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Meet Brigitta Benitez of Redhotchix

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brigitta Benitez.

So, before we jump into specific questions, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
How I started was by escaping from the disaster of a 2018 I had. My previous company was a nightmare and it was critically dysfunctional due to many circumstances, but I said to myself…I’m a woman that’s only trying to succeed and set an example for others. How can I do that if I don’t fall and get back up regardless of how many times I had too? As strong as I am, do I sometimes sit in my car and bawl my fuckin’ eyes out?! Hell yeah, I do. No one will ever be 100% content with where they are in life. There is always room for improvement, adjustment, etc…At the end of the day, if you tell the universe what you want and you do the work that you are supposed to do, it will reward you in many ways. So long story short, 2018 was my absolute breaking point with relationships, friendships, myself, family, and of course business. Everything in my life literally broke apart. It’s pretty scary to be the outsider looking in on this but yes, I lost my shit. But one thing that I didn’t completely lose was my drive to be a successful businesswoman.

So late July I decided to create the company REDHOTCHIX that had been one of the ideas on the backburner for a while. I loved the idea of inspiring others to be like me and to hear my story. I felt that I could pass along my story to those who might be going through something similar or worse to what I endured and share that there is always a way out! However, I am a very different type of woman. I am not super feminine. I am straight 100% but I play with the boys. I never really had girlfriends and I also never really felt that women got the chance to really voice themselves growing up. We set a societal standard for everyone and everything we do. I never liked that. Everyone is different and should be able to express themselves without ridicule. Having grown up being a little tomboyish with a foul mouth and drive like a bull…I noticed that these kinds of women were often times not considered sexy or feminine or anything woman-like, Again the word feminine is very stereotyped and I don’t quite like that. So I created a new type of breed the “aggressivists”.

Instead of being called a feminist you are an aggressivist. “Aggressive is the new feminine”. I feel the reason us women can’t really have a voice is because we are still considered to be feminists “feminine” which is stereotyped to be fragile, submissive, passive, nurturing. What if…I was that aggressively driven woman that had the traits of a “feminine” woman all at the same time? I am breaking down the walls of femininity and I’m allowing all women to represent their hustle, drive, “femininity”, and tomboyish ways just by considering them to be aggressivists with no boundary walls. Not physically aggressive but mentally aggressive. We are passionate, strong, wise, dedicated women that get shit done! I feel if we change up the word “feminist” to aggressivist there will be a shift in idea of what it really is like to be a woman in business and a woman who just freely expresses herself.

REDHOTCHIX is a clothing line that is starting to represent the word “Aggressivist” to the community and to broaden peoples perspectives. Being an aggressive woman is almost like taboo in this society. I find that bullshit and if a man can be aggressive in a business deal so can a woman if she decides. Aggressivists are also not against men in any way or put them down. I feel a major flaw in our society is that we take sides. In this case, women are already equipped with the same talents as men but we never got that fire inside of us to ignite because I feel the word “feminine” that represents us is greatly flawed and incredibly stereotyped. We are more than what that word represents us to be. I am inspiring that inner fire in women to feel worthy of their strength they are naturally equipped with but had no one to really show them how to use. That’s why my clothing line is something I hold dear to me because it allows women to wear their pride as an aggressivist. It’s all red clothing too! Just pick your graphic crop top that speaks out to you! and Instagram: @redhotchix.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Not smooth. Life isn’t a smooth journey. Remember that. Be ready to have the best day of your life and then suddenly the worst. But what really gets you through this life is by questioning what did I learn from that? What can I do differently? Why do I think that happened? Allow yourself to explore your mind in life. Allow yourself to grow every day and learn. There are many struggles I went through. But in the end of it all…did it kill me? No. I’,m grateful. Did it hurt me? Yes. I’m grateful because I just now experienced something new and grew stronger. This takes time for people to learn. Unfortunately, I have to say my parents were right about the whole growing older thing…how you just don’t get it until you reach a certain part of your life. But I enjoy it. It’s very dynamic and experimental.

Redhotchix – what should we know? What do you do best? What sets you apart from others?
But what sets me apart from others is perspective of course. REDHOTCHIX is breaking down the stereotypical walls set up from the word “femininity”. I’m breaking the walls down by being considered an aggressivist. A woman who can be whatever she wants, and she can go as aggressively as she wants towards her goals without being put down. She is self-motivated because of what she is referring herself to be which is an “aggressivist” versus a “feminist”. The word feminine is stereotyped to be passive, fragile, nurturing, submissive…we are more than that and that is what I am trying to change about society.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
Persistence. I never really realized how persistent I was towards obtaining success or my goals until I hit my first wall and fell. The fact that I got up from my shattered self really showed me that I am stronger than I thought I was and that persistence is definitely something I equip alongside my business journey. I always strive to be the best, to be unique, and to always work hard. I’m only manifesting. I remind myself that this will pay off and that this is all manifestation. I always have to keep my mind on the main goal.

Sometimes, like right now you have to put the brakes on what you feel is going to work just to learn more or to build yourself back up again. Life is a learning process and business is nothing different. Don’t feel rushed and don’t have a good idea make you feel that money or success will come rushing to you because it won’t. Everything (unfortunately) takes time. This was something I learned VERY quickly. Now patience, as you can probably tell is something I have been working on as I don’t quite possess this trait. HA.

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