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Art West LA 04.10.2018

Daria Yushkova

I grew up in a family with traditional values and middle-class mentality. I was super creative as a kid, an avid reader and a dreamer who knew that one day she would travel the world and live in all different places (no one believed me back then). My parents, being very practical people, had planned their kid’s future in as many details as possible. Read more>>

Laura Viapiano

Something about the openness and ambiguous nature of both creating and viewing abstract art really resonates with me. I’ve always been a spiritual person and a strong believer in meditation, and I feel that abstract art provides a very similar, and often more accessible path to self-reflection. Read more>>

Paolino Photography

In my art, I like to express the feelings and moods that his models have inside, in that one special, irreplaceable moment. To me, this is a way to capture one’s self, in a personal, vision of the world. Read more>>

Miguel Monteagudo

Photo Credit: Sebastian Monteagudo

For me, photography is very unique. It is like a filter of sounds, temperature, shapes… It is like a cocktail of perception. When I hold my camera I feel like a hunter; like I am the owner of time for a brief moment. Then, something stays, sometimes forever. I love that feeling. Read more>>

Sunny Ba

I feel very lucky that I get to make things for a living – there is something authentic about handwritten words and my hope is that my work will make people feel special and take them back to a person, place or time in their heart. Read more>>

Samantha Klose

I LOVED pictures!! I would get so excited to go get my film developed at the nearest Longs Drug Store and frame all my favorite photos from that week. It made me so happy, but for some reason I never thought of it as a career. I’m assuming because I became a mother very young at the age of 19. A passion career didn’t make sense at the time, I needed stability to support myself and my little girl, Victoria. Read more>>

Seth Baer

So for me, writing songs that speak truth and to the heart is what’s most important. Not in a deep reflective way, but more of a spiritual feeling way. When I listen to an artist I like I want my hair to stand up on my arm. I want that feeling. So when I write and compose my material, I would love that same reaction. Read more>>

Larry Brownstein

For me, the camera is a key that unlocks otherwise closed doors and allows me to look at the world more deeply. I endeavor, to the best of my ability, to attain a state of heightened awareness that sensitizes me to the visual elements of color, tone, pattern and composition. Read more>>

Eytan Ribner

I enjoy exploring many forms, be it selfies, or travel photos, as well as blues and country music. I travel this road in search of happiness and have often encountered a certain amount of irony along the way. Read more>>

Sal Taylor Kydd

It’s so interesting how our early influences surface in life. Now my work has expanded beyond my children, but always returns to that connection to nature and how it can provide us with a sense of place and belonging. Read more>>

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