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Meet Christy Marderosian of The Belle & Beast Organics in South Pasadena

=Today we’d like to introduce you to Christy Marderosian.

Christy, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
The very first seed planted, that would eventually grow into what The Belle & Beast Organics is today, took place nearly 15 years ago after a terrible reaction to an “organic” lip balm.

As a teen, I became frustrated with “all-natural” beauty products in stores laced with hidden fillers, chemicals, artificial colors, sweeteners and drying agents. Even though, I was buying chapstick with “organic” written on the label, I had a terrible reaction to one particular balm, which left my lips burning and insanely chapped. This is when I researched the listed ingredients and discovered that they included drying agents, to get consumers to apply more frequently, resulting in them having to buy more often. Shocked and angered at this side of the skincare industry and exhausted at the idea of not knowing what was actually in the products I was using, I decided to make my first handcrafted batch of lip balm.

I finessed the perfect organic lip balm formulation over the next few years and began giving lip balm out to friends and family, first as gifts and then wedding favors for anyone that wanted them. People couldn’t get enough, stating, “it’s the only lip balm I use”.

Demand increased, turning my longtime hobby into a business and Hippy Lippy Lip Balm was officially born in 2014. Little did I know, Hippy Lippy would evolve into an even bigger business…

I had Lip Balm perfectly figured out, but what about the rest of my skincare regimen? After the success of Hippy Lippy, I began examining the products in my bathroom cabinet more closely and thought, I can make this, but better, with truly organic ingredients I could actually pronounce. It was this intense desire to create and a longing for transparency in my skincare products that in 2016, I left my successful career in the fashion industry to develop organic products full time.

At the beginning of 2017, I wanted to grow my then four product assortment to include a men’s line after seeing just how neglected men’s care is in the skincare industry and The Belle & Beast Organics was founded. By the end of 2017, I had an offering of over 20 products, many of which are unisex.

It has been this trend of being unsatisfied with the ingredients found in other products available that I’ve continued to “just make my own.” The Belle & Beast Organics has given me the platform to share all my affordable hand-crafted creations with the world and I could not be more excited for the future.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Although, The Belle & Beast Organics continues to grow and fulfill my life in many ways, the road definitely hasn’t been paved in roses.

Even though I loved making lip balm as a hobby, deciding to leave my career – the one in which, I moved from my childhood home in Anchorage, Alaska to pursue, was a really tough one.

I had spent a tremendous amount of money and time completing my degree at FIDM and worked my way up in the industry. I had a great, reliable job with health insurance. It was a safe thing but I began to realize fashion, although I loved it very much, was not the path for me. Deciding to leave and start my own business was the hardest decision of all. There was so much fear around not having a steady paycheck and not knowing if I would be able to make it on my own. And did I mention health insurance?

Luckily, I had many people in my corner supporting my decision to start my own business but I also faced a few naysayers. Knowing that the negative comments were coming only out of a place of worry and love for me, I took the feedback graciously and continued on with my decision. Having the most supportive partner helped more than I even realized at the time, and I would not be here today without his support.

Deciding to take the leap to start The Belle & Beast Organics was likely the hardest yet most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. And the road continues to bring struggles. But I push through, knowing at the end of the day that I have created something that’s mine. People ask me all the time how I do it. How I formulate my products, do all the sourcing, all the production, graphics, marketing, social media accounts, etc. etc. and my response is always, “I just do.” When you are creating something that is yours, that comes from an intense passion – one in which fulfills you and provides a freedom unlike anything else – you figure out a way to do it all.

Please tell us about The Belle & Beast Organics.
The Belle & Beast Organics offers all-natural, organic luxury skincare for men and women with just the right amount of sass. We source the highest quality ingredients from certified organic suppliers and test products (on humans!) for months before they go to market.

Our insanely witty-yet-ultra-relatable product names are what set us apart the most from other skincare companies. Like our The Struggle is Real Toner for Oily skin because, the struggle is so real.

We are proud to say that everything we make is hand crafted with the upmost care and attention to detail, from our ingredients to our instagram-worthy titles.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
Funny enough, I have been an entrepreneur since I was a young girl. One of my most favorite memories is from when I was just 10 years old. I had acquired lots of small toys (as most kids do) and for whatever the reason thought to sell them. We had a big electrical unit in our front yard near the street that we coined “The Green Thing” and it became my first ever retail space.

I laid a blanket over “The Green Thing” and set out all the extra toys I no longer wanted. The neighborhood kids caught wind and began to gather around “The Green Thing” buying toys at $.25-$.50 a pop. At the end of the day, I had sold every single item I laid out and an entrepreneur was born.

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