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Meet Sasha Koziak of p.s.143style in Highland Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sasha Koziak.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I started out here in LA as a dancer from Texas many years ago, I’ve owned a Pilates studio, raised two son’s, my proudest accomplishment.

And somehow found myself 20 something years later with a pretty impressive track record as a freelance fashion stylist… which was something I just fell into, had a natural knack for, and well, it just stuck, whether I wanted it to or not. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the world of fashion. But I’ve learned a lot, worked with some amazing people, as well as some total assholes that take themselves and the job way too seriously.

Which has always been difficult for me, I have survived my entire life on being able to see the humor in the situation, especially under high stress. So how did I get where I am today? In a nutshell… a good therapist! And a long road of learning to create a better relationship with myself. And now I help others do the same by using the skills and modalities that continue to help me…

Including the Akashic Records, Transpersonal energy healing therapy, and even fashion styling… What you wear can make a big difference in how you feel about yourself. There are many ways to repair and establish a better relationship with oneself… And most recently I started a line of t-shirts with my good friend and now business partner Zak.

We met in an acting class a few years ago, the place I’ve met most of my best friends in LA, I always tell people if you want to meet a whole bunch of awesome people, study human behavior and get really comfortable in your own skin… join an acting class, seriously. So, my acting class friend decided to help make one of my dreams come true, and we started a t-shirt business…

I’ve had some of these ideas in the notes on my iPhone for years the “put it on a t-shirt” ideas, little reminders not to take life too seriously… but also see the truth in the matter… I’m all about shining light on things to hopefully make somebody laugh and think to themselves “hmmm… true… funny… I have to have to have it! ”

Has it been a smooth road?
Over the years, I’ve really battled with my self-esteem and struggled with being a part of an industry that mostly promotes one acceptable standard of beauty that most of us don’t fit into…I was stuck, or so I thought, in a career, I didn’t really like, telling myself a story that I wasn’t enough.

But I’ve come to understand that these experiences and the difficult personalities I’ve encountered have been my greatest teachers… I’ve learned to view them as an opportunity to understand myself better. To really “get” that I cannot do much about the way someone else behaves, treats me or another person… But that I do have a choice about how I feel about it, and react…

What I tell myself matters, and what I believe is my choice… and it’s not about being delusional and telling myself something that’s not true just to make myself feel better; it’s about getting through my own bullshit and conditioned thinking to the truth and the heart of the matter. And then being able to make a decision from a place of alignment with that truth. One that is more life-supporting, rather than being victim to the behavior of others, that I cannot change.. And It continues to very liberating.

To create and maintain a healthy working relationship with oneself takes time and attention, but it is possible… There is so much freedom in being able to look at every situation and say “How is this good for me?” or when it’s really tough “How could this possibly be good for me” principals I’ve learned about through my work with the Akashic Records.

I also struggle with the whole idea of “branding” of defining myself or my business as one specific “brand”… It’s really difficult for me to do… I do several things, and I have trained, studied and practiced all of them. I am proficient in all of them, and I love doing them. And I plan to keep at it and add to the list…

Life to me is about the soul’s journey, about finding the edges and riding them… about finding and following what excites and challenges me and moving towards those experiences… and helping others that desire to do the same… but might be a little or a lot stuck and in need of assistance.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
p.s.143 is my business name which has a very special meaning to me. My older brother used to sign everything with “p.s. 143” which means “p.s.I love” you. We later came to find out he was having a relationship with a much older woman and he made this code so they could tell each other they loved each other. But for whatever reason, it just became a thing in my family growing up.

Then he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly my senior year of high school at the age of only 22, and when that happened, this took on an even deeper meaning. I’ve carried it on in my own family and with children and friends. At first, I was reluctant to use it as my business name, but I settled on it after encouragement from my business partner.

And I think it’s perfect because it’s like I’m saying p.s. I love you to everyone who buys a shirt. And it’s fitting to for my work in the healing arts/ styling field as well… helping others really are loving them… and when someone is struggling with themselves, it helps to have someone being kind and loving while showing you the way.

