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Meet Chaun Phattz of LOVE NONE in Culver City

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chaun Phattz.

Chaun, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I started LOVE NONE in October 2018. I was going through a dark time mentally where I lost the love or drive to do anything. I’ve always loved fashion and design since I was young (I wanted to be a football uniform designer), so when my love for those things was fading away, it scared me. Rather than letting the negativity fully consume my mind, I wanted to manifest it into something positive and show my art to the world. I named the brand “LOVE NONE” (not LOVE NONE LA) because they’re just two ambiguous words that could mean anything to anybody. Some people are turned off by the name when the read what my shirts say, but I think their reaction is justified. Those words can be a turn-off or a conversation starter. Its all about perception.

Has it been a smooth road?
Hell No. On Halloween, LOVE NONE will be one year old finally. I love the progression I’ve made but that came from failing multiple times. I’ve made many trial and error decisions this past year that have often ended in failure, but that’s part of the game. In the beginning, I was too obsessed with catching up with people my age that have successful brands. I was moving way too fast. I wanted to make the same plays that brands going into year five are before LOVE NONE even had an Instagram. I want this so bad that I sometimes look too far in the future and don’t focus on today. I have lofty aspirations myself and my brand and I can’t wait until things start coming together. At the same time LOVE NONE can crash and burn, I don’t know and I can’t stress myself out about what the future holds. I just love my brand and I’m having stressful fun running it.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
LOVE NONE is my art and I chose to use clothes as the canvas. Its an extension of my brain. I make designs inspired by things I find interesting (religion, politics, ethics, etc.). I wouldn’t say I’m known for anything yet but you will more than likely find a common, darker theme in my designs. This is the case because a lot of people like to acknowledge one side of the spectrum and not the other. I grew up in a Christian household and being a curious naive child of the internet age, I researched all the bad shit that happened in the Bible.

I only did this because in school, we were only taught the positives of the Bible but kind of brushed past the antithesis (Revelations, purgatory, etc.) I like to make clothes with subject matter and imagery that might seem dark but that’s because we all know that messed up and macabre things exist but we play ignorant to it like it doesn’t. My mindset is “how can I make something that would turn some people off and make it look dope?”

I’m still crafting my image in the fashion/streetwear game but you’ll definitely in the future see the distinct difference between LOVE NONE and other brands. It’s difficult crafting your own image because the internet/social media makes it hard for you to not see what other brands or designers are doing and inevitably compare yourself to them. It’s like a mood board. you can see a brand release a shirt and say “I like that, let me make something like that.” but your art can become hollow because it’s not authentic or true to yourself. There are numerous old designs in my computer that lack a “soul” because I was focused on trying to make a design because it was “in” at the moment and other brands were riding that wave at the time.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
To be honest: yes and no.

I say yes because LA is a hub for artists and creatives and can really help you get your dreams off the ground. On the other hand, a lot of people in LA either rap or have a clothing brand (sometimes both). The argument could be made that its a little saturated in the fashion/streetwear scene, but there are so many people in LA that there’s a brand out there that speaks to everybody.

The only advice I would give to someone starting a brand in LA is: stay persistent and hungry and put into the world the art you want people to see. I forgot who said this but it’s along the lines of “There’s no mistakes when making art, it can only be judged after its presented.” Whatever you think is hot, dope, tight, etc., let the world have it and go from there.

Would I recommend someone to start a clothing brand in LA? Sure.

I don’t think location really matters when making art, it’s just letting people see it. Social media and the internet have for sure made things easier for people to see what creatives have to offer. I’m fortunate to be in LA but a city shouldn’t deter someone from creating art. I don’t know, maybe I’m out of touch because I live here…


  • LOVE NONE Promo Tee: $10

Contact Info:

  • Website: LOVENONE.COM
  • Instagram: @LOVENONE.LA
  • Twitter: @LOVENONELA

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