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Meet Cristine Encarnacion of Libra Moon Manifest

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cristine Encarnacion.

Cristine, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I come from a family of nurses and caregivers – healing is in our blood, so from a young age I knew I would seek a profession in being of service to others. I earned my BSN and began working as a Labor and Delivery nurse, which gave me great joy and fulfillment, but after a while began to take its toll after being met with the demands of corporate healthcare. I was feeling burnt out and thought that a career change in the nursing field would enable me to help more people, expand my capacity to serve.

I sought to transform the culture of healthcare in my community by earning my Master of Science in Nursing, concentrating in Women’s Health, so that I could better serve my chosen patient population. It was an uphill battle being immersed in the “real world” of insurance companies and regulations, in that world I couldn’t practice freely, honoring my authentic self. I didn’t feel safe in caring for others this way, my idealism drained and passion stifled.

I was experiencing burn-out and questioning my role as a caregiver. Discouraged, I had to walk away. I stepped into a role of teaching the next generation of nurses as a clinical instructor, hoping I could set a good example for the future by being part of its foundation. Though I continue to “fight the good fight”along with my fellow nurses and healthcare providers, still driven and passionate to help others heal, I had to seek transformation, healing, and purpose elsewhere in order to feel whole.

I directed that transformation within.

Through the modalities of Tarot, Reiki, and Holographic Sound Healing, as well as through the guidance of my spiritual team of guides and well ancestors and community healer/teachers, I was able to heal my past wounds and open me up to my metaphysical gifts. I share these gifts with those who seek to heal themselves as Libra Moon Manifest, which I opened in May 2019.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?|
Before I could openly share my metaphysical gifts with the community, I had to direct my spiritual practice within. Learning to trust and strengthen my intuition, being discerning about my teachers, and ultimately clearing my old programming/thought processes so that I could make way for the new.

I learned to tap into my intuition through working with the Tarot, supporting myself with crystal allies. I also sought out my Reiki I and II attunements, as they would be helpful to incorporate into my nursing practice. I studied Holographic Sound Healing after experiencing the healing nature of vibration for myself so that I could share that with others.

I’ve been blessed with a great support system to help me along with way, and I feel the biggest resistance so far on my journey has been transforming my mindset – how I feel about asking for help, being met with new challenges that are unique to being a business owner. It’s been difficult trying to translate what I do for ‘normal’ or ‘everyday’ people to understand, especially coming from my nursing background that is rooted in science and evidence-based practice – being able to alchemize the two together. I still manage to find the fun! in the thick of all the research and articulation of what I do, and that helps continue to drive me forward.

Alright – so let’s talk business. What else should we know about your work?
Libra Moon Manifest is the ever-evolving composition of my intuitive healing work that I’ve built through Tarot, Reiki and Holographic Sound Healing. I guide my healing sessions with transparency, the radical revealing of one’s true inner self, and integration, the loving acceptance, and invitation in of one’s shadows to promote energetic wellness. Most often my healing ceremonies are multimodality and incorporate a combination of intuitive energy work, divination, and sound healing.

It all comes down to planning and preparation when I’m tasked with a healing session. I recognize the seeker’s unique needs and tailor an individualized ceremony to meet those needs or intentions that we set together. I find that my nursing background helps to inform my spiritual practice and approach to healing others – replace ‘ceremony’ with ‘plan of care’ and now I’ve got my “nurse” hat on – but I have learned to trust my intuition and inner sight more to help discover and realign the issues being brought before me for healing. Nursing helps me stay grounded and make the healing real and practical for the seeker, which can set me apart from other healing practitioners.

One way I am able to make the spiritual tangible is by showing others how to work in simple but soulful ways to incorporate ritual into their every day lives – it can look like taking a ritual bath to cleanse after a long day, clearing your space by burning appropriate plant allies or trying out smokeless cleansing through sound or water, or journaling. I’ve created ritual apothecary items like bath salts, energetic clearing sprays, and ritual oils for everyday use that utilize organic, sustainable, yet powerful ingredients for someone who is new to spiritual self-care to start their own practice.

Another of my newer offerings that I’ve seen help and transform others is through crystal readings. You will see crystals pop up in my healing sessions, but during a crystal reading I work with these sentient beings from Mother Nature to evaluate the energy around the seeker and to intuit any and all information needed for their healing. It’s also a great way for those who have never worked with crystals before to experience their energy in a very nourishing and informative way.

I still work as a bedside RN, meeting the many challenges of corporate healthcare head-on, still advocating for my patients to not only meet their physical needs but also their spiritual or energetic needs as well. I also found that in my journey of transformation, my fellow healthcare providers are often the ones who are in need of support and most often you’ll find me holding space and providing them spiritual nourishment and support in the form of sound bath offerings at my work, pulling cards for guidance, and facilitating private healing circles for those who seek them. Lately, I’ve been feeling honored to offer womb healing circles for my coworkers, who are also Labor and Delivery nurses.

As Libra Moon Manifest, I love collaborating with other healers, and most often you’ll find me as the Three of Cups working to raise our community vibration through facilitating group healing ceremonies, offering my services at spiritual community events, and working alongside other healing collectives.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
Other than being able to hold space for others’ spiritual needs, I’ve found myself transforming my loved ones in my family, something I had not planned for, but I am honored with the task. My father has surprisingly been my biggest and most unlikely supporter, as he is very traditional, logical, and Catholic. He has always been the one to push me academically, like any Filipino immigrant parent would so that I could have a “good career” and live a “good life.” Also, being raised Catholic, I knew all of this spiritual work done outside of the church is not allowed. In choosing this holistic approach to a very scientific career, I thought it would not be received well, and at best I could hope my father would feel indifferent to this change.

Little by little, I found myself sharing all that I had learned and experienced so far as Libra Moon Manifest with my father, and during one of my community events, he asked for a crystal reading. It was a very proud moment to read for him, share the medicine of the crystals, and offer him support in a way I never thought possible. I’m happy to say he was very pleased and received the messages well.

I understand why my parents raised me the way I did, that they were immigrants needing to survive, and that I could let go of any resentment I held towards them because of it. I could forgive them and move on, and they, in turn, could learn that there are other ways to live a spiritual life.


  • Holographic Sound Healing session: starts at 50$ for 30 mins (remote)
  • Crystal Reading: 33$ (remote)
  • Reiki Healing Session: 1 hr for $90 (remote)
  • Tarot Reading: starts at 33$ (remote)
  • Please contact me if you’d to schedule an in-person healing session or reading
  • Gift Womb Oil: 21$
  • Etheric Boundary Cleansing Water: 13$
  • Soften Bath Soak: 15$

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