What do I do?
I work with the skills and modalities that continue to serve and save me: I do readings and teach classes on the Akashic Records, I do Transpersonal energy healing therapy, and lead groups. I also do what I call Spiritual styling sessions: I have found that helping someone with what to wear can be a profound place to start repairing a relationship with oneself.

There has been a significant amount of trauma in the area of body image and “acceptable” societal standards of beauty, for some… and just having someone walk you through that process can be extremely healing.

What am I known for?
People tell me I put them at ease, that they feel comfortable with me right away. And that I have an ability to cut straight to the truth and be both kind and direct…

What sets me apart?
I mean I do a million things… but they are all effective and useful… and I can have fun anywhere!

What do I specialize in?
Alignment… I am in the business of helping you get into alignment with the truth of who you are, what you came to be, do and have. And I’m great at it.

What I’m most proud about?
As of late is the work I did along with three other healers leading a healing/ support group, for those that were held hostage in the incident at the Silverlake Trader Joe’s last July, it has been a profound experience, to say the least.

I’ve learned how truly useful groups are in the complex healing journey around trauma and how effective Transpersonal energy healing therapy is in regulating the central nervous system and establishing or re-establishing safely in one’s physical body.

More specific info:
What are the Akashic Records?
They are a soul-level dimension of consciousness and contain the vibrational archive of every soul and its journey. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning primary substance… it’s a vibrational record that is discernible to the subtle senses, which are heightened when we open the records. While it holds all that has ever been, it also reflects our current state of consciousness.

They form a safe space within which we can learn the truth of who we are, discover why life is unfolding as it is, let go of what does not work… and explore more supportive options. (Paraphrased from one of Dr. Linda Howe’s books “Healing through the Akashic Records”)

Transpersonal energy healing therapy:
People always ask me if it’s like Reiki… it’s similar, but not the same. Its subconscious cellular level healing that allows you to get to the core of an issue quickly, and authentically, unwinding limited deep-seated subconscious patterns.

It’s a combination of dialogue and hands-on healing… using the art of inquiry and gentle healing touch that brings about a deep state of relaxation, and increased awareness between body, mind, and emotions… resulting in many positive holistic health benefits.

Spiritual Style out sessions:
I work with you where you need help with what to wear, where you might be struggling with how you feel about yourself in clothes, your body, and or defining your sense of self through your personal style, if you have a special event coming up, or just want a new perspective on what you already have… etc. We can jump in and start with what’s in your closet, meet at a mall to shop or do it all on the internet with Skype/Facetime.

You can visit our website to get some great t-shirts or to book an appointment for a spiritual style out session, Akashic Reading, Transpersonal Energy Healing therapy, and to find out about our classes and workshops.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Los Angeles is the greatest city there is! If someone wants to pursue just about anything you can find the best resources here…

I’m pretty unique as far as a business goes… Akashic Records/Transpersonal energy healing therapist/fashion stylist… and honestly this list goes on…

I still dance and act professionally on occasion ( GTA is my agent)… I recently wrote and directed a comedy spoof commercial on the beauty industry “inner critic by lamcum”

And I’m currently shopping around a pitch packet for a fashion styling competition reality show that I just created called “Behind the Look” So if you have many dreams and multiple desires Los Angeles is the place to be!


  • Akashic Readings and phone sessions 150./sessions … Skype and in person 175./session
  • Transpersonal energy healing therapy long distance-in person 150-300/session
  • spiritual styling session Skype call 150/session, 1/2 day in-person session 3-5 hours, 350.
  • complimentary 30 min consultation call for any service, more info on the website
  • t-shirts 48. tanks 38. unisex t-shirts 28.

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 323-509-4833
  • Email: or
  • Instagram: @p.s.143style @akashawithsasha @sashamichelle143
  • Facebook: @lovewhoyouare143 or p.s.143style / sasha l-k

 Image Credit:
Julian Koziak, Jessica Littlefield

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