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Meet Xanthia Pink

Today we’d like to introduce you to Xanthia Pink.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Xanthia. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My love and fascination for crystals began in my childhood, however, my understanding of their healing properties and different energies began about 8 years ago! I had gone to my first Spiritual Advisor who had shown me a few crystals that would assist me on my path, and from that point on I was deeply inspired spiritually and artistically and hooked on learning about Crystal Magic!!! The journey Began! I carried them in my pockets, bra, purses, in my car (admittedly I still do) but I realized after years of this, and the collection building, I wanted to WEAR my magic!!

I taught myself how to wire wrap by watching videos and over the past 2 1/2+ years really developed my style! I have always been an artist, and a sensitive soul, so this was another medium to create with! Immediately after I began wire wrapping, I had friends and supporters offering their praise and asking to buy them! I felt excited that I could share my love for crystals and their amazing energy as well as the knowledge of how they can assist healing different areas of the body and your life through subtle vibrational energy! Shortly after I offered my crystals in my Etsy shop and it’s been continually developing!

Since the beginning of my Crystal & Spiritual inspiration, I have also become a Crystal Reiki Energy Healer, Tarot Reader & Spiritual Guide myself, using crystals in all of my work! It’s been exciting to grow my small business and now be able to share my Art and love for crystals and healing with others who are also drawn to their Magic!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I’d like to say that the inspiration and magic of creating has always been there! However, starting your own business is not for the faint of heart! It requires a lot of diligence with time, energy and focus and of course risk! It’s imperative to have both the creative AND business mind working!

I remember when I first started off I’d tell people Entrepreneurship is the most liberating and terrifying thing ever! But so fulfilling and ultimately priceless following my path! It still is but even richer in my heart and I’m learning ways to find balance with each new level of this journey!

The biggest thing is maintaining my own level of happiness, sense of joy and alignment with myself because so much of what I do is about energy! And it requires me to be in my power and directing that energy towards the tasks at hand! Spending time creating, and brainstorming! I’m so grateful that my family and friends and partner have really stuck by me through the ups and downs! Working for yourself is not like any other job where you punch out and turn off!

You have to be ready for the inspiration, a client to reach out, and actively creating the next experience! I love being a small business owner though and working for myself, and no matter what the challenges are, I’ve really pushed myself to keep growing as an artist and healer! I’m excited for more expansion!!’

We’d love to hear more about your business.
My business is known for not only Handmade wire wrapped Crystal Jewelry But Intuitive guidance and Healing with the crystals as well! Because I’m an entrepreneur and work solely for myself, it’s me running the show, which is truly fulfilling and exciting! I scout and hand pick crystals that are calling to me that I feel will resonate with my clients! It’s an intuitive process and a huge part of the fun!

I cleanse the energy of the crystals, as they’ve been through other hands, different environments etc, so they are in their own vibration! I then wire wrap and create art to wear with the crystals and then cleanse them again, so my energy is not on them!

However, I do place loving intentions in the art I create around the crystals so there’s always a touch of Xanthia there!;) I love hearing feedback from my online customers and also when I do monthly Art events and pop up shops! I feel like the biggest thing I’m known for that people comment on is the great energy that people get from them!

Many say they can feel my loving energy and intention and can feel what I put into them! When choosing a crystal, I always tell my clients to go towards what they are naturally drawn to (as the healing properties usually align with your needs) but I also can help my clients find the perfect crystal for them specifically!

I also provide descriptions about each crystal in my shop and when they make a purchase so that they know and can refer to the information about the crystal too if they forget!

There’s a lot to know about crystals so helping others learn is special! I feel that the intention, knowledge, energy and love I put into my craft is what makes my work stand out! And everything is unique! No two wire wraps are exactly the same!

I’m proud of my quality of crystals and the style I’ve developed over the years, as well as my intuition to feel what others need! It feels good to send the crystals to their new home where they can carry on the inspiration!!! There’s nothing like seeing happy customers wearing and loving their new crystal jewelry piece!!!

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
There’s a long list of amazing cheerleaders, supporters, advocates, and clients that truly help me continue doing what I love and I cannot thank them enough! I am very grateful to many people in my life especially my Mom & Dad for being so supportive as I struck out on my Entrepreneurial path of Art and Healing! They’ve been a tremendous love and support to me along the path and continue to as well!!

My boyfriend Dennis has also been an amazing support in brainstorming and helping me push my limits and take things to the next level! He is constantly providing love, support and valuable feedback (especially on the business aspects as he is a wonderful entrepreneur, Artist & Musician) and really encouraging me to share even more of my Art and paintings as well as the crystals! (So much more is to come)! One of my best friends Jamie assists me in many shows and events rocking her finest Crystal jewelry and also shares my love for crystals! Her enthusiasm, helping hands and amazing love and energy is always appreciated and makes a world of difference!

One of my very best clients is also one of my dearest friends, Kathy, who has always loved and supported me and enjoyed what I’ve created from the start of my crystal path! She has been such a strong supporter and lover of my work and is also a fellow Lover of Magic, Unicorns and healing! We share similar taste so it’s easy to find the best pieces for her since they are my favorite pieces too!!

I am so grateful to say I have a good group of regular clients that I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with and finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member as well as for themselves! I truly do have the best clients! Thank you to all who shop, share and appreciate my energy and craft! Without my best friends and family and my clients, I would not be where I am at!!! My heart is full!!!


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