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Meet Bethanie Jean

Today we’d like to introduce you to Bethanie Jean.

Bethanie, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I am 20+ year (celebrity stylist) Beverly Hills hairstylist that has become a Talkshow Host, Writer and also Children’s Book Author. Although I have been blessed to stand out in my field as a hairstylist to many in the entertainment industry, it has always been my love of human story, and conversation that has fueled my career. As a child, I was a bit of an odd-ball. Definitely was bullied for dressing weird, and being artsy, rather than athletic in my small farming community in the Sierras. To say I didn’t “fit in“ would be an understatement! I was just a sweet kid that dressed strange. I was so miserable in small-minded USA that my parents let me finish my fifth-grade year in Las Vegas with my cousins to get a little reprieve from the mean girls that I should have just learned to stand up to. (Hind-site.)

All I knew was that when I grew up, I wanted to be: Interior designer, Fashion designer, Family councilor, Social worker. I had zero interest in becoming a Hairstylist. In 1998 my home region of Reno/Tahoe did not have a college in the Sierras that offered Fashion or even Interior Design at the time, and I didn’t see myself being able to commit the amount of time that it took to obtain a degree in Psychology/ Social Work, because I really wanted to prioritize room for having a family. Which is funny, because that didn’t come till much, much later in life! I also wasn’t ready to fly the coop and move to another part of the nation away from my family to attend the art school I had been excepted to. So, I stayed small. After spending one year as a vague Art major at UNR, I decided to go to trade school and become a hairstylist.

It was the most practical means of work for a creative, like myself in my area. I excelled in my field, although I did take a break to serve as a missionary and “give-back”. Eventually, this profession brought me all the way to Beverly Hills, and I have been overwhelmed with the notable opportunity that has been given to me in the entertainment industry over the last eight years in LA. I never imagined that I would grow up to be a “celebrity hairstylist” What a fun turn-of-events! I’ve always known that my strengths resided in encouraging others, and offering my expertise in the realm of style as a great avenue to blessing others, and boosting their self-esteem while loving on them. That “look good, feel good” boost is a great start but is only the tip of the iceberg in the value of self-worth. I have always struggled with feeling like “making people pretty” was a bit vapid, and really wanted to find a way to work with deeper purpose in a greater humanitarian effort.

Turns out doing hair for 20+ years has brought so much fulfillment for me in human relationship. I have the great privilege to interview people from all walks of life, all day behind the chair. I have the opportunity to encourage them in their strengths and rebuke the self-doubt the keeps them from pursuing their dreams.

Flash Forward: I started videoing clients, and interviewing them while doing their hair. I named this small YouTube project Hairapy with Bethany J. This didn’t last long before I started fully pursuing Hosting. I felt like every aspect of my life was knit together for this greater purpose. I am now a panel talk TV Host at AfterBuzz Tv , as well as getting my dream; my own talk show at EverTalk TV, titled Down to the Root. (Hairstylist pun.) I am a full-time conversationalist, a Beauty & Style Expert for major network television. I also am a writer for AfterBuzz News, and an author, and illustrator of my own Children Book. As well as finally becoming a wife and mama. All things in due time!

When I share my own full-circle story, it’s for the purpose of reminding every person that every part of each one of us is in us for good reason. It can all work together for our good! If we let it!

Each person is deeply faceted and fascinating! Being able to secretly interview celebrities while doing their hair, or bringing them into the studio for a formal interview have been some of the greatest moments of my life. I have to say though, I enjoy talking to homeless people, housewives, business executives, blue-collar types just as well. (Sometimes even better.) Conversation can be so rich in some of the poorest communities. Every person has a story worth hearing, and I have dedicated my life to listening.

As for my personal journey, I am still growing, building, learning. I still have a long way to go, but I hope to be able to build inspirational, conversational content till the day I die. I hope the topics I share about manage to reach every ear that needs it most. This is what I believe is my personal life purpose, while maybe styling homes, hair, and wardrobes along the way. Ok, this, and also raising a stellar human in my daughter, Bowie Jean. To fight for a better tomorrow.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Definitely not. In addition to the fact that I deal with personal appearances and personal details of celebrities lives, as well as the general public. My life is somewhat high/stress. But, attitude is everything.

