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Meet Zahara Zimring

Today we’d like to introduce you to Zahara Zimring.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I began my journey as an athlete. I was an Olympic hopeful training in Taekwondo from ages 8 – 20. At age 20, I was sidelined by a spinal surgery that took me out of the sport, but what I learned during my day’s training was priceless. I learned what it feels like to be truly passionate about something. To be driven by that internal fire that is completely self-sourced, the space where time ceases to exist and you are operating from a pure place of flow out of devotion. The reference point that I received from my training days would prove to be pivotal in my journey.

Once I stopped training, I transitioned onto a more conventional path born from what I was socially conditioned to believe “success” looks like. So, after graduating from Rice University in Houston, Texas I moved to LA and began my career in Sports and Entertainment. I worked hard and by age 25, I was promoted to the Executive Director of Athlete Marketing for one of the biggest baseball agencies in the country. This was a blessing and a curse. I had made it to the “top” at such an early age. And for the next few years, my ego had a hay day. I attached my sense of worth to the title and to the money and the respect that came along with the job, but underneath it all I wasn’t happy. Eventually, my sense of vitality and health started declining. I had lost that sense of fire and passion that I had in my Taekwondo days. So, I went to western medical doctors and shared I felt depressed, had anxiety, couldn’t sleep… and their answer was “there is a pill for that.” I then became dependent on prescription medication. Dependent on a pill to wake up and a pill to go to sleep. To hold together the shiny shell of a life that was prescribed to me rather than one I created from the fire in my belly.

And so began my dark night of the soul. I recognized that something… everything… had to change. I sought support to get off the prescriptions and began a deep personal healing journey. I unpacked my own trauma. I held space for others to do the same. The reference point I had cultivated through my passion for Taekwondo at an early age served as my guiding light, it reminded me that it IS possible to live from a place of pure soul and joy.

So I went through a death process. I let go of my old life. The glitzy job. The unhealthy relationships. The substances. All had to go. And I devoted myself entirely to my own healing and transformational process. I was determined to feel lit up by life once again. And it was on that path that I found my “taekwondo passion” again.

In the darkest place, I found my light.

I began learning about meditation, yoga, spiritual psychology, EMDR, Evolutionary Astrology, Ceremonial work, trauma release, and a slew of ancient healing modalities and practices that I work with today. As I continued to grow and expand, I found myself more passionate than ever about supporting others to do the same. And that is how I found myself here today, passionate every day to support others in transforming their own lives and becoming their most fully expressed, loving and liberated selves.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I am a Liberation Artist. My mission is to support others in living into their most authentic, alive and fully expressed selves. I do this through one on one coaching, deep dive overnight immersion experiences that invite clients to make quantum leaps in their lives. I incorporate a wide range of healing modalities, ancient practices, ceremonial work, Evolutionary Astrology and intuitive guidance into my client sessions. There is no set structure. It is different for everyone which allows us to fully actualize the unique soul signature of each person and meet whatever is most alive in the moment without any agenda.

I also offer my signature experience, The Liberation Dojo, every month. You can join digitally or for a live experience. The Liberation Dojo is an invitation to identify where your fear-based edges are at and expand beyond them in real-time. We literally transform fear into strength of spirit and resilience. The dojo is a fusion of a multi-faceted consciousness training experience, with a multitude of processes that are channeled based on the unique alchemy of the group and a cathartic ceremonial immersion. A space for ALL of you to be seen, heard, held and loved. I am so honored to steward this experience and am blown away over and over again as the container continues hold space for some of the most profound transformation that I’ve been privileged to witness.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I have experienced a lot of pain. I have made a lot of mistakes. And I wouldn’t do anything differently. I feel that every point of contraction on the path has lead to an equal and opposite point of expansion. I have learned so much from my “falls” Wisdom comes from lived experience, from feeling through it all. I have gained so much strength from my falls. Scar tissue is stronger than regular skin.

I have doubted myself over and over again. And the confidence I experience today was born from doing the thing anyway. In the face of self-doubt. Doing it anyway.

In the face of fear. Moving forward and meeting myself on the other side.

The most juicy liberation has been born of the contrast.

I have gratitude for it all.

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