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Meet Mari Fix of Sound Bath’s by Mari & the FRAGRANCE OF SOUND

“Mari is that rare gem. She is what I would call, an authentic “Sound Shaman” who creates a sacred space for healing and upliftment. She is too modest to tell her audiences who she really is and what she is doing. She creates no over-sized flashing performance nor does she seek fame nor worldly recognition…she simply year after year is the very best in the field of creating a wondrous experience for those lucky enough to discover her work”.

– Raul Rosiles; founder of Soul Based Living

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mari Fix.

Mari, please tell us about yourself and your story.

Before I get into me, I would like to say…
“What do people want?”

To experience something novel, because when it comes to us, we have been there and done that!
To find out something they can really apply to their lives
To become more alive and let go of stress, anxiety and patterns that no longer serve them
To heal their lives and interpersonal relationships on a deep level
To live their dreams and their fullest potential
To evolve into a greater version of themselves
To experience more magic and synchronicity in their lives

I show people interested in transformation and up-leveling their existence. Struggling with limiting beliefs, blocks and disconnection from their authenticity and creativity how to be congruent and powerful, take it to the next level, and to feel peace while stepping into a sense of magic, wonder and awe in their lives.

Now that that is said, here’s a brief outline of how I started offering Therapeutic Sound and Transformational work under the “Fragrance of Sound ®.”

I grew up in a family of caring teachers that mentored children. What I remember most about my mother and father was that their students later came back to them and thanked them for the profound influence they had on their lives. My parents instilled in me the interest to recognize each individual’s special and unique qualities as well as gave me a love of teaching, mentoring, music, spirituality and nature. I was always tutoring, helping, and advising other students in school. It was just a natural instinct.

From an early age, I was interested in meditation and contemplation. I would spend hours on my own looking up into the stars and clouds, and reading about different spiritual and cultural civilizations. Along