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Meet Beverly Hills Athlete Trainer: D’Juan Woods

Today we’d like to introduce you to D’Juan Woods.

D’Juan please share your story with us.  How did you get to where you are today?

On August 14, 2009 in New Orleans Louisiana inside the Superdome – I was suited up in gold and white with the # 84 and Saints stitched on my chest. Before the whistle was blown my thoughts were those of any man preparing to take the field, “make a play ”

Not knowing that would be the final play I would make in my career. During a Collision between myself and the opposing player I suffered a career ending spinal cord injury.

Fast forward 1 year later with major weight gain and the loss of 80% strength in my left arm my physical health took a turn for the worst. Weighting in at around 270lbs and suffering from severe pain and discomfort I knew a change had to be made. That’s when my interest in weight loss jump started. Working out and coaching youth football I spent a lot of my time on the move I worked out regularly and had “ok” eating habit.

In 2012 I was approached by a young lady in the mall who asked if I was a personal trainer and if I would help lose weight for a work weight loss competition. I agreed, and allowed her to workout with me during the week. Although I was not a certified personal trainer I was a good coach, and I took pride in my ability to coach one to success. I trained with her and she lost 39 lbs. in a few months and won her competition. Following the competing she wrote me a text explaining how long she had been trying to lose weight and stressed her gratitude with such passion I was overwhelmed. That experience pushed me to become a certified personal trainer as well as a coach. I spent the last 4 year constructing a fitness program using the knowledge I acquired in the quest to transform my body as well as the information and experiences gained through years of instruction throughout my professional football career. I’ve taken these tools and created a system that will allow you or anyone with the desire, to change their bodies as well as physical health.

My commitment is to change as many lives as possible.

Has it been a smooth road?

During my transformation I had to learn a lot of things about my body. How to train it, how and what to eat to get the results I wanted. At first it was very difficult and there was a lot of trial and error. Luckily, the more I learned the easier it became to get the results I wanted. That used me to develop programs that would give anyone with the will to change the necessary information to do so. A straight shot to success without the trial and error I experienced.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently I am co-hosting the Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp in Beverly Hills. The camp is designed to bring the inner athlete out in each participant. We are rapidly growing and creating a mindset that motivates, and inspires our athletes to overcome life adversities.

Let’s dig a little deeper into your story.  What was the hardest time you’ve had?

The hardest time in my life and career was suffering an NFL career ending spinal cord injury. Since I was 4 yrs. old my dream was always to play in the NFL. Day in and day out I worked hard and strived to be the best player I could be. After accomplishing my childhood dream I expected it to last longer than 3 years, even though I knew the percentage were not in my favor. The injury was devastating, not only did I lose my career, I was left with long term damage to my body that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. After extreme weight gain my health was taking a turn for the worst. Working out and rehabilitation allowed me to lose over 50lbs and take my life back. Shortly after I coached my first weight loss client and lead her to an unbelievable transformation and just like that I was hooked. This Past year Nike started a training campaign called “Train La” I was honored to be chosen as one of the trainers to lead the campaign. I’ve been a Nike fan since I was in grade school and being a part of that movement has been one of the greatest accomplishments since playing in the NFL.


  • 1on1 private training ranges from $65-$150 per hour depending on location.
  • My online packages range from $20 to $250.
  • The ultimate athlete bootcamp is free for the first session and $20 thereafter.

Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @Woodsfit
  • Facebook: @Woodsfit
  • Instagram: @Woodsfit
  • Snapchat: @Woodsfit


Check out his work below:

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