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Meet Dimitri Fostinis of Fostinis Enterprises in Los Angeles

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dimitri Fostinis.

Dimitri, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
When I first moved to California in 2017, I didn’t have any specific goals. I actually secured a digital marketing job while on my drive to California. Yes, I drove cross country in a moving truck with my friend. I just knew there was opportunity in LA so I picked up and left New Jersey. I never even came to California before deciding to move there. This was just something I thought would be a good idea. I didn’t really have a lot of money saved at all, but here is a great starter-story for the beginning of my new life.

We were an hour and a half away from Los Angeles at 8PM on a Saturday. It’s getting dark and this is the first time in the whole trip where I wasn’t driving. It was a little over a 40 hour drive, sleeping in the back of the truck at pitstops so we get there as quick as possible. My apartment stuff was set up in the back so it was actually like having a mobile home on the go! No bathroom though. As we’re driving about 70mph steadily, the entire truck starts shaking and we start freaking out. I didn’t mention, my 2011 Chevy Cruze was being towed on the back for the entire trip. I look in the rearview mirror and the trailer with my car detached and my car went flying off! We pulled over immediately and I ran to find my car skidded two lanes across the highway and landed perfectly in-between random cones like it was parked. It smelt like burning rubber everywhere. Luckily, my car was fine so I drove it where we pulled the truck over. We were both okay too. This is when I notice the truck had a pin securing the trailer to the truck and it was snapped in half still hanging from the back of the truck! I immediately go live on Facebook and call them out going over everything that happened. We drove both the truck and car to the destination in LA and chilled there for the night. The next morning, reaches out on Facebook because of the video. I’m still in shock that all of that happened the night before and we were safe. I also had a talk to my lawyer as this is a faulty product issue and 100%  fault. Agreed to refund my MY ENTIRE TRIP AMOUNT. The car rental, gas, car trailer and even if there was any damage to the Chevy they would cover it after an estimate. To add a little razzle dazzle, I took the chevy in to get an estimate on something that “that happened” have happened. Refunded me over $5,000 for this entire thing. Two days into my move, I get a nice cash bonus for basically almost dying.

I can’t even believe I’m about to start in a state I’ve never been too and I’m already ahead a bit with this refund I just got. I worked a normal job which was smack in the middle of Hollywood right in the WeWork building at the start of the Walk of Fame. Everything is surreal to me, but I really did it. I started a job two days after moving, I had a nice apartment I shared with a friend, I felt incredible. I also started DJing in Highschool so I was able to bring that with me as well. I never can settle with one income, I gotta have multiple things going on at once, I cannot sit still. So I reached out to DJ entertainment companies and I was able to get that locked in too. I started doing weddings, lounges, corporate events and more. I even started my own Instagram marketing company on top of this too. I was able to lock in so many clients at once. I had 3 phones and multiple accounts on each. I remotely managed accounts across the country and that really amped me up. I have been really good with sales throughout other jobs in my life so I guess applying to social media really kicked things off. I’m sure by now you can tell I love making money and I am always hungry looking for more. I also have an insane love for traveling the world, so I made sure to throw that into the mix. I was looking for another job outside of the Hollywood place I was working in and I landed an interview for social media manager at a live stream social media company that I’ve never heard of. It was called iGoLive. I never expected that something like this would then change my life forever.