I have to say the hardest aspect of these career jumps I have made is just the balance. I still work a full Hairstylist life, while shooting shows, taking interviews, writing articles…and a book. But, none of this is a more delicate balance than starting all of these side hustles while becoming a new mom. That is the real full-time job.

I also am totally self-made. So, I have to hustle hard.

I also take my platform very seriously; as I reach some rural demographics, like my hometown… I spend a lot of time doing side conversations (heated debates) defending social justice, and humanitarian efforts in policies. Not all conversations that I confront in open platform for are feel-good. Even though they should be if you join the positive perspective. There has been a heavy heart along this path, but I believe I have been groomed for it my whole life. Everything works together. God waists nothing in any individual’s path.

So, there will always be push back in your climb. Still choosing joy along the way. They say ‘attitude isn’t everything, but it is the most important thing’. I have really found this to be true. Challenges are what makes it living. I say, “Next level, new devil.” So to speak. Every time you pursue your destiny, you level up, and then you deal with the problems that come with that level. Especially when you are hosting difficult conversations.

For me, there has been no greater challenge than balance. I think most parents struggle with this. I also think that means you’re doing it right! It means you care about all the little details.

What sets you apart from others?
My sincerity is what I believe sets me apart. NOT TO SAY OTHERS ARE NOT SINCERE. To be clear! I just truly am after changing minds and softening hearts. I’m after powerful conversation that speaks to strangers and moves them for their lifetime. Even when I have Red Carpet flashy moments. The kind you can tell your grandkids about, or your mom brags about… these are what Hosts are after. Which there is nothing wrong with wanting fancy, quick moments with A-list celebrities! I’m just about deep biography. I want to know about your grandparents, your home-town, your most compelling thoughts, and feelings. I know it’s ironic, but I don’t really care what designer you’re wearing tonight. I will still love your dress! (Obviously, I am a style professional.)

But I want to hear about your childhood. The whole world gets to see someone bloom, I love to hear about the roots that the public doesn’t see. This is the privilege of being a Hairstylist. It is a special and intimate relationship. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be an “E” TV Host. I just don’t feel particularly drawn to that. I’d rather be a faceless NPR personality. The only people I want to be “famous” to is the person I am about to interview (regardless if they are famous themselves, or not!) Reason being, I want them to be open, excited, and willing to engage with me. This is when their own story really opens up for insight. When they trust me and know my own voice, and my honest intentions towards them, their own honest voice follows. This is when really powerful thoughts are found.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
This is tricky to me. I love the idea of “dumb luck”. I especially love the concept of luck because I am originally from Nevada. I love the term “Lady Luck”. I love horseshoes, four leaf clovers, wishbones, the number 7, and Falkor the Luck dragon! I also love shooting stars, triple numbers, blowing on candles, dandelions, and loose eyelashes. These are just a few visualizations that represent how desperate we all are to channel some freaking good luck around here! However, I don’t know how much homage I really pay to actual luck. I believe in favor and blessing finding you along your path while pursuing your destiny. Which is part of an intricate plan on each individual’s life purpose.

This may come in the form of rolling dice, or buying a lotto ticket, but more often when you take a risk, and open that business, or make that album? Whatever your specific dream might be, is it “luck” that finds you? “Luck” is not the same thing as “hard work, pays off’. I will say I have had some favor in this path. Being given my own talkshow at EverTalk Tv was definitely a wish granted! I was probably the least qualified for this request, yet it was granted because I really went after it! I am just a hairstylist. Most of these other hosts have triple digit followings…etc. Dreams, goals, wishes… these all go hand in hand with blessing and favor. Luck is left to chance, and it is random! Having said all this, I am open to luck finding me! I need all the help I can get along my way.

Blessing finds you when you are being a good steward of what has been given to you. How can my luck, multiply, and bring luck to someone else? This is the cycle of blessing. It is so much more powerful than luck.

I like to consider myself blessed. We all should. It is a powerful state of mind and is a gift that keeps on giving.

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