decided to turn my photography hobby into a career. Read More>>

Hayley Fisk

Ever since I can remember I’ve always thrived from making art and being creative. I was fortunate enough to have such an amazing family who always encouraged me in my art making. Their unwavering love and support was a huge factor in how I found my success today as a photographer.I first started taking photos in high school, but I was more focused on painting and drawing because I wanted to pursue a career in Illustration. Read More>>

Nastya Valentine

I was born in Moscow, Russia. My mother was an LED and my father was 1/3 drum machine but for some reason no one really expected me to do anything in ~the arts~ because it’s ~, , not a real job~. Honestly, I don’t think my family expected me to do anything but get married and have ki because that was a Russian value even in the 90s. I was kind of a weirdo and a rebel and a shaman as a kid so I just conjured up all these worlds and prophecies for myself which involved art and music and education. Read More>>

Rudy Widjaja

Starting photography was a bit of an impulsive decision that ended up becoming something. Fresh out of high school, I had landed my first job doing landscaping in Redondo Beach. It was just a two-week gig — paid under the table. At the time, I was living in the Bay Area — so it was a good opportunity to both earn money and see Southern California for the first time. So that ended, and I made it back home with a good chunk of money. I wasn’t really sure what to do with all of the money. I was young and undeniably stupid. Didn’t even consider saving any of it — only knew that I wanted to spend it all in one go. Read More>>

Wayne Ford

After working for over 7 years as a producer and director of digital video content for some of the top online brands I started my own company to focus more on what I love doing – Photography. Video is still a huge part of the business but my primary passion and goals revolve around creating engaging images. Read More>>

Pheren Soepadhi

I started as a Fashion Photographer, Fashion Stylist, and Fashion Designer 9 years ago in my hometown, Jakarta, Indonesia, also a part-time photographer at TV Stations. Read More>>

Gabriel Everett

I bought a camera and started photographing models on the women’s board at my agency in Milan. At the time I didn’t have a portfolio so I plagiarized a small portfolio on my old Powerbook for my meeting. They liked the small mood board/ portfolio that I put together and I eventually built a decent portfolio from testing. The rest is a constant evolution all about relationships. The older I get I believe that amnesia is the most important ingredient. Being able to let go of past experiences, achievements and how I’ve viewed myself. Read More>>

Ejen Chuang

In 2008, I attended my first anime convention located at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The term cosplay was familiar to me through Google and they seem like a great subject for photos so I packed my lights and took a gray background paper with me. I set up my lights and stood in one area for 3 days straight taking photos of anyone who would walk by in a costume. It just wasn’t the costume that grabbed my attention, it was the participants and their stories that attracted me as well. I saw a wealth of people from different background, different races, all cosplaying for the love of fandom. It was a beautiful thing! Read More>>

Stephanie Mathis

I came to LA like many of us – with dreams of success in front of the camera. And while I certainly was fortunate enough to dabble in acting and modeling work early on, I knew that I was looking for something that would give me more creative control. While in college I had a professor suggest that I step behind the camera — once I did, I was transformed. From there, I began shooting portraits of my friends and gradually developed both my style and business acumen. There were a lot of stops and starts and u-turns, but I found my way eventually! Read More>>

Sean Galland

I started off in art school wanting to be a painter . Being a visual learner I gradually made the move into photography and graphic design. When I learned photoshop in the late 90’s a whole new and exciting aspect of photography opened up for me and it was full stream ahead. Read More>>



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