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Meet Jahmil Blair of Courtesythebeast

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jahmil Blair.

Jahmil, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
As an inspiring artist, I started having a desire to become a famous rapper at the age of nine. Even though I started having a strong craving for music-making around a very young age, I began to start actually producing music around the age of 14.

I used my dad’s Macbook which had the Garage Band software on it where I can produce instrumentals and lay my vocals down to create the perfect song. Later on in life, when I turned 17, I started at my uncle’s studio where I recorded my first couple of songs that I had written down since I was 15. Although his crew and I had our times kicking back in the studio, it didn’t last long for various reasons. By this time, my dad’s Macbook was gone. So I asked my uncle how much was the equipment. He gave me the prices and I said ok. One problem, I did not have a job at the time. I was out of a job for a whole year and two months but my passion for music never subsided.

So I was trying to hustle up some money in order to purchase equipment by applying for like 30 jobs a day. Some were minimum wage others were high-paying jobs that I wasn’t even certified for. I went door to door asking strangers what I can do for them in order to make s little cash. I would even work election posts that only paid-up $7. I was looking at condenser mics at reasonable prices. I finally found one at a rate which I can afford and the price of the mic was $200 dollars. With no job, no resources and no guidance, I couldn’t see myself hustling $200 for this mic. I was reduced to asking people for $5 because I thought asking for more was too pushy especially growing up in a family where pride is at its pinnacle. I finally gathered an estimated amount of $202 dollars. I was very excited but also discouraged because I finally had enough to purchase the mic but I was dismayed because this is all I have and if I buy this, I’m going back to being broke not knowing when I’ll ever get money again. But I knew my music career will start after I buy this mic. So I bought it and risked it all.

Ever since then, I started making songs on my laptop even though I didn’t have the best software to record my songs on so they came out low in quality, but through it all, I kept my passion engine running. I kept producing and writing songs no matter the circumstances. And tell you the truth, these situations brought the best out of me and got me to where I am today in my music career by showing me that when you have a passion for anything, it will keep you focused and cohesive. I currently have a website, two selling albums in music stores called TheUnraveler and Piquancy, a growing fan base on social media platforms, a google biography, and performed twice so far, in conclusion, I can say through the doubt, discouragement, pain and desperation I came a very long way but I have a longer way to go.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
So far, in my music journey, there has been multiple struggles. I used to doubt myself when I first started because I had no structure, no mapping, no direction and no right mentor. Only thing I had was a mic and a book of rhymes. No one else really understood why I made sacrifices the way I did. It was a struggle trying to make what I dream about into a reality and also meeting my family and friend’s expectations AT THE SAME TIME. That was the biggest bump in the road when I started my music career. Getting asked by my family “why are you doing this” “you do not think you are wasting time” “why won’t you go to college”. It was frustrating to keep having to remind them that we are in a time where you do not need to go to college to get the best training for making music. You do not need a degree to become a producer. All you need is a well-trained mentor, training courses and dedication. On my album TheUnraveler, my song called “confused” I said “I’m stuck between dream chasing and living up to people’s expectation”. So this all was really the struggle when I started to go my own lane and map my own path out instead of doing what others call successful.

Can you give our readers some background on your music?
I am an inspired rapper and I specialize in producing music, mainly hip hop. But people know as being the difference-maker. I love God and firmly believe I have the gift of evangelism. People call me all kinds of things when it comes to leading someone to Christ. A bishop, a pastor, apostle, prophet, etc. but people know me as the young man with an old soul. I am known for not only making music but for building others up in Christ because that is the assignment that God gave me. I am leading a life of wholesome teaching. I believe what makes me very much stand from other rappers is that no one else can imitate who am because they are simply not me. You can copy a person’s style, flow and even image but you can never copy their personality and creativity. From what I believe and what I have heard from others in the past is, my music builds up, informs, exposes, tears down and enhances the listener.

In this generation, everyone to me sounds all the same. There is no real substance or deep message behind the songs they make. They talk about the things that sell when my goal is to change the listener’s mindset for the better and put them on the right path. I do no talk about what you wanna hear, I talk about what you need to hear. I provide the needs of the listener. I talk about things that a person goes through that is never spoken on in today’s genre of hip hop. That deep struggle that you’re masking by going to the club, trying to be “lit” or listening to rap music that does nothing for you. And secondly, I stand out because I am simply being Jahmil in my songs not trying to be everyone else. So that really sets me apart from other hip hop artists.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I honestly don’t believe in luck. But I am firm believer in getting back what you put in. the more labor you put in the more fruits you will enjoy… I believe in not worrying too much about when the next opportunity comes, you do what you’re supposed to do and it’s going to repay you twice as much.

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