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ART South LA 4.30.2018


As a young kid I used to draw a lot as my creative outlet to deal with the stresses from the world around me. I thought that I would be an architect or cartoonist or something like that growing up. But around the age of 11 or so I got really involved in sports eventually earning a college scholarship which was the beginning of my traveling experience.  Read more>>

Bundy Nani Serna

From Long Beach, CA comes the four piece alternative rock group, Bundy. Led by the writers Nani Serna (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Johnny Lim (Guitar, Keys) both have their own unique style of writing taken from personal tragedy and experience. Mixed with the righteous rhythms from Mike Meza (Drums) and JB Vasquez (Bass) the band Bundy makes its passionate and lasting impression amongst their fans. Read more>>

Garry Noland

After showing my great-grandmother, Estella Renick, a drawing she said, “you’re going to be an artist”. I had heard of artists but thought that at least I have something to shoot for now. My family, especially my wife Connie, is supportive and some were artists but wouldn’t have called themselves that.  Read more>>

Emily Babette

I am a bit of a late bloomer in regards to making art. Since I was a kid I was interested in painting and drawing, but it was never a serious pursuit until I was well into my twenties. I definitely didn’t imagine it was something I could seriously make a career out of. Read more>>

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