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Meet Sophie Uliano of Gorgeously Green in Mid-City

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sophie Uliano.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sophie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My journey started nearly two decades ago – I was raising my toddler daughter in urban sprawl of Los Angeles, a transplant from the idyllic English countryside. And something just didn’t feel right. I saw smog everywhere I went, my skin was showing premature signs of aging, I worried about my daughter playing in the park because of the chemicals used to treat the grass … The evidence for change was all around me.

So, I sat down and began to read. And read. And read. And what I found terrified and inspired me. So, I wrote her first book, Gorgeously Green, which was featured by Julia Roberts on The Oprah Winfrey Show. This appearance was a wake-up call for America, and even in the hours after it aired, I knew I wasn’t alone in my concerns.

Thus, was born Gorgeously Green and the thriving online community. has become a trusted resource and voice in the field of holistic wellness, bringing together a community of like-minded women and providing in-depth articles, reviews, beauty picks, recipes, and more covering the latest beauty trends. I have written three subsequent books, Do It Gorgeously, The Gorgeously Green Diet and most recently Gorgeous for Good, and I regularly appear as a family member on Hallmark’s Home & Family as the show’s healthy living expert.

Here’s the bottom line: There are so many health risks these days – From auto-immune disorders to diabetes to physical injuries and everything in-between – I firmly believe we can mitigate these risks with a healthy lifestyle. And I am not afraid to be a genuine pig (in fact, it’s my passion). I believe a plant-based, active lifestyle can help everyone wake up with more energy!

Has it been a smooth road?
Of course it hasn’t been a smooth road!! This company started as (and continues to this day to be) a “kitchen table business.” That means I work from home, and I hustle baby. There are the obvious challenges of keeping up with my family, being a mum and a CEO, growing my company and finding great people to support my goals.

But there are also not-so-obvious challenges. Such as the ever-changing media landscape. I started my company in 2007 – The year YouTube was created. Facebook was still for. Edu email addresses only, and Instagram wasn’t even a compound word we were ready for! Today, I’m active on 7+ channels (blog, newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube), and I generate new content daily. I love reaching new audiences, but understanding not only important information, but the best way to convey that information is a constant challenge, especially when things change daily.

And, of course, the most important “challenge” is staying on top of current research and trends. Which is a challenge I LOVE! But there’s so much (often-conflicting) information available – Especially in the fields of health and wellness. There just isn’t enough time in the day to read the latest research, test myself, and then create content around it! What I wouldn’t give for a 25th hour in the day and an 8th day in the week!

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Gorgeously Green – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
Gorgeously Green is a media company devoted to health, wellness and beauty. What started as a blog has now become an array of channels and content types that range from written content to video content to livestreams and more. You could say I’m an influencer, but I’m also a board certified holistic nutritionist, a certified yoga teacher, and I have 15+ years of research under my belt!

I would say Gorgeously Green is best known for organic, natural beauty product reviews and recommendations. That’s my bread and butter because it’s so FUN. Many years ago, when I started the company, there were less than 50 brands on the market that met my standard of “healthy.” Today, there are THOUSANDS, and rightfully so! Natural beauty is a huge trend right now (finally), and I love that the space is changing.

But I’m also known for my “wellness” tips. I’m plant-based, and I work out daily. Which isn’t abnormal in LA, but I speak to a global audience. We’re so jaded in Los Angeles because we’ve seen the extreme juice fads, the brutal workout trends, etc. I LOVE teaching my community about healthy lifestyle choices. I choose not to eat meat and dairy because it’s a “greener” option, but also because I genuinely feel tremendously better enjoying a plant-based lifestyle.

I also was an early adapter of livestreaming. I host twice-weekly Facebook LIVES, and I LOVE it! Getting to connect with my community, answer direct questions, and actively participate in this community is so wonderful.

My passion in life is to host wellness events across the states for women of all walks of life! I have two events in the LA area this year – The Gorgeous for Good conference in June at The LINE Hotel (more information at, and a women’s wellness retreat in Palm Springs this October (more information about We all have wellness goals, and I firmly believe the best way to achieve your goals is to join a supportive community that inspires your journey. Connecting with like-minded women is SO powerful, and I encourage everyone to invest in themselves and experience a wellness retreat at some point in your life!

I think what sets me apart from others is my authenticity, I’ve met a lot of “influencers” in this field that don’t walk the walk. They take gorgeous pictures of smoothies and sun salutations on the beach, but they may not be as “healthy” on the other side of the camera. I live by what I share with my audience. And yes, I do have the occasional French fry or pastry, but I share those moments!! Life (and wellness) is about balance.

I am most proud of the amazing Gorgeously Green community. Whether on Facebook, or at an event, or on any of my other channels, I am so humbled by this incredible group of people. Really, I mean this, I wake up grateful every day to be able to work with so many incredible people with such amazing stories.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
– There’s yoga EVERYWHERE. My favorite is Liberation Yoga on La Brea and Wanderlust in WeHo, but there are so many amazing places
– Sweet greens (need I say more?)
– There’s always something new to try – I’ve always meditated, but I’ve recently gotten into meditation classes and sound baths. I’ve been shopping around for a favorite, and I’ve never been more grateful for the variety our city offers us
– The access to nature. I love hiking, and while Runyon is super convenient, I love that with just a couple more minutes in almost any direction, you can find yourself in incredibly diverse settings
– The variety of food. I’m vegan, and I know how limiting that title can be in other parts of the world. In LA, it’s celebrated! And I love that our city is so accustomed to dietary preferences that no one ever bats an eye
– The Cacao Superfood Shake at Sun Cafe on Ventura (trust me)
– That everyone has an amazing story here. I too came to LA to be an actress – But this city has so much to offer I never think about “opportunities gone by.” I LOVE that acting brought me to this incredible city, and this city in turn offered me more than I could ever have dreamed.

– Traffic (obligatory)
– That it’s hard to understand the scale and scope of the city. I think because we’re so often trapped in our cars rushing around we forget that this city is a) enormous and b) incredibly lively.
– Smog and pollution. As a green living expert, I have to mention the air quality in LA. I love living here, but I know it’s not often the best choice for my health. I try to exercise awareness around air quality and other pollutants all the time, which is not hard to do when you can SEE the smog in LA
– That the beach is “so far away.” I live in mid-city, and I wish I got to the beach more. That’s on me, not on you, LA.

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