I actually didn’t get the job because they needed someone to start the following week and I was going to Mexico for a trip. But what I did get was an interview the next day for being an actual streamer for the same company. I knew what live streaming was but I never thought of it like this. So I get approved to be a live streamer and that’s where it takes off. Live streaming apps are where you get to go live from your mobile device and earn gifts/tips while you’re performing for your audience. So I’m connecting with all these people and networking in Los Angeles basically country wide because of this app. Working with this app started making me money in ways I didn’t think possible. Sadly, this specific app only lasted about two months before they basically fired all the streamers. I was like, “uhhhhhhh, okay I guess that’s how things are here.” Throughout my time with that app, I met my friend Brianna! She goes by, Boppz. She was the one that brought me to a similar app called UpLive! So once again here I am doing the exact same thing making some extra cash again through live streaming. It was something I got really into and it made me money remotely from wherever I wanted so obviously I’m gonna take it. Meanwhile throughout all of this, I was developing slight issues with having a roommate and realized I really needed to get out. I needed to live on my own and once that happened, everything start boosting even more. Once my mentality changed on top of all these jobs and things I was doing, it really put me into overdrive mode. I don’t know what exactly I wanted, but what I did know is that I wanted financial freedom so I set out to get it. After UpLive died down in a few months, I started to assume these apps were just like this and each one was only going to be a few months. But once I was brought into Bigo Live, that’s really when my business blasted.

Bigo Live has structure. It has family and it has friends. It has drama and fake people just like the average world. But just wow. 2 Years and I’m here with one of the biggest, if not the biggest USA agency on the application. Now I can break down how I got to the point I’m at right now. Getting into Bigo Live was just like the rest of the apps, so I expected the same. But this team I was on was different. I was able to bring my musical talents here and really grow as a streamer. I can say that I really started to become a team lead because I grew close with the agency leader at the time. As months went on, I started to see his attitude change and as the rules for streamers were changing. I knew this team was about to break up from some out of control anger that was about to go down. I started thinking at the time, what are these streamers going to do with no one to lead? It was about 10-15 hosts on the team at the time. Once I knew our leader was on the verge of being fired, I reached out to the app to see if I could be put in the place as a leader for the hosts. He then was fired as the agency leader and I took place. It was so different for me because I never did something like this but I did manager Instagram clients and a lot of people at once so I knew I definitely could do it. I loved being in charge and I love connecting with people so I knew this was perfect for me. At the time I was growing the agency with someone that I met on the first app, but as time went on, I felt it was only me doing the main work so I figured it was time to let her go. Once I did that, hell broke loose. All this drama and lies were being made up about me and just so so fake. Yeah it was stressful and I tried to not let it get to me, but it did. I absolutely hated it because it was all fake and most people knew it but to see it unfold the way it did was just rough and a lot to handle. But let me introduce you to a person who changed my life forever, Rain.

Rain was a host as well on the app and we met around time I just became the leader. As all this was going down, I was able to bring her onto my team. She was the energy I needed. While I was in Bangkok, she controlled the entire feud on the app. All the drama, all the lies….she extinguished it all just so I could relax on vacation. What stranger does that for someone?! Rain then did everything to help this team grow and slowly pushed her way into working with me. This was not the way I saw things going, but wow was I in for a trip. This team was small at this point, I think I had around 14 streamers. When Rain came along, it was day by day new people joining this team. Once Rain became a part, we started to get flooded with the most incredible and talented people. So many amazing people that also lived in LA that now became some of my best friends. This team just kept getting bigger. 20 hosts, 30 hosts, 40 hosts, 50 hosts and it keeps getting bigger. This team has become a settled agency nation-wide. Coincidentally enough, within the app, the agency name is The Voyagers. (Not relating to VoyageLA at all but shout out to you guys!) Here you can see a picture of me on the light up stairs with my Voyagers shirt on. I made these during Christmas for everyone that was on the team. Let’s just say I have a lot more shirts to make! Having Rain step into my life allowed me to travel the world. Iceland, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Italy, Jamaica, Bahamas, Thailand, Costa Rica and I can go on and on. We were just able to match so well with working back and fourth. I’ve officially met my best friend and my business partner. I’m gonna say this is how it will be for life. I officially branded my company as Fostinis Enterprises because of all the work I do, Bigo Live being the main and biggest, I needed to have a name that can be everything in one that I can report my income with. Now I am in the position to work on my property flipping and rental homes. I’m also on the verge of also buying my first house here in Cali as well! Now THAT will be an accomplishment! That’s a lot for one 25 year old, but I’m ready for it!

Currently, we are sitting at over 80 streamers that work under the agency and it’s looking like it will be over 100 in 2 or 3 months. I’m still blown away by this all. I’m so curious about how the mangers of agencies handle large teams. So shoutout to Ceren for handling all of our hosts and being so helpful to us. So many of my amazing friends are now in one place, all making money together in the best way possible. We even made it to the Bigo Live Singapore Award Gala in January! That was probably the coolest trip seeing some of my friends perform and being able to enjoy the moment with everyone. Sadly, Rain could not make it to the Singapore trip so here is a picture of me and her picture. Look how famous she is! I never knew life could be this way. All of us are going to the horse races, laser tag, Las Vegas, escape rooms, snowboarding in June and just so much more! Yeah, California allows you to go to beaches and also snowboard in the same day. You can see my short sleeves on the mountain because I was sweating so bad. This business has just opened my eyes to see what is possible. At this moment, a lot of people are out on jobs and going through a lot. This story could be a calling for you. Live streaming is really becoming popular right now and is not going anywhere. Our team is constantly looking for new talent and personalities! If you are sitting home right now searching for a job, this is it. Let’s get you to become part of the best team in the world! Just because you’re quarantined doesn’t mean you can’t earn. If you’re ready to broadcast your life, create a show and live your moment, reach out to me! Instagram is my go to – @djmeetch

Thank you everyone for being a part of this Journey! Special shout out to Rain, Chynna, Noah, Salvo, Sal, Kelsey, Allie, Ali, Janet, Nicole, Anita, Hannah, Madi, Jenny, Julie, Michelle, Mama Llama, Kitty, Kat, Gabrielle and Jesse for being the absolute OGs of this team. And of course for all of our new hosts and everyone else, I love you guys too! <3

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
This was probably the bumpiest road I’ve ever been on. My first year in LA was mainly the hardest because of my roommate situation. Life is all about surrounding yourself with positive people and go-getters, right? So at the same time I’m battling a multiple income life goal, I’m also battling waking up every day in a place that doesn’t feel like “yours” or “home.” Once the thought of me living alone made sense, I did everything in my power to get the hell out and move alone. It only took about a month to get me out because I made it a priority. I finally got a spot for myself and my mentality really changed. Living alone really puts me into focus mode and that’s what I needed.

Please tell us about Fostinis Enterprises.
My business, Fostinis Enterprises is a mixture of everything. I needed a name that fit it all. I want to be able to really do any type of work and I love being talented in everything that I can. Currently, my biggest thing is the Bigo Live Agency. Since before I created the name, I already was running the team, more people would know my business as The Voyagers rather than Fostinis Enterprises. (Mentioned the Voyagers in the first question) But as the legal corporation name, Fostinis Enterprises is it. My other hustles inside the business are my DJ company, brand deals and my real estate project. I work as a contractor for Bouquet Sounds and I am so glad to be a part of that DJ team! I play some of the most excellent and extravagant weddings/events and I absolutely love it. I also do my own DJ gigs too so I am sort of my own DJ company in itself as well. I’m currently working on my first real estate property flip as well. I am trying to re-create my family’s business name. My dad has been a house painter his entire life with his own business in New Jersey. As times are changing, those types of jobs are slowing down so we’ve created a plan together. If I fund the property and expenses for everything needed in a house renovation, my dad could literally do all the work on it. So as we are currently working on our first home in New Jersey, the goal is to make this my dads big income. If we can get houses lined up, my dad wouldn’t have to do any of the work and just make the arrangements. Working like this can make us both some serious income with doing little to now work. I wouldn’t really go as far as saying my business sets me apart from others. But maybe it’s just my hustle that is different. I’m young, motivated and dedicated to become a success no matter how I get there.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
This is a hard question for me. I never “tried” to start the agency/business. It all just fell into my lap. Things just tend to happen to me this way. I learn things as I go! I never planned anything for the way it went. I just picked up the pieces and started building. I really enjoy working and really want to build a future for myself. So I am doing whatever it takes to get there!


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