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Meet Lexx Samplez of The Takerz Club in NorthEast Los Angeles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lexx Samplez.

Lexx, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I’m from Northeast Los Angeles, CA. I am a producer, rapper, singer, & songwriter. I’m the founder of the music collective THE TAKERZ CLUB & 1/2 of the production duo YxNG HOMi3z, along with co-producer Sp_ce Phantom.

For as long as I can remember, music has ALWAYS been a big part of my life. Being born & raised in Los Angeles, “the entertainment capitol of the world”, the music culture out here really took over my life. I’ve always been open to all types of music, but the genre’s I really ended up falling in love with & having a passion for were Hip-Hop & R&B/Soul. At the age of 12 was when I decided to write my first song. I guess for the most part that was when I decided to take music serious. At the time I was studying artists such as Lil Wayne, The Game, Usher, 50 Cent, etc. & seeing them in that light inspired me to wanna be a music star just like them. I started off writing raps & recording myself with my best friend & long-time collaborator Eskiiis. At that same age, I had also taught myself how to play the guitar & bass. I became obsessed with the creation of music & I knew it was something I will be doing for the remainder of my life. Once high school came around I went on to release multiple singles & a couple of independent projects/mixtapes locally within those next couple of years, which generated a buzz for me in the N.E.L.A. (Northeast Los Angeles) area.

As time went by, I got tired of struggling to search the internet for free YouTube/Soundcloud beats…so I decided to start producing my own music. I started to save up my school lunch money to buy myself a midi controller & a copy of FL Studio, & I got straight to work once I made it happen. That was when I decided to take time off from rapping & writing music to really focus on learning & mastering the art of music production for the next couple of years. In doing this, I was able to start pushing myself into being more creative & to push the limits on my music. It also helped me be more open to collaborating with others by providing & selling production/mixing & mastering services to the artists that needed it.

After graduating from high school, I decided to enroll myself into the Los Angeles Recording School to pursue a degree in Music Production (graduated Oct. 2018). Attending that school changed everything for me. From learning my current main DAW’s (Ableton/Pro Tools) to finding my sound, as well as meeting Sp_ce Phantom & T.K.S., the current members of THE TAKERZ CLUB. I got to learn more about the actual business side of the music industry which helped me gain knowledge when it comes to running a real business & being careful with the decisions I make. I can honestly say that attending that school is what molded me into the artist that I am today. Since graduating, I have made it my goal to challenge myself creatively everyday until all that I could ever accomplish gets done. Eventually, I would love for people to use me as the blueprint & the inspiration for starting they’re own movement, the same way I did with my idols growing up.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The journey has been a rollercoaster so far, but I know there’s still a lot ahead of me that I haven’t seen yet. I’ve dealt with a lot of the struggles that come in the music game. I’ve learned the wrong way of doing things, as well as the correct way of doing things. From finding my identity & my sound, to actually getting people to press the play button on my music. Growing up, I was never the type to speak up or introduce myself & start a conversation with a stranger, so making myself visible to music fans & to the public has always been tough. One thing I’ve always loved was being on stage & performing in front of crowds. So I started to book more live performances in & outside of the city to gain more notoriety & exposure, which has actually worked very well. It gave me the chance to work on my stage presence & the proper way to put on a good show. I’ve been able to grow my fanbase as well as get to connect with more people in the industry. Now my confidence is bigger than it’s ever been, & I’m not afraid to let people know who I am & what I do.

Me being the super hands-on artist that I am, one of my biggest struggles has always been being content with my product. Since I produce & engineer every piece of music I create, I am aware that my name will be what is on the final product. So it becomes difficult for me to decide when enough is enough, or if I even did enough. Something always needs to be tweaked, or a sound needs to be changed, or “maybe I should say this differently?… but then again I like how it sounds like this”. It literally drives me crazy & will have me working on something for days, maybe even weeks or months. The reputation of the name “Lexx Samplez” is something I take very serious & something I want to always be held to a high standard. At the end of the day, my intention is to show the people that I always put my best foot forward no matter what I’m working on.

Please tell us about The Takerz Club.
I’d like to introduce you guys to THE TAKERZ CLUB.

Originally founded by me in 2015 as just a label name to release my music, it officially started running in 2017 as a company. We are a collective of creators with aspirations of being a known name in any industry imaginable. We run off of one rule & thats “if you want it, take it”. The main purpose is to provide a platform for creatives of all sorts to showcase they’re talent & ideas. Currently, we are home to mostly musicians but the goal is to reach all aspects of talent. Whether you’re a musician, rapper, singer, painter, an engineer, a photographer, fashion designer, even a chef for all it’s worth. If you have anything that’s life-changing to you that you’d like to share to the world, we would like to make that possible for you by providing you with the help & tools necessary to reach your goals.

Nobody gets left behind at THE TAKERZ CLUB. More than just a collective, we run like a family & a unit. We put as much care & thought into any piece of work handed to us, as well as the talent we work with. We are open to all ideas of the creator & strive to make it into something even bigger.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
Before I really got into music, I was a big fan of the Dodgers & baseball overall (I still am). I played for many years. A lot of my favorite memories include those spent of the baseball field & playing other sports with my friends.

Another childhood memory that comes to mind was my first concert. One of my uncles took me to a Daddy Yankee concert at the Gibson Amphitheater when I was about 10 or 11, & I definitely had no business being there at that age. All I remember was a big stage with bright colorful lights & the bass of the loud music shaking my whole body…..I loved every second of it. Not too long after that, I also got to see Lil Wayne perform live & obviously he killed it! Both were some life-changing experiences.


  • SONG MIX (No Master) – $30 per song
  • SONG MIX+MASTER – $45 per song
  • EP MIX+MASTER (4 – 8 Songs) – Starting @ $150 (price varies on song total)
  • ALBUM MIX+MASTER (9 or More Songs) – Starting @ $250 (price varies on song total)

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