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Meet Raquel Reyes

Today we’d like to introduce you to Raquel Reyes.

Raquel, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
My life has always played out against a backdrop of mysticism. I grew up around psychic women and had my own experiences as a child. At 18 I started studying Astrology because I wanted to learn about myself on a deeper level after falling on some hard times. All of my studies were done privately and it was never my plan to share it with other people, let alone make an entire career out of it!

At 24, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue writing. I was very quickly inspired by the city and started developing really big visions for myself. I knew that I wanted to start my own business and live my life on my own terms, so I started an LLC and began hosting writing workshops.

The business began to move after 3-4months. I started traveling and having lots of fun.. but as I began to go through my Saturn Return (an astrological rite of passage consisting of difficult lessons that everyone goes through between the ages of 27-30) I realized that something was missing for me. Even though I was excited to be a female entrepreneur, I was unfulfilled.

Naturally, I turned to Astrology and developed a little formula that I like to call the “Astro-Signature”, which highlights your strengths and illuminates challenges based on your own personal Astrology. We all have an Astro-Signature. I began integrating it immediately. It helped me become more confident and embodied in my truths.

My Saturn Return was tough, but it helped me build my business.

Today, I am a successful Consulting Astrologer and Mentor with a phenomenal and intriguing client list. I’ve led hundreds of clients to clarity, empathy, and self-understanding. I’m going on year 13 of study and will be a lifelong student and facilitator. My path is super non-traditional and bespoke… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact, I’ve even created an entire 60 Day Program that teaches others their own “Astro-Signature” so they can monetize their passions and turn their natural gifts into dollar signs. It’s called “The Astro-Soul Academy”

Has it been a smooth road?
Definitely not! The biggest challenge in my business was learning that every obstacle is simply an opportunity in disguise, and to not take everything so personal.

When I first decided to move out of the writing world and into Astrology, I was met with a lot of resistance from others.

Back in 2015, the general public wasn’t nearly as open to Astrology as it is today. Social Media was a completely different climate back then, and there were no Astrology memes or beloved cosmic updates floating around. A lot of people who loved the occult/esoteric weren’t talking about it. It was such an uphill battle and I spent way too much time trying to open people’s minds.

In my personal life, I didn’t have much support from those closest to me. People just didn’t get it. I was constantly warned that Astrology wouldn’t be sustainable and that I couldn’t do it “full-time.”

But… instead of being defeated by people telling me “no”, I started to feel motivated by it. And that’s a part of my Astro-Signture-I LOVE a challenge. I reclaimed my power and got honest with myself about my own limitations and fears.

My responsibility as a professional Astrologer is to carry the message and advocate, while my responsibility as a female entrepreneur is to stand strong and resilient in all my pursuits. I seek peace in the chaos of it all.

Love it or hate it, Astrology is a topic worth discussing and there’s massive value in opening up conversations with each other.

Astrology isn’t Science- It’s Math, Ancient Metaphysics, Psychology, Astronomy, Mythology, and History. There’s nothing to debunk. So, the question then becomes…. can we enjoy something that isn’t Science? Do we dare have faith?

Please tell us more about your work. What do you do? What do you specialize in? What sets you apart from competition?
The truth is that every Astrologer is an artist and has a unique way of expression, which is a beautiful aspect of this industry. We’re all creative beings. I don’t compete, I just do me and walk in faith.

Money and Love are my two favorite things to chat about with clients.

I specialize in Evolutionary Astrology, which talks about the development and progression of the Soul. This can be Spiritual in nature and carries heavy themes of karma and past lives. Here, our true purpose can be revealed. This is at the core of “The Astro-Soul Academy” program.

I do not practice Pop-Astrology, though I find it super fun and vibrant.

I also specialize in Predictive Transit Astrology, which exacts in on linear time and dates. I love helping clients plan weddings, business launches, surgeries + so much more. There ARE dates that are better than others! (cough cough, retrograde and eclipses are powerful)

Every month, I host New/Full Moon workshops that incorporate a group healing experience. I have offerings that make Astrology accessible for everyone because I want everyone to enjoy it.

I’m most proud of the fact that this business has helped so many people… so many seekers and dreamers and lovers and fighters. So many artists, nurturers, poets, and creators. Astrology is radically inclusive; a common meeting ground for so many of us where we are allowed to turn into self and not feel guilty about it. It helps us find acceptance and empathy for ourselves and others. It’s my honor to be an Astrologer and I’m proud of all the Astro-lovers out there for their bravery to deep dive.

Never stop asking questions. NEVER.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
There will be tons of on-going shifts in the Spiritual community and Coaching industry. Those of us born between 1983-1995 (Pluto in Scorpio Generation) are here to shift consciousness and help each other heal. A lot of us are answering the calls to step into the role of Spiritual Practitioner/NLP/Coach/Mentor, etc. because Millennials are taking the online space by storm. And, makes sense, right? We live in a digital world. Pluto in Scorpio is all about transformation and because of that great fact, I do believe we are creating a massive resurgence of Astrology.

You will see more and more Astrologers entering the scene and you’ll likely start to see more people in the public eye discussing it/referring to it. Astrology of 2020 is really intense and with Uranus in Taurus especially, lots of unexpected change is going to continue to shake us as a society. We saw a big spike in Astrology/the Occult after the Trump presidency because many of us began looking for answers beyond the veil, no longer willing to take things at face value.

We are all doing deep internal work and when it comes to the micro and the macro, there’s no better place to turn to than Astrology- As Above, So Below.

Pricing Info:

  • Single Session: $333 (use discount code VOYAGE at booking for 20% off!)
  • 30 Days Personal Astrologer Services- $999-1200
  • Moon Workshops: $39 a seat
  • Astro-Soul Academy Admission: Payment plans & multiple options available- see link listed below for more information

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