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Meet Donna Ford of Pump Station & Nurtury

Today we’d like to introduce you to Donna Ford.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
The Pump Station & Nurtury’s mission is to nurture, support and empower all new parents with compassionate service, quality information and outstanding products. We serve as a breastfeeding and baby care resource center that educates, guides and encourages parents as they learn to care for their baby. For 30 years we have provided a caring and warm environment where new parents can bond with each other and their babies as they share experiences. We value our relationship with our clients and believe that supporting all new parents is a good investment in each other, in our community and in the future of our children and families.

Several years ago, we launched the Postpartum Doula Services division to complement the services offered to our new parents. I am proud to say we have an amazing team of highly-trained, loving professional doulas who provides valuable emotional, physical and educational support to families with new babies. From the moment you bring your sweet newborn home, your doula will be there to help ease the transition to parenthood. They will help build your family’s confidence so you can enjoy this new journey and special time in your life.

Please see below the many ways a Postpartum Doula can help new parents…after all, it does take a village 🙂

Top 5 Reasons to Line up an in-home Postpartum Doula before baby makes his/her way onto the scene:

  1. Reality (sometimes) bites.
    Sometimes, a rough truth is the new baby thing hits you like a Mack truck – and the best remedy often times is NOT your husband, mom, MIL or best friend who you love but thinks she’s an expert on everything. 😊 A postpartum doula knows how to strike the right balance of providing advice without getting in your way. She’ll adjust to you and your baby’s needs – knowing when to step up, and when to step back as you gain confidence and traction in your new world. Our doulas work an 8-12-hour day or overnight shifts with your family beginning the day you bring your baby home up through the first few months of life. Daytime support provides an excellent educational opportunity for hands-on demonstrations in calming or soothing a newborn. Having overnight support helps mom get that critical sleep most moms miss, during the time period when her prolactin levels are highest, thus giving her optimal benefit in producing breastmilk. Nighttime care also helps keep your family or daytime support team healthy and rested to better support you the next day. A trained newborn expert, your doula works with you to support your parenting choices and suggest solutions to make you a happier, more efficient parent. We can help establish patterns and routines to help your family track baby’s needs and create balance and rest for all. This is a priceless gift and a secret weapon for new moms!
  2. Because babies should come with a personal instruction manual…but they don’t.

Based on AAP recommendations and your personal style, your doula will help you establish safe practices with the latest safety-approved standards and products. Doulas stay current on trending baby care topics and pass their knowledge and experience on to your family. Doulas work to customize support for your family and create a routine that will build healthy practices leading to successful childhood development through nutrition, brain development, and healthy sleep routines.

  1. Every new team needs a coach.

Both you and your baby are learning a new skill. Although breastfeeding is natural, it is a learned skill and good coaching can help to make this experience successful and gentle for you and your babe. Our postpartum doulas are experienced in lactation education and support. They can help you establish an effective deep latch – and they can refer you to the Pump Station’s lactation specialists should you need extra support. Your doula can also educate you on all aspects of breast pump usage and milk storage practices, as well as formula guidelines, sterilization, and bottle-feeding options. So often, new moms can’t get the hang of breastfeeding the first few days or week and they give up – keeping with them a lifetime of guilt and disappointment around one of the most natural parts of motherhood. Our doulas can lend their expertise to coach you down whichever path you choose to take when it comes to feeding your newborn.

  1. It takes a village.

Historically, women of the families have always supported one another through the emotional dynamics of pregnancy and birth. Now, we sometimes live far away or don’t have the traditional family support to lean on. A doula comes into your growing family to share the transitional journey and helps to support you on an emotional, physical and educational level. She can connect you with resources to create your own customized village of professionals and experiences to help your little one’s development get off to a great start. From Mommy-and-Me support groups to specialized referrals, your doula is well-connected to an entire village of baby specialists and can help you anticipate future needs.

  1. Extra hands = extra love for baby and the whole family!

Every family needs a spare hand with a new baby in the house! Through our professional experience, a doula can help you understand and respond to your baby’s cues and individual needs which is so helpful as every baby is unique. Doulas assess the family’s needs and will jump in to help with whatever the top priorities are for the moment (which may range from baby care, baby laundry, nursery organization, meal preparation to light household tasks) or just be an empathetic ear to share your story. Extra hands afford you a boost in confidence, energy levels and an overall smoother transition as baby integrates into your everyday everything.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
This is the most amazing service available to all new parents–truly the best gift a parent can give themselves is a postpartum doula whether it be for a day or weeks—the newborn phases is gone in a “blink of an eye” so being joyful and confident when you bring the baby home is key.

The challenge has been educating the community that these in-home services DO EXISIT –oftentimes, we get calls after parents are home and struggling and wish they had known about our services earlier. Postpartum depression is real and common and a doula can be KEY in happiness and emotional health of new parents.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Our team of top-notch doulas who care immensely for each and every client. We are all very passionate about what we do and this is paramount when supporting clients in-home with most precious gift/s.

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