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Meet Nray Lavitrungsima of One Love Fit Club

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nray Lavitrungsima.

Nray, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Hello, I have been a Personal Trainer and Muay Thai (kickboxing) Instructor for over 16 years. I have my B.S. Degree in Kinesiology from Cal State Fullerton with a focus in Sports Studies. I have been in athletics and sports since I was a child from baseball, to snowboarding, track, Muay Thai and even archery! Finding my passion for athletics and coaching at a pretty young age, I knew I wanted some sort of career in athletics.

Throughout the years of sports, I typically became one of the top athletes amongst most of my peers, whatever sport it may have been. This allowed me to start building my self-confidence, which in turn helped me out significantly in other aspects of my life. My junior year in high school, I was nominated by my coaches to be one of the track and field team captains. This is when I really started to see my potential as a leader. Taking ownership in my new position, I really took pride in coaching and motivating newer athletes, as well as veterans, work hard during practice and ultimately become a winning team!

Fast forward to today, I have created a life and career based off of every single life experience I have endured and every sport I have been involved in. One Love Fit club is a “Personal Training” and “Fitness Kickboxing” gym that welcomes people of all ages, shapes, sizes, fitness level, and more! We are a gym of no judgments with a mission to help people improve the quality of their lives through “Personal Training and Fitness Kickboxing.”

I wanted to share the same benefits and confidence that I gained from kickboxing and playing sports at my gym. I realized I had a true “purpose and calling” to create “One Love Fit Club” where we truly care about giving people back their self-confidence and empowerment from our “Personal Training and Fitness Kickboxing” programs! Helping people live a more confident, healthier, happier lifestyle through our services is why my team and I work so hard every day at improving our company!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Not a smooth road at all, but completely necessary to make me the exact person I am today! With all the mistakes, lost money, lost time, wrong partnerships, rookie mistakes and so much more, I still take each one of those lessons as a growing experience.

Initially, I brought on board two other affiliate fitness businesses partners into my first location gym. Those programs were a loud, weight slamming CrossFit program AND a calm, serene yoga class, which were completely opposite businesses from bag pounding kickboxing class! This was a disaster! Having a kickboxing, CrossFit, and yoga program in a small facility was a terrible idea! My thought was that they can help me out with the monthly rent, but in the end, it would have just been better to start off small, take on all the overhead myself, and sacrifice my payroll to let the company get established!

The many other lessons learned throughout the years range from uncensored music, trainers inappropriately eating on the gym floor, sleeping/lounging on the gym floor during prime times, staff language control, hiring/firing procedures, gym temperature control, security/theft issues, working with wrong contractors and losing money, new employee onboarding and training procedures, and the list goes on and on!

Fast forward to today, all those issues have been addressed and resolved in order to run a much more systematic and efficiently operating gym! Having my first location in Chino, CA for over 5 years now and recently opening my second location almost 1 year ago, each location has almost 300 members now and we are still growing!

If I have not encountered and overcome all these mistakes, I might not be able to make the choices I do today, I might not have the confidence to face all these new challenges, I might not be who I am today… I understand there will continue to be many more obstacles along the way, I might not know what they are or how I will deal with them, but without a doubt, I am confident I will be able to overcome them!

One Love Fit Club – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I own two “Personal Training and Fitness Kickboxing” Gyms in Chino and Walnut, CA called One Love Fit Club.

Location 1 has been around for over 5 years now and location 2, almost 1 year. We specialize in customized “Personal Training” programs that include weight training, cardio interval, bodyweight resistance, various sports drills, to kickboxing, and more. And we have our “Fitness Kickboxing” group classes with set class times.

Our gym is really known for helping our most successful members lose 30lbs in 3 months through our specialized formula “fitness kickboxing/strength training/cardio interval” programs! We are known to have an extremely warm and welcoming environment for all demographics of people to come to join. We are a gym of no judgments or ego. We constantly get compliments from our exceptionally clean facility to our fruit infused ice water, to our complimentary hair ties for our female members! I truly, honestly believe our gym provides the absolute best service and treatment for our members over any other local gym in our community!

I am really most proud of the mission we are accomplishing as a team and the above and beyond exceptional service we provide. Our mission is to help over 3,000 local residents a year change and improve the quality of their lives through our fitness programs! I am proud of the team we have created and ownership each teammate has. I am proud to see each key team player to develop and grow themselves, both personally and financially! I am at the positive impact One Love Fit Club has on not only our members but also our staff family!

What is “success” or “successful” for you?
My personal definition of success has to be achieved in all 3 categories in this order, before defining true success; mental, personal, professional. Having personal success, a person should have good relations with their family, significant other, and social interactions.

Mental success needs to be accomplished before any other levels of success can truly be achieved. Mental success should include having clarity of life goals and direction, understanding one’s own identity, self-worth, being comfortable in one’s own skin, problem-solving, stress management, mental stimulation and challenges and just overall self-confidence in who they are and what they are working towards in life.

Good personal relationships with spouse/significant other, children, parents, siblings, and friends should include: good communication, openness, consistent contact/quality time/communication via phone, in person, email, social media, etc., shared major life experiences, support, having/giving accountability, and helping each other.

Professional success should include: having an established consistent career that can financial support all personal expenses, including all family expenses, have an established financial future for family, have a career with potential for growth, being content and having a purpose, achieving career financial goals, earn enough income to be able to afford some luxuries and extra entertainment. Achieving all three categories of success must be accomplished before one can truly be successful.


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