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East LA 1.8.17

Lee Cherry

About 3 1/2 years ago I was perusing through craigslist looking for locations and I saw an ad. “Photo Studio for Lease”. I recognized the place. It used to be the children’s gymnastics studio I took my son to for a little while. Even when I was there with him, I remember thinking how this space would make a great studio. Near my house, natural light, good vibe, etc. It just so happened that the real estate agent who placed the ad used to be a photographer and saw it as a studio herself. Otherwise, I may never have come across it. The time was right. The stars aligned. I had a lot of help from friends and business peers pulling it together and in September 2013, we officially opened our doors. Like any business, it has its challenges, but I love this space. It has a heart and soul. People do great work and throw really fun events here. Read More>>

Howie Goldklang

My wife is a hairstylist and I am a writer. Neither of us wanted to work for other people anymore so we decided to merge our careers and open a salon in the Midwest. It is called The Establishment and it became wildly successful, Elle Magazine recently named it to the top 100 salons in the USA. We opened a second location in Los Angeles, it has been a great experience of growth and community. The men’s business grew so much so that we open up a barbershop in Silverlake too called Southpaw. Read More>>

Jimmy Koh

I was born in Korea and immigrated to Irvine, California when I was a 16 years old. A learning a new language and lifestyle were uneasy for me. However, my passion & enthusiasm made everything possible. I loved to listen to many different music. Back then, I could play sports and sing my favorite songs all day. Those were my favorite activities. At my high school years, I had tried in various singing talent competitions and I won many prizes. Although my successful deal with a well-known Entertainment in Korea, I decided to stay in state because I had a strong passion in my American life. So I decided to be a wedding singer/emcee for special occasions. After all that I’ve been through, I am now one of the great singing emcees in LA/OC area. I speak bilingual languages fluently, sing phenomenally, conduct games funnily, and I dress up stylishly. Read More>>

Sari Makki-Phillips

I fell in love with Photography back in High School. I used to photograph my friends, then, all the time. I took a Beginning BW Photography in College and just knew exactly what I wanted to do in my life. I went and graduated with a Photography Major from Art Center College of Design back in 1992. Started my business right after. I started working in the Editorial Fields for Magazines. Photographing Weddings back then was a side job. As I got more interest, I dove into it full-time. My work has included many areas in the field: editorial, advertising, stage performances, events, etc. I’m a very visual person and I feel truly blessed with the vocation I’ve chosen in life. Read More>>


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