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Meet Katie Gasparri of Energy and Soul

Today we’d like to introduce you to Katie Gasparri.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Katie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Coaching, writing, and speaking have been a part of my life for the past 10+ years…working with people to help them change their lives has always been the part of my life that has lit me up. I was a dual certified teacher, living my dream job as a resource room teacher.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given with any information about how to change that. It felt like it wasn’t a concern to my doctor because I was skinny, pretty and therefore I must be healthy. I wasn’t informed that THAT diagnosis was the leading cause of infertility in women.

Then in 2014, I was leaving work when a sheet of ice fell off a school building and hit the top of my head. I thought I was healthy, but there I was living with an incurable traumatic brain injury (TBI) and severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I went to dozens of doctors!

I’ll never forget being told I would be an insomniac, depressed, dizzy, nauseous, in level 12 out of 10 pain on a daily basis, and migraines for the next 5 to 10 years. The fear swallowed me up. I was in bed, disabled without an income.

All this before the age of 30.

So much happened over the course of those four years trying to heal the way society was telling me to. I kept saying “YES” to more specialists, medications, injections, and tests.

All I saw were roadblocks.

I felt like a guinea pig and everything was a gamble with no guarantees that what I was doing to heal and get healthy was going to work.

Then three years ago, I started telling myself a new story…I’m not my diagnosis and this is not me!

And, then life opened up for me.

That sheet of ice hitting my head turned out to be the greatest gift of my life.

My commitment to healing my mind, body, and soul naturally led me to healing my insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, and I’m in remission from the auto-immune disease and TBI. I’ve committed myself to helping women heal themselves naturally who are ready to break free from fear and self-doubt. It made sense to change careers, since I was told I couldn’t heal and as soon as I took my health into my own hands- I BECAME MY OWN ADVOCATE; Overnight, or so it felt, I began to heal.

Now, I’ve helped countless women heal themselves naturally, too.

I’m off all of my medications and I’m reaching new goals that never seemed possible.

In fact, my first article on LinkedIn where I talked about learning to trust myself has had reached a global audience with thousands of reactions!

My voice is being heard and I’m worth it all.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
The road to healing was dark, scary and isolating. There was no clear path. I had to learn how to advocate for myself. I had to learn how to recognize when something or someone wasn’t working in my favor.

Most importantly, I had to learn to listen to my own voice, tune into my intuition and start to trust myself. It was like fighting a never-ending battle with myself, my emotions, and life.

I could feel people looking at me like I was exaggerating my symptoms…as though I was being told to ignore them, or that I was crazy. I wanted someone to take me seriously.

One day I noticed that little voice. Ya know, the one we’ve gotten so good at ignoring? Well, I dialed into that voice like a station on the radio.

I kept hearing the same thing every day. Until one day, I turned up the dial on the station. What didn’t seem possible now was.

I went from not knowing how to trust my mind, body and soul to knowing and trusting my body so much that I know what fuels me now.

What got me there was TRUST! I finally started trusting myself. I began to trust I am enough. I trust I am worthy. I trust that I wasn’t crazy. Imagine a day when you wake up with no aches and pains & you’re energized and alive.

Please tell us about Energy and Soul.
I am a Health and Life Coaching specializing in Infertility…makes sense, right!?

I work with women one on one, as well as groups to discover what is truly holding them back from conceiving naturally, and together we create an actionable plan towards achieving natural conception, even with the roadblocks and diagnoses.

What sets me apart is, I focus on “WHO” my client is. We can spend a lifetime on the story of “victimhood” and go down that rabbit hole OR we can start to focus on what is going on in your mind, body and soul and start moving mountains to live the most epic life imaginable, with a happy, healthy baby by your side.

My client’s come to me ready to surrender to the process, which doesn’t mean they’ve given up, it means they showed up ready to release the outcome of HOW it will happen and TRUST it is happening for them. And they’re truly ready to invest in themselves, because they know they’re worth it.

I focus on the person as a whole.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
If I had to start over and go back to February 2014, I would have become my own advocate from the start.

When the doctor told me he didn’t believe me because none of his clients had a concussion for more than two weeks, I would have immediately found someone who believed me.

I would have looked for new research. I would have looked for support from someone who overcame that illness to help guide me to take the right steps to heal. I would have asked questions. I would have asked more questions about the tests, medications and injections that only left me feeling worse.

Now, I teach my clients, the best person to trust is to trust yourself, and become your own advocate. When things don’t “feel right” that’s a clear indicator that they’re not right.


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  1. Janet Piazza

    September 24, 2019 at 18:41

    Hi Katie

    Where were you when I was growing up. I need you now!!!! So you will have to come home and live back with Mom and Dad. Seriously, it sounds like you have it altogether. Your lucky you are young and have a lot more years to go before you end up like me. LOL I really want to wish you all the best in what you are doing. Its very important for an individual to be happy inside as well as outside. Looks like you will do very well. When you write your first book, I want to be the first to buy it. Hopefully, its not too late for me to feel altogether. Janet Piazza Good Luck XXX

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