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Meet Megan Maione of Tarot By Megan

Today we’d like to introduce you to Megan Maione.

Megan, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I began my journey with tarot at a very young age. My mother gave me my first deck when I was an adolescent and I have been hooked ever since. My first deck was the traditional Rider Wait and the concept of them along with the imagery woke something within me that I had no idea at the time would be my life’s work.

Being exposed to tarot early in life provided me the opportunity to naturally and consciously grow my intuition through the years. When I left my parents home for college and moved into the dormitory my freshman year, the girls I was living with discovered I had tarot cards. Their interest was piqued and they pushed me to read for them. I never had any intentions of reading for other people back then. I viewed tarot more as something I did for myself. However, thanks to their promptings I began giving them tarot readings and they were amazed at the things I would tell them. I heard “How did you know that?” frequently. The encouragement from my dorm mates or “first clients” helped motivate me to keep reading for others.

I graduated from college in 2001 with a Broadcast Journalism degree from the University of Wyoming. I began working in a variety of industries post-graduation all while continuing to read tarot on the side. Still at this point, I looked at tarot as a hobby and certainly not a career or a way to support myself. Then early in my 20’s, I took a series of intuitive development classes that would transform my life greatly. During that series of classes, I learned the power of guided meditation and how to focus and use my intuition as a tool. This is also the first time I was introduced to the Akashic Records which played a pivotal part in my development as an intuitive. It was during my first time being guided to the Akashic Records in meditation that it was revealed to me that my life’s purpose is to be a “Seer.” I was uncertain how to process that information because I was so focused on starting a career post-college graduation that I did not fully comprehend what the message of being a “Seer” meant all those years ago.

During my 20’s, I was still very focused on pursuits other than tarot. I gained so much valuable life and professional experience working in fields like radio broadcasting, customer service, sales, and various types of entertainment productions. Also during this period, I moved from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA. After living and working in Los Angeles for a couple of years, nothing quite felt like a good fit professionally so I decided to take my tarot practice to the next level and I started Tarot By Megan. I was finally in a confidant and comfortable place accessing my intuition for others and I found people responding very positively to my tarot sessions. I was now not only a tarot reader but also an entrepreneur.

My 30’s was a series of trial and error on how to balance growing a business, paying the bills in Los Angeles, and feeding my deeply intuitive soul with experience. I was still working a variety of jobs to pay the rent while simultaneously being on a journey as a tarot reader. As I went deeper into my intuitive work and calling on what I learned from those intuitive development classes all those years ago I discovered within me this ability to move and clear energy for people during readings. I was also at this time realizing that I could do remote tarot readings for people over the phone and move energy for them as well. The confirmation from my clients expressing how they were able to feel energy clearing from them during remote sessions was the nudge that I needed to keep growing and expanding my intuitive gifts and art.

Now embarking on my 40’s I am completely aligned with my soul’s work as a professional intuitive. Tarot by Megan is my “soul” source of income and is my main focus professionally. I do remote tarot readings from my home in East Los Angeles with clients locally and globally. I also book in-person sessions one day a week at Open Eye Crystals in Mid City, Los Angeles. Over the past year, I have been inspired to introduce others to the Akashic Records through a series of classes that starts with a guided meditation. I teach in-person classes at Open Eye Crystals, as well as online. My intention is to support others in connecting with their intuition and the Akashic Records as it played such a pivotal role for me in connecting with my life’s purpose. Through a series of classes I teach how to access the Akashic Records and read them for yourself and others. My tarot readings have also blossomed into a combination of visions which could include past lifetimes, speaking with guides or crossed-over energies/ancestors, viewing the client’s body remotely while being able to see, move, and clear energy and giving an overview of the client’s past, present, and future possibilities. I always allow my client’s energy to be my intuition’s guide during each session and basically do whatever I am guided to do for them all while using tarot cards. I feel tarot gives the client such a lovely visual representation of what is occurring in their life and or energy. Tarot has been a lighthouse for me almost my entire life and I am honored to be able to share this part of me with the world. Following my instincts to keep reading tarot has lead me to such a beautiful and fulfilling place in my life currently. Tarot still excites me on a daily basis and truly ignited my inner fire to be a Seer in this world.

Has it been a smooth road?
It has definitely not been a smooth road, but I think that’s what makes it worth it. Once I hit that place in my 30’s where I was trying to make the leap from working for others to working for myself the struggle was real. It took a large amount of trust in my ability to create space for myself as a professional reader/intuitive in a growing market. I found myself struggling with how to present my offerings in a way that felt authentic and not pushy. I have always felt this work is a calling between myself and the client. If the client feels called to work with me it helps them to be more open and receptive to the messages that come through for them. I definitely felt the pressure in the past to connect with my voice to represent myself as a business. I often struggled with self-doubt, depression, and a fear of being seen since childhood which does not pair well with a marketing plan or approach. It took me a long time to find the best combination of platforms to showcase my skills to attract a genuine following. I tapped into my college years that provided me with the training in broadcast journalism to gain the confidence to show my face more on social media and to make content that really speaks to people. Now being on camera and interacting with people digitally fuels my inspiration, as well as my business.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I specialize in and am known for in-person or remote tarot readings, Spirit Calls, and guided meditations. My tarot readings have been praised as being “better than therapy.” I provide a certain level of heightened insight that comes from a lifetime of personal and gained experiences in the intuitive arts. I am known for my comprehensive tarot readings and have been called to read for people all over the world. Spirit Calls are a service I created for when clients just want to talk something out. I provide my best advice and pull one card at the end of the call for a bit of clairvoyant guidance on the subject at hand. I work with individuals of all ages, couples, families, business partners, productions and all other collaborations. I book private and public events as a tarot reader and offer in-person classes, as well as digital experiences to familiarize people with the Akashic Records. I can also be booked for health, wellness, and intentional retreats domestically and internationally.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I feel as though Los Angeles is a great place to start a business such as mine. The community at large is very supportive, as well as there being multiple people, places, and events to collaborate with. It’s just a matter of finding your unique voice in the industry. I would recommend starting out in LA. However, be very proactive in community involvement and networking. I have found that intuitive work is based in being able to connect well with others. I would suggest getting involved in whatever area of spirituality interests you and connect with the people, places, and spaces that support your interests. There is such a lovely spectrum of people available to us in Los Angeles with open minds and open hearts. Let your intuition be your guide!


  • Tarot Readings: 15 min = $60, 20 min = $80, 30 min = $120, 45 min = $180, 60 min = $240
  • Spirit Calls: 15 min = $30, 20 min = $40, 30 min = $60, 45 min = $90, 60 min = $120
  • Akashic Records Classes: $44 per class

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2 meditation photos were taken by: Mariya Stangl Photography; 1 of me in the Gazebo; The rest of the images were take by: Sequoia Emmanuelle Photography

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