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Meet Cali Masih

Today we’d like to introduce you to Cali Masih.

Cali, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I’m originally from NorCal until I branched out and started acting for different production company’s and starting my YouTube career down here in Los Angeles Ca. I’ve been acting ever since I got out of high school and have been moving between Los Angeles Ca and NorCal my whole life until I finally found the right spot to start everything. That’s when I had moved down to Culver City with a roommate making YouTube videos with Lots of other influencers in the area going to different sets of gigs Where I’d branch out my acting ect ..

Well for me, it basically started when I was 11 years old as a kid. I would always have a tendency to be in front of a camera whether it be playing video games or even just looking at myself on the camera. I loved looking at myself & engaging in different activities on camera just to have those memories in my head. I remember when I was about seven years old, my mom would always put everything on film with the old vhs tapes within everything we would do.. going to the park going to a wedding going to walk the dog etc.. she would legit record everything. From that point as a kid, I would always ask her mom are you recording… are you recording because I just loved seeing myself on camera within anything I do. I started getting into YouTube when I was like 16 years old I have always had a passion with everything that goes on within the whole community I just felt it was destined for me to do. I didn’t start YouTube until I was about 18 years old and didn’t start getting anywhere with my videos at first but through time consistency and persistency, my craft continued growing throughout the years from doing videos like pranks challenges public interviews, etc..

When I first started my main goal was to just have a channel and make videos not knowing I would go this far with it… now with experience and knowing lots more within YouTube, the goal that I have for myself is to push through more milestones that I ever could before… I look at YouTube as a gift not just having everything that I do now but to be able to broadcast my life in front of thousands of people is just such a blessing to me… I started acting when you was maybe 16 or 17 years old and there has been lots of great milestones within the whole process of doing that since I was 17 till now… I want to use YouTube as another stepping stone towards My acting career. I want people to know for somebody with no aspirations on doing anything with this whole thing no drive no motivation no anything to now being such a big key in my own brand is such an achievement goes to show you can do anything You put your mind to within yourself you don’t need a crowd of people by your side to convince yourself that’s motivation everything that you do in life is all about consistency and pride within yourself don’t try to be like everybody else just to fit in with the crowd be yourself be proud, be special and be you.. be different.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
The biggest challenge I’ve had too face not even within being an aspiring actor or with YouTube but just with life in general is the people.. support is real and at first, I’ll stay that I didn’t have the support system that I have now and it became a real struggle it had me question if I’m doing lots of things that I’m doing in my life right and even question things beyond that point. I feel like now I have a clearer vivid vision of what I want to have completed in my lifetime. The support and consistency I have now is such a blessing and can even be a bit overwhelming but I’m glad I’m in a better position for myself and the people around me.

We’d love to hear more about your work and what you are currently focused on. What else should we know?
I’m an aspiring actor/content creator I make YouTube videos and live my life as if it were to be over tomorrow I don’t regret anything I do in life I feel like everything that happens in your life happens for a reason and it’s your job to make anything and everything you want for your life to happen at all cost go all out for your dream life is short. I would say I’m known for my animated and impetuous charisma I’ve always been such a goofball in my life ever since I was a little kid I would just love to have fun in anything I do in life no matter what I’m doing I just loved putting a smile on my face and being myself regardless of what people have to see about you. The thing I’m most proud of I feel like would be my consistent energy to just go for anything I put my mind to and have it done… I did an adobe headphones commercial back in 2017 and just being there in the presence of different aspiring actors and people that enjoy doing the same thing I love doing was just so dope to me.. not to single out my other milestones I’ve accomplished as well but that one definitely stood out to me the most as far as saying I’m going to go do something and doing it to the fullest extent.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Oh man, I want to give God credit first and for most as well as my family for pushing me to do something Different and giving me the exact kind of motivation I needed to get myself started. My mom would definitely be a major key to what is going on in my life she gives me that extra drive I need in life to just keep going and I would be absolutely nowhere in life if it wasn’t for her. I want to give a major shoutout to my cameraman that always take the time out there day to make the videos happen for me another shoutout to my whole YouTube community for steady rocking with me as hard as possible and lastly I want to give credit to my dawg Steve & Trae for the consistent Push Ever since day one.

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