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The Change-makers: 5 people who inspire, energize and educate

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the honor of connecting with so many of the city’s most talented and inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and community leaders. Their stories fill us with a sense of joy, they inspire, energize and educate us. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the community favorites from last month.

Constance Henderson

Traditional fashion brands, much like tradition media brands, often only cater to a particular mold – and if you don’t fit that mold, you are often out of luck.  Constance felt that urban, fashion-forward, curvy women weren’t being served by the status quo in the fashion industry and so she set out to create a fashion brand that would change that.  Read here story here >>

Cam Kashani

Cam is considered by many to be the Godmother of LA Tech.  She was the founder of Coloft (often referred to as ground zero for the LA-tech ecosystem) which has been home to Uber LA, Instacart, the early Tinder team and more.  Cam now devotes herself to helping others who are interested in accelerating their success through 1-on-1 coaching.  Her mission is to humanize business and create an economy that thrives on WE, not ME.  Read her story here>>

Denisse aka Sugarxndspice

Denisse is a public relations specialist and a blogger.  Her writing style, as you’ll see in our interview with her, is intensely engaging and makes you feel as if she is talking directly to you.  Knowing the backend of what goes into writing and publishing media content, she sees the erasure of Latinx and Hispanic narratives is deliberate. Through her blog SugarxndSpice she tries to give voice to those narratives that are so often ignored by the rest of the media.  Read her story here >>

Shane Goldsmith

Shane and her brother lost their dad when she was in college and her brother was in high school.  Her brother ended up in and out of jail and homelessness for the next 20 years. She ended up the CEO of a local foundation and a city commissioner.  She felt that the systems that were supposed to help her brother failed him. So, she has dedicated her life to changing unjust systems. Read her story here >>

Zoey Taylor and David Connelly

David and Zoey create art out of cardboard.  Their work completely blew us away – it’s at once fun and thought-provoking.  They are creating their own universe out of cardboard and it almost gives the viewer a sense that they’ve stepped inside of a drawing.  Check out their work and story here >>

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