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Meet Erica Cornwall of Revel Collective

Today we’d like to introduce you to Erica Cornwall. She and her team share her story with us below.

Please kick things off for us, give us some background on Erica’s story?
Seasoned strategist, marketer, producer, writer and consultant, Erica collaborates with entrepreneurs, brands and artists in the worlds of wellness, technology, travel, media, art, music, and philanthropy via Revel Collective.

Her experience spans the globe in Marketing, Production and Writing projects; including creative content for web, TV, and film, as well as booking talent, and consulting for renowned and emerging brands in media and wellness.

Erica is Global Entertainment Director, US & Editor at Wonderland, Man About Town and Rollcoaster Magazines collaborating with many artists like; Margot Robbie, Ellen von Unwerth, Rob Pattinson, Steven Klein, Heidi Slimane, Miley Cyrus, Ansel Elgort, Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry and Nick Jonas. Erica will soon co-launch an audio network with a Grammy-winning producer and renowned music manager.

Prior to launching Revel Collective in 2011, Erica spent 15+ years running top media companies and agencies which afforded her the experience and connections to launch her collective. She was President & CMO at the award-winning publication Flaunt Magazine, Vice President at award-winning Starworks Group (now part of Vice Media), VP of Marketing & PR at TV Network Young Hollywood, Manager at Team One, Director at Emmy Award winning Full Picture – creators of Project Runway and co-founded Who’s Next What’s Next Magazine while she hosted, produced and wrote for MusicPlusTV supporting emerging and established musicians working with the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Val Kilmer. She also has a series in development with RYOT media.

Erica has been responsible for the creation and execution of marketing strategies and  campaigns, collaborations, and content creation for some of the best brands including; LVMH, Warner Music, Starwood Hotels Luxury Collection, Thompson Hotels, Gucci, AUDI, Ian Schrager, Lanvin, VitaminWater, Victoria’s Secret, IWC Watches, Patti Hansen, Soho House, Agent Provocateur, Jeweler Loree Rodkin, Andres Balazs, Swarovksi, Director/Artist Samuel Bayer, Brian Atwood, Vanity Fair, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, Rande Gerber, YouTube, Mulberry, and Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Air.

Erica began her career with The New York Times multi-best-selling author Danielle Steel in San Francisco, then went on to market films at Universal Pictures with Spike Lee, Michael Mann, Judd Apatow, Robert De Niro, Ron Howard, Peter Berg, Ridley Scott, and Sydney Pollack.

A regular contributor to Huffington’s THRIVE Global since inception, Erica is constantly seeking new ways to share her passion for wellness with the world, regularly experimenting with transformational healing and self-expanding modalities. She is a trained sound healer and avid seeker of raising the collective consciousness. She supports Michael Beckwith’s Agape, The Tony Robbins Foundation, Matt Sorum’s Adopt the Arts, The Silverlake Music Conservatory, The Art of Elysium, and The Humane Society.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I think life is like a rollercoaster, or waves when you surf, its up and down, its fun and scary, its love and indifference, healthy and unwell; always changing. So I think those of us who can adapt and evolve are the happiest and healthiest overall, like Charles Darwin said.

I have had plenty of challenges, from personal family tragedies like losing my grandpa to suicide, my uncle to a car accident, my sister being stillborn, my mom struggling with manic depression, to watching my parents have everything and then lose it all, and countless betrayals and lessons. It is only because of these hardships, I became a kinder better person, a seeker.

I was too naive and insecure to think I mattered for awhile and obsessed with wanting everyone to be happy and to like me. I learned you can’t possibly have everyone like you, nor does it mean you are valuable if you have lots of people who do. I have learned that self-worth is exactly that; SELF so it needs to come from within not external people, places or things.

I still am challenged by this from time to time as we live in a matrix that things, money, power and accomplishments are of high value, when in reality I think its LOVE, how we love one another, how we treat each other, how fast we forgive, how much we give, how grateful we are, how compassionate we can be.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Revel Collective – what should we know?
I believe we specialize in helping people and brands actualize their mission, vision and messaging their essence, gaining more of what they seek, but it really depends on what clients needs truly are on how to approach getting those needs met and hopefully surpassed.

Sometimes it’s casting a celebrity for a magazine and working with brands to integrate into the creative vision of the artists, other times its producing meaningful content, securing press, writing a brand book, or a marketing strategy, helping raise money for a wolf non-profit or a charity that helps people heal, maybe just connecting the right people or expanding social media presence.

I also deeply value helping people heal through whatever mental or physical issues they face, helping healers connect with those in need and helping those suffering connect with those who can heal. Dis-ease of any kind can be cured in my experience and I’m grateful to participate in supporting those who need it and those who do it.

I’ve always been proud of all clients over the years and believe we made a positive impact for them and contributed to raising awareness for whatever they make or do. We are all unique with our own special gift that no one else can ever replicate, It thinks we are all the same but different, all special but also not special if that makes sense. It’s a bit Buddhist.

My hope is that people know we care and trust they feel good when work together or are around each other socially, energy and intention is so important. I hope to make a contribution in the lives of all others, even if its just a smile on a day when someone needs it, a compliment, or a massive scaling of their business, whatever it is from a high frequency. I have really begun to reevaluate what I am valuing in myself and others and doing my best to judge not and be compassionate, think what energy am I bringing forward as I enter or exit a room, hopefully it’s a bright positive one.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Oh wow so many! First my mom for choosing to have me, the universe for giving life, time, beauty and all we need. My mentors, friends, family, and clients. Really each person I have ever met who loved me, pushed me, believed in me, even those who have “hurt” me because they taught me…. Thank you!

You all deserve acknowledgement!

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