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Meet Shemeka Wright

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shemeka Wright.

Hi Shemeka, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.

I am a mother, actress, writer, director, and entrepreneur. I love to travel, favorite place I’ve been to date is Dubai, I like to work out, I do this five times a week, I like to cook, always trying new recipes, one of my favorites is baked zucchini bowls. I am hilarious, love TikTok and Reels and I always dance like everybody is watching, far from shy, I love me. I’m big into self-care; I speak gratitude and affirmation into my life daily, I am proud of myself, and I spoil myself rotten! Self-facials, twice a week, massage once a month. I have a few loves in life as you can see, so I’ll take it back some years. I am the youngest girl of eight children, I am an aunt 12 times and a great aunt 13 times. I am filled with energy and light coming from a big family, being shy wasn’t an option and yes, I’m the favorite auntie. I am big into living a healthy lifestyle, in mind, body and spirit. When I was 23 years old, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer; I had a thyroidectomy, followed by radiation treatment and have been cancer-free 22 years. I was married for ten years, but since divorced six years, we had a son, Jackson, who we are very proud of, he has recently been inducted in the National Junior Honor Society.

I have been acting since 2003 in film, television, commercials, and print modeling. I began my acting career by getting a diploma from the New York Film Academy in New York and I have a bachelor’s in business from Southern New Hampshire University. I wrote, directed, and produced my first short film ‘More Than One’ through my company Wright Positive which is currently on Amazon Prime.

Wright Positive, LLC started in 2017 as a motivational blog, based on Self Care, Self-Love & Accountability as this is what I live by, “What was the lesson?” with posts & inspirational videos. I would also host a Facebook show called Friday Night Vino to have a weekly topic discussion. I don’t shy away from the growth I walk towards it so in 2018, I extended Wright Positive to a dba as Confident by Wright Positive where I ran an eCommerce drop shipping and local new/used clothing while adding a subdivision of film production.

In June 2019, my son and I packed up our life, no friends or family and moved from Connecticut to California for me to pursue my first love, acting, more heavily as I continued with the clothing business and entered the film in the California Woman’s Film Festival, where it was featured.

As we started to adjust, the Covid-19 pandemic entered our lives, we weren’t even here 1 year and was put to a halt. I began losing money; scams were happening with product shipments overseas and I could no longer afford to sustain the drop shipping. I’ve always had a love for candles, and would buy them while grocery shopping; one day, on my deck during lockdown; it crossed my mind to start to make my own; I bought a test kit; started shipping them to my family and friends back in Connecticut and decided that the drop shipping would be dissolved and enter Be You Candles.

I launched Be You Candles by Wright Positive in September 2020. The name Be You in its simplest form can be so hard for some when the world seeks for individuals to conform and be the same. We are not meant to be the same, so I celebrate individuality, honoring spirit, and authenticity. You, as you are, are worth celebrating. My candles are made with natural coconut and soy wax blends; many with vibrant colors, and designs from home decor classics to dessert styles; I believe Be You Candles is the candle brand for the candle-lover because I have a candle for every mood and experience. All candles are handmade and bring light and positive energy to any space.

Be You Candles operates fully online via the website:, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram & Tik Tok. In March 2022 Wright Positive, LLC has received its Certified Black-Owned seal from the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc and is currently going through trademark.

When the world reopened, so did the auditions, I have been heavily working in Commercials, Television and Film over the past year and just finished filming my first lead feature in a Lifetime movie, scheduled for release, latter 2022.

I’ve also taken Be You Candles on the road and now vendor as craft festivals throughout OC county.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?

To run a business and be an actor, is no easy feat. First and foremost, everything requires money. I still have a “9 to 5” that I am beyond grateful for; it has allowed me to fund my passions and relocate without financial concern. I have worked for a company for 23 years and have been working from home for 11 years; so, I’m a mom 24/7; I do three jobs five times a week and two of the three jobs, seven days a week. Work/Life balance is always the challenge because I always have something that needs to be done. Whether it be project work with the 9 to 5, preparation for and or to perform an audition; work on set at an acting job, something with or for my son or running the daily activities of the candle business. As of right now, I am a business of one, which I am looking to change, soon. During the pandemic, my clothing business orders were heavily scammed with individuals ordering clothing products with stolen credit cards, financial institutions filing fraud claims, once the owners of the credit cards owners reported it and me losing the fraud claims and having to reimburse bank fees plus product purchases from my pocket. It was rough; that heavily contributed to me shutting down the dropshipping business.

As far as obstacles in my acting career, building up the confidence over the years changed my entire perspective. I used to be really hard on myself and think that if I didn’t “make it” in my 20’s I would be too old for the business; until it clicked that the acting business always needs ANY age group, you can’t age out. I’ve been placed on HOLD for jobs that had an opportunity to skyrocket my career and have been released, not booked. I’ve had agents sneer their noses at me and speak as if I were less than them; I’ve worked on jobs and after the work was finished, and producers never paid me.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
One of my favorite books to read is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Why? Because life is about the journey. We all have visions but it’s the courage to take the journey and endure the difficult times is what brings the vision to fruition. I know there is more greatness meant for me, I just have to keep going and that’s what I hope my inspiration to others conveys, lead by example, just keep going, do my part and it will work out. I am genuine in my actions. Integrity is important. Truth with self, is important.

I invite readers to continue to learn about me, and as I evolve, follow my journey.

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Can you tell us more about what you were like growing up?

Growing up I was nothing like my older siblings; they always said I was different; I loved colors, heels, cutting my clothes to make different outfits, I wore mix-matched socks, except for the socks, I still do this today. I was never shy, always the “mother” of my friends. I would always take an opportunity to perform, playing records, dancing, and singing my heart out, my brother’s room was in the basement, and it would drive him crazy me stomping on his head.

I liked doing talent shows, I had a friend where her and I made up dance routines and did the 7th & 8th-grade talent show. At my senior class outing, me & three of my friends did a voiceover dance routine En Vogues “Giving him something he can feel” and won the contest.

When I was in high school, I used to cook after school full meals including dessert, I had 3-5 friends that would always come home with me; my mom worked two jobs, for my entire upbringing so she taught me how to cook, young.

I was part of the high school pep squad team, we performed stepping shows for the basketball halftime shows after the cheerleaders.

I was the treasurer for the Black Hispanic Student Union in high school, junior and senior years.

I laugh loud and not afraid to speak my mind that didn’t always get me liked but I never cared; I was always ok with being myself; which I am grateful for because being good with me allows me to say No when No is a No and feel no remorse; my boundaries are important and will be respected.

I am best described as resilient, disciplined, honest, committed and a straight shooter.

When I love rather family, friend, or lover, I love with intent. I am a beautiful person, inside and out.


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