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Meet Angeliqua McNair of Fancy Spatacular Luxury Kids Spa & Melanin On Wall Street Org

Today we’d like to introduce you to Angeliqua McNair.

They say the best way to find your own path is to get lost in your present one. No one is a better example of that than Angeliqua Mcnair. The former Fashion Marketing Manager & Style Public Figure who created a name for herself in the fashion industry transitioned into becoming a Senior Business Litigation Paralegal at one of the Top Law Firms on Wall Street, Now sits in the driver’s seat of her own burgeoning empire, which includes the Melanin On Wall Street Sisterhood platform, and her Luxury Kids Spa Fancy Spatacular.

Learning about hygiene has never been so exciting! At Fancy Spatacular, even the kids who normally scream at the sight of soap can enjoy getting pampered. The friendly staff welcomes all children between the ages 3 and 15 to see for themselves how much pleasure can one derive from getting their nails done or receiving professional facial treatment. This kid’s spa offers regular services such as manicure, pedicure, face scrubs, masks, and facials, as well as fancy spa packages which are best enjoyed with a friend or parent. Party packages are available as well, so busy parents need not worry about organizing a birthday surprise for their little ones.

Angeliqua’s philosophy in life is represented by – Keeping your standards as high as your heels and working hard to change the face of powerful positions in corporate America and business, which is also the inspiration for her Women Organization.

Melanin On Wall Street is a sacred sisterhood of millennial African American and minority women that are changing the face of business and corporate America. Giving millennial career women access to information and inspiration to help them get started or to move to the next level of their career all while bonding and creating sisterhood relationships.

Angeliqua has also been featured on Essence Magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily, NY Post, Swagger NYC, PYNK Magazine, Swag Her Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and more podcast and publications.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
My journey started decent, but it was NOT easy. I went to Ronald Edmonds Learning Center MS.113 a magnet school in Brooklyn majoring in Fine art and design and my art teacher was soooo strict on me Ms. Padilla. I owe it to her for pushing me to get to where I am today. I attended the High School of Art & Design majoring in Fashion Illustration and advertisement. There were times I wanted to give up sewing, but I knew I could Draw my butt off. By 12th grade, I knew fashion design wasn’t for me. The great thing about attending Art & Design was that I got to intern for New York Fashion Week and magazine publications. Growing up, I looked up to the women in my family and how well and poised they kept their appearance. My Grandma Wallace used to make her own hats. I thought I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. Long story short, I started college at The Art Institute of Philadelphia majoring in Fashion Marketing Management and with a roommate from hell. I later became homesick and wanted to leave that school. Transferred to Berkeley College majoring in Fashion Marketing Management. You know School was easy, but I felt like I knew everything. Nothing challenged me at all. I felt like all my peers were not that educated and well versed in fashion or didn’t have the passion for it. After visiting my cousin, in ATL I fell in love with Atlanta and told my mom “send me my things I’m staying” I then finished my Fashion education at The Art Institute of Atlanta.

I worked for BeBe, BCBG, Lisa Nicole Cloud from married to the medicine, and A luxury boutique called Gregories. I went through struggles like most college kids especially when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Working in Fashion is all about who you know and being a woman of color, you have to fight twice as hard to succeed.

A lot of brands wanted to work with me because I became a style public influencer in NYC. One thing about New Yorkers we can conquer anywhere. We turn lemon into lemonade. Most Fashion companies want us to overwork and do things that aren’t in our job description and to stay late for little pay. I had a very successful career as a fashion marketing manager for a very high-profile brand as the only woman of color. There were times I almost wanted to give up due to the pressure, but I also remember I had to work twice as hard. I built brands and marketed for brands that still use my marketing strategy to this day. After years of being a marketing manager, I fell in love with operations and the business side and wanted to get into law. I wanted to see how I could combine both fashion and law into a career. After applying to be an intern, not hearing anything back from fashion companies and in-house departments I decided to take the leap and go into becoming an entry level paralegal… I struggled a lot with being the only woman of color working for a real estate firm. I remember having the interview and I told them, “Look I have fashion marketing and operations experience, I work hard, I’m willing to learn, and I give my all”. They hired me on the SPOT.

I became a real estate closer on Wall Street. The only colored girl at my firm in a male-dominated industry. I constantly had to deal with guys flirting with me, talking to me as if I was stupid, but was indeed impressed when it turned out I knew my stuff. The trials and tribulations I’ve encountered with that firm lead me to give birth to my org Melanin on wall street. An organization dedicated to professional women go color who are changing the face of business and corporate America. Women who have dreams of being where I was. My old boss was so mad about my organization always googling me and seeing what I was up too. It felt like he was obsessed. He didn’t like that I had a life outside of work. I easily became the target for everything even co-workers just being jealous and hating.

I later left that company to apply to another millennial law firm. Which I loved dearly I started out in discovery and then moved to trial. Working in law is not easy, but I didn’t give up. I really wanted the experience and wanted to do whatever it takes. I realized as a woman of color everyone always think we have a dude or when we carry ourselves a certain way, it comes of intimidating. I came from a girl with no experience to becoming a Senior Paralegal making close to $80,000 a year. I sold myself and I believed in myself when no one else did. Worked super hard in my legal career and used every penny I saved to launch Fancy Spatacular.

Starting Fancy Spatacular wasn’t easy either. My credit wasn’t high enough I had to get a co-signer, my business was new, I tried to get investors everyone loved the concept, but wanted to see how it was going to make money. I used my entire savings to start to fund my business. My hubby Danny Gifted me $4,000 because he believed in me and my mentor Ms. Eulitta Gordon from New York Life invested $10,000 so I could get into the property I wanted in the primary location of Brooklyn. I had the funds, but then there were other roadblocks. Everything the landlord required I have and she still have me a hard time and even made me pay six months upfront due to me being a young entrepreneur of color and even though I didn’t want to do that I felt like I had a point to prove and didn’t to give her the upper hand. She still gave me a hard time. I’ve with bad plumbing jobs, pedicure platform done incorrectly because I’m a woman and they knew I didn’t know anything. I had to redo that two times spent thousands of dollars.

Having a business and working isn’t easy but I have a great time who assist and makes sure everything is done to the best of its ability. I’ve even had a jealous customer write fake reviews from fake emails on goggle to try to tear my business apart because I was young, pretty, and fly. I’m not sure why we do this to our people but we have to do better. Here we are almost a year in fancy has had over 300 customers. Made over $40,000 in revenue and we are expanding to a bigger space and launching a product.

I had one hell of a journey and I’m only 29, I say this to say it’s okay to be multi-faceted, it’s okay to work a career and have a business. You can do it all. It’s okay to also find love. Listen we can legit have it all. Relationships aren’t easy to maintain either but it’s all about pushing through. There are times I would come home late, do work at home. Had to get take out and was so consumed in my business that I almost neglected my relationship for not knowing how to multi-task but when you have a supportive spouse, they understand that all you’re doing is trying to secure the legacy.

So, let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Fancy Spatacular Luxury Kids Spa & Melanin on Wall Street Org story. Tell us more about the business.
At Fancy Spatacular, we’re passionate about superior Kid nail artistry and the spa experience. A key element of your self-care routine, we believe that the kid’s spa experience is something to be savored and the nails should be long adored by our kiddies. With that in mind, we’ve made it our mission to elevate every aspect of the nail experience for our customers.

Founded by former fashion Marketing Manager turned Senior Legal Professional Angeliqua McNair, Fancy Spatacular launched June 2019 in a small luxury boutique-style Pop UP kids nail bar in the East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Fast forward Almost one year in and it became one of Brooklyn’s most talked-about Kid nail salons, adding a touch of customized spa party themed glamour to the nail experience, our chic, modern and instagrammable interiors make the ritual of kid nail care a pure indulgence.

But of course, it’s our superior kid nail artistry and passion for pampering children that keeps clients coming back. Helping even the most style-savvy kid models, kid actresses, kid in influencers customers navigate the world of a unique spa experience and our niche for kid nail art and design our thoughtfully-designed collection of signature looks translates the latest kid trends and social media crazes. Our hand-picked team of highly-qualified nail artists ensure consistency and excellence throughout every single kid spa treatment. Fancy Spatacular is So much more than a kid spa party, play dates where your child can get manicures and pedicure, Fancy Spatacular offer high-quality nail treatments and nail art but a modern and chic service for nail enhancements for children and moms that will change the way you see this new trend of kid nail care forever.

Has luck played a meaningful role in your life and business?
I believe God has favor me with amazing luck. My business is one of the most talked about kids’ spa in Brooklyn with amazing Reviews and so is my women’s organization.


  • Silver Deluxe Birthday Party Package 2 hours @ $1,000.00 6-8 Children, Additional child is $50. The Fancy Silver Deluxe Party Package includes fancy robe rental, custom robe for the birthday child, fancy mani-pedi in comfortable pedicure chairs, custom party invitations, pizza, drinks, staff assisting during the party, Playlist and dancing. This can also be transferred to a spa group play date
  • Mini Facial 15 minutes @ $15.00 Recommended for ages (6 and under) Cleanse| Toner| Moisturizer | Facial Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services)
  • Basic Manicure 15 minutes @ $10.00 File| Massage| Polish | Hot Towel Treatment Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services)
  • Fancy Manicure 30 minutes @ $25.00 File| Massage| Nail Art| Hot Towel Treatment Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services)
  • Luxury Pedicure 30 minutes @ $28.99 Foot Scrub| Bath Bomb| Cut & File| Massage | Polish or Nail Art Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services)
  • Silver Deluxe Birthday Party Package 2 hours @ $1,000.00 6-8 Children, Additional child is $50. The Fancy Silver Deluxe Party Package includes fancy robe rental, custom robe for the birthday child, fancy mani-pedi in comfortable pedicure chairs, custom party invitations, pizza, drinks, staff assisting during the party, Playlist and dancing. This can also be transferred to a spa group play date
  • The Fancy VIP Lux Birthday Package 3 hours 20 minutes @ $1,500.00 10 Kids/$50per additional guest. Entire Fancy Spatacular Luxury Spa, Use of Fancy Robes, service, Luxury Manicure & Pedicure Combination,Birthday Ceremony, Full Access to Treat Bar,Party Invitations, Custom party Bag,Lux Facial, your choice of 2 fun activities,Custom Birthday robe,standard backdrop and ballon garland, dessert table,Pizza & Drinks, princess Dress up & fashion show, snap chat filter, Fancy Bday Girl Gift, and 1 dozen cupcakes
  • The Ultimate Spa Package 2 hours 30 minutes @ $800.00 8 kids, $50.00 per additional guest. 2 hours 40 min Fancy Manicure & Pedicure combination, Birthday Ceremony, party Bags, Access to Treat Bar to obtain milk shake and kidtini’s. Choice of activity: – Themed Paint Party – Glam Me Up – Slime party – cupcake decorating – color-book Tee Shirts Fees may apply for additional add ons such as: – Ballons – Themed Party Decor – Cake – Cupcakes – Makeup – Tattoos
  • Glam Me Up Package 2 hours @ $650.00 6 Kids $50 additional kids -Your choice of a Fancy Princess Dress up to use at Fancy Spatacular. – Luxe Up Do & Fancy Tiara – Glam Makeup – Mini Fashion Show – Fancy Luxe Manicure/ Pedicure – Use of our Fancy robes & Slipper – Luxe Facial – Massage
  • Fancy Mini Party Package 1 hour 40 minutes @ $400.00 4 kids Additional Children $50.00 Each Relax on Posh Pedicure Chair,Four Lux Manicure & Pedicure, Hand & Foot Massages, four Lux Facials, Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services) Fees may apply for additional add ons such as: – Ballons – Themed Party Decor – Treats Table – Cake – Cupcakes – Makeup – Tattoos You can choose the following Activity choice: – Dress Up – Lip Balm – Hair Bows – Lip Gloss
  • BFF Play Date 2 hours @ $150.00 Just the two of us| Relax in our Posh Pedicure Chairs| 2 Mini-Mani/Pedi Combo| Hand & Foot Massage | 2 Treat Bar Treats | (add activity) Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services)MOMMY & ME DATE 2 hours @ $180.00 Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services)| Manicure| Pedicure |Scrub | Massage| Facial| Bar Treat| (Also can be used as Grandma & Me & Auntie & ME etc.) any additional kid will be $45.00
  • MOMMY & ME DATE 2 hours @ $180.00 Wear of our Fancy Robe (to use during services)| Manicure| Pedicure |Scrub | Massage| Facial| Bar Treat| (Also can be used as Grandma & Me & Auntie & ME etc.) any additional kid will be $45.00

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