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ART Orange County 05.28.2018

Annie Ruygt

Ever since I was little I wanted to do two things: be the voice of a Disney princess and animate the heck out of that character. What are the odds of being able to do BOTH? Big dreams, yes, and I found my way into doing music and art in my own way. Read more>>

Rachelle Mendez

After moving to Southern California to obtain a bachelor degree in Advertising/ Graphic Design she started exploring the idea of photographing the expansive rural landscape in a more graphic and concise way. Read more>>

Amelie Simmons

I first picked up paintbrush at a Paint & Sip Class in 2013. I was reluctant to go because I didn’t know how to paint. I was hooked day one and I continued to go to the local classes at Champagne & Canvas and Brushstrokes & Beverages in Long Beach. Read more>>

Lydia Tolman

As a late teen, I started my Journey as a photographer and eventually attended the Art-School Berne, from where I received my degree as a Photographer in 2000. Read more>>

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