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Meet Photographer & Teacher: Lauren DeAngelus

Today we’d like to introduce you to lovely Lauren DeAngelus.

Lauren, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I started taking pictures because of our Etsy store. My husband makes custom leather pieces and I used to have one of my friends photograph them for us. Me and my friends would model them. Then I got a DSLR camera and brought it along to one of our product shoots and asked my friend, his name is Sterling, if he would show me how to use it. Sterling showed me a couple of things and so instead of modeling during that shoot I started acting as a second photographer. After that shoot, I realized that the vision I had for our products was very different from any other photographer so I started shooting all our products myself. Then after doing a few product shoots I started branching out and taking head shots and portraits of my friends. That turned into costume photography and some scenery. About a year ago my husband and I moved up to northern California where I have been shooting a bunch of wildlife photography. Being on the Sacramento river offers some fantastic views. Now I travel back and forth between Northern California and Southern California getting to take pictures of everything in between.

Has it been a smooth road?
Is anything ever really a smooth road? I have had my ups and down just like everyone. I am constantly doubting if I actually have any real talent or if I just get a lucky shot now and then. I suffer from anxiety and depression so my art is a way for me to channel some of my negative emotions. I often try to tell stories through my photographs, even if the only person the story may be evident to is me. Moving up north has challenged me creatively in a big way. I found myself far away from all of the people I was used to working with. It forced me to expand out of my comfort zone and take chances I may have not taken otherwise.

Tell us about your childhood, what were you like growing up?
Growing up I was a very shy child. I a few close friends but I never really felt like I fit in. I liked to use my imagination to create fantasy worlds. I spent my time in books or tv shows I felt were more interesting than my day to day life.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
My favorite memory from childhood was when my parents got us our first dog. My father had been building a dog run outside for weeks but I never thought they would actually get us one. I had been asking for years and they always said no. So one evening I went to my weekly piano lesson like I did every week, but when we came home there was a puppy sitting on my dad’s lap. She was so timid and beautiful. Instantly I thought we must be dog sitting for someone so I asked him ” who’s dog is that?” When he said it was ours I was so happy I wanted to cry. She then proceeded to hide under the living room table for the next three weeks until she learned that she comes could trust us. After then we were inseparable.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m working on my business degree right now and then I plan to follow that with my masters in speech pathology. I love working with children whether it be taking their pictures or helping them learn.


  • Shoots vary depending on location, duration, and concept but generally start at $100/hr

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