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Meet Vincent and Andres Ramos, Jay Wise & Fabienne Grisel of Neverwonder

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vincent and Andres Ramos, Jay Wise & Fabienne Grisel.

NEVERWONDER came into existence from their home base of Los Angeles with a unique sound that fuses rock, pop, and funky grooves. Their music is driven by strong musicianship and is rooted in life’s experiences. The band has performed at stage venues such as House of Blues (LA/OC), Roxy, Key Club, Viper Room, Whisky A Go Go, Galaxy Theater, and The Coach House, and has been featured on the KLOS 95.5 radio station. NEVERWONDER has also recently been a dynamic act in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series all over the West Coast. The pulse and backbone of NEVERWONDER are Andres and Vincent Ramos. These talented brothers are the heartbeat of the band. The Ramos Bros have also recorded and performed extensively throughout the Los Angeles area.

Andres and Vincent, being fans of strong grooves, heavy rock beats, and alternative music, accompanied by their combination of creativity and entrepreneurship, established the band NEVERWONDER. The new frontwoman of NEVERWONDER is the classically trained vocalist, Fabienne Grisel. Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, Fabienne’s vocal style effortlessly ranges from beautiful soprano tones to an edgy growl. Fabienne has been a solo pop/blues/jazz recording artist for many years and now has joined forces with NEVERWONDER to deliver a fresh blend of rock, pop, and funky grooves. As a singer, songwriter, her presence draws you in. The passion and emotions she conveys through her songs, lyrics and performances leaves the audience wanting for more. This new partnership with these talented musicians has allowed her vocal abilities to soar to new heights. NEVERWONDER’s new guitarist is Jay Wise. Jay is an accomplished California native who has many years of playing nationally and internationally.

Jay has been involved in the rock and roll circle for many years, working with successful bands such as Kansas. Jays’ rich musical influences can be traced back to Steve Vai, Joe Pass, and AC/DC, to name a few. As fate would have it, it was only a matter of time until these SoCal natives Jay, Andres, and Vincent ended up crossing paths that lead them to forming this new version of NEVERWONDER. With the addition of Fabienne Grisel and Jay Wise, the band’s creative synergy is an undeniable force to be reckoned with. Their obvious chemistry has already created some powerful songs accompanied by unforgettable performances. NEVERWONDER is excited for the path that lies ahead starting with their new EP which is out now and their next album that is on the horizon. NEVERWONDER continues to produce lasting music that their die-hard music fans will love and for the new music lovers they gain along the way.

Has it been a smooth road?
We have had our struggles in NEVERWONDER as any band does, but nothing crazy. What is great about NEVERWONDER and having any type of struggles is that it does not matter what it is, we can always work it out… When writing new music for the upcoming CD/Album (as we are doing that now), and knowing that we all come from different walks of life and different types of musical backgrounds, Some could say there are struggles when writing music but we think of it as the fun part, putting everybody’s ideas together and coming up with a new sound new song that we enjoy a lot is the best.

This is because we think of everything we do as a TEAM/BAND concept. We are better together than apart so walking into writing songs, working on artwork, social media, website, recording studio, booking shows, playing live and photo shoots. We take everyone’s ideas and mix them up together, this way everybody has a say and we can go over their ideas. Once we agree we all move together to make the idea work, So for us we speak our minds, look for the best idea and we all work towards making the idea happen. So to see the idea done and working is awesome! There are challenges yes but we focus on the solutions instead of the struggles.

We’d love to hear more about your band and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
We are NEVERWONDER a band with a unique sound that fuses rock, pop, and funky grooves. To create one awesome sound that we are very proud of…… We are a High Energy Rock band that plays Originals/Covers. We also do Acoustic performances for intimate settings. Things we are known for is being a powerful female fronted group, great melodies/hooks, and thought-provoking lyrics. Skillful and excellent guitar performances and a very tight rhythm section. We are a very professional band in terms of performances, considerate of everybody’s time and ready to work when it is time to hit the stage or the recording studio. Our recording sessions are very powerful and have gained a great deal of recognition in the music industry. We are very proud of the six nominations we received in 2018/2019 for our new EP and for each band member! For also WINNING Best EP by Rockwired Magazine! So proud here!

Check out the new EP “NEVERWONDER”, out everywhere now on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon Music or go to our website and take a listen. We also are excited about our stage performances, our new full-length CD coming out and all the press/radio plays from around the world. Lastly is being interviewed on your site! What sets us apart from others well that is a great question! Well let us say this we are good on a lot of fronts and really care about the music, songs, our website, social media, the recording of the new CD, playing out live and have a great show, but the most important part is the fan/consumer who comes to our shows, buys our stuff we need to make them feel they are having a great time at our shows or listening to our music, we hope we can make them smile at our shows or listening to our music we want to make sure they have a great time! This is at our core of who we are as a band!

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
As we are a band our first memories were about guitars, drums, bass, and singing. We were very intrigued by our instruments and knew they made us feel very happy and fulfilled. What we realized afterward was playing music gave us confidence to express our thoughts in music in a very positive way. This has always helped us in everything we have done in life. What we learned as kids has helped us collaborate with others in all aspects of music writing, recording and performing. It all comes from the confidence we have from playing our instruments…

Now what we have seen is that when we play out live or when we get feedback. People tell us we have touched them in some way to make their day better or in some small way we have inspired them a bit, these are very special moments to us. These are the best comments we ever get and they stay with us as we move forward with NEVERWONDER. To think that our earliest memory is music and now how it has touched us and people, is unreal for us but makes us feel very proud!

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