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Meet Rachel Pringle Urb of The Wild Woman Experience in Topanga

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rachel Pringle Urb.

Rachel, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I moved to LA when I was 26 from NYC. I had reached a time in my life where I was deeply desiring to connect with people that could open me farther than I could open myself. I had been reading all the self-help books, immersed myself in a deep yoga practice and started meditating, and still I felt like something was missing. I was longing to experience myself fully open, fully unleashed and to put it frankly, Wild.

Once I moved to LA my life took a positive turn very quickly. It was like for the first time I had found my home, my people, my language. I had taken the leap of faith and the net, so poetically, appeared. I started doing the things I had always wanted to do and very quickly, only four months in, met my now husband, Johann. Together we have embarked on a powerful path of love, opening, tantra, spirituality, and also heartbreak that in the end turned into a major rebirth for the both of us.

A few years into our relationship I realized that when it came to my sexuality and sensuality I didn’t really know what I was doing. I knew that it was there yet I didn’t know how to access it or channel it in the way that I truly desired. I felt lost and alone in this and so I turned to the internet to see what I could find. This was almost five years ago and I didn’t really know what I was looking for or how to find it, and so started the deep journey in discovering and reawakening my divine feminine energy. I recognized early on in this process that I was scared of my sexual and sensual power. This was connected to some experiences in my past that had created major wounding around my sexual and sensual expression and therefore I had decided to shut this part of myself down.

When I started to share my journey with other women I found that this pattern was not just mine but very common. Not being taught how to cultivate and focus our radiance responsibly had caused us to create a story of shame around it, thus shutting our feminine power down and moving us further into our masculine, where it felt safer.

Determined to discover the depth of my femininity and revisiting the things that felt so natural when I was younger, I dove into practices that I felt would be more activating and make me more embodied.

I decided to go to a five rhythms dance class one night and all of a sudden, during the class, everything came to a cathartic culmination and I shifted into a new paradigm. I had a full-on ceremony in that room and I found myself again, or at least I found the door that led me to HER.

My husband and I practice meditation and breath work every morning and during my morning sit I started having a full on dialogue with my inner self and she started to show me the path and sequence to create The Wild Woman Experience. The information came straight through me as a download and in that moment I realized I couldn’t do this on my own. I had been coaching women one-on-one for years and that helped me realize the potency and power of a group of women doing the experience together, expressing and releasing their pain, and most of all accessing and feeling powerful pleasure. I wanted to experience myself in the midst of other women experiencing themselves. Giving each other permission to go further.

At first this 9 hour experience was facilitated by my dearest sister Moun D’Simone and I. After the first 3 times we adjusted it to a 4 hour experience. We did that for 6 months and then Moun moved back to NYC. After that I adjusted it again and created a 2 hour immersive experience to unlock and access our divine feminine essence, reconnecting to our power and radiance.

This beautiful experience is a culmination of the practices and tools that I have been using that were opening me to my higher self. Breathwork, meditation, voice release, accessing and expressing anger, sadness and then finally moving into a movement practice to embody our feelings, becoming the powerful channel we’ve always been.

This experience always led me back to the sensual and sexual self. The tantra of knowing and accessing our own pleasure. How can we commit to the discipline of self-worship? How can we fall in love with the energy that is coursing through us? The creative life force that is seated at the base of our spine? And most of all, how to responsibly share it with the world, giving others permission to do the same. In the midst of this entire process, my husband and I had a major break up into a breakthrough in our partnership. It was perhaps the most powerful and potent thing, either of us had experienced in our lives.

Major heartbreak has the potential to destroy us as well as be the catalyst for our greatest opening. The Wild Woman Practice was my touchstone through that time and without it I would not be who I am today. What it taught me was to listen to our inner guidance, to listen to the voice that is within all of us and to trust the process of transformation.

In the midst of this heartbreak and epic transformation I found my missing link. I had two different astrologers and a bodyworker guide me toward creative writing and then a dear friend of mine read some old poems that I had written over ten years ago and prompted me to start again. I heard the Muse’s call loud and clear, and so my journey back to writing began. This paired with my other Wild Woman Practices was the path to my true healing.

I would sit and pour my heart out. Cry, laugh and sweat till nothing was left but words on the page. It freed me. It gave me my power back and it connected me to a force that I never knew before. This was my resurrection. Out of this was born my book of Sacred Erotica Poetry, “Wild Open”. And here we are today where I feel so deeply connected and committed to the practice of self-worship and being responsibly wild and teaching and guiding others to access and harness their inner force and radiance.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
My struggles were literally losing and finding myself. Reconnecting to my sensual and sexual power. Letting go of shame, guilt and blame and being able to follow my gut and internal guide so that I could take mystery as my lover and build a home of love in the unknown.

The Wild Woman Experience – what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Wild Woman is about empowerment, embodiment, and intimacy. I specialize in coaching people to access their true power, be at home and fully embodied in their physical bodies and experience their most raw and pure pleasure. Through this, they can be their most expressed creative selves and impact the world to do the same. I am aware that sexuality and creative energy are one in the same and when we can bring this into harmony within our beings we can create endlessly.

My husband and I coach couples on greater intimacy, tantra, and conscious communication. I am now embarking and moving these themes into the media through books, television, and movies. Focusing on showing women fully empowered in their sexuality and men in their awakened presence. What sets me apart is my commitment to conscious and authentic expression and being in service to HER.
I am devoted to my own practice because I know this is the way I give others permission to do the same. I am voracious for knowledge and I surround myself with people that push me farther and farther so that I can give my most potent gifts to the world. I have been studying human development and conscious transformation for over two decades and I live it with every breath.

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
I personally define success by how rich my life is on a day to day basis. Am I accessing and fully utilizing my creative expression for the betterment of the world. Am I leaving a lasting impact on the people who encounter me and am I opening them to their own truth. Can I live my life in a way that consistently feeds this creative process so I never stop creating. Am I committed to my practice, am I living and experiencing the magic that is present in every moment and am I learning, growing and loving potently.


  • Wild Woman Experience is $30-40
  • Wild Open: Scared Erotica Poetry $12.95 on AMAZON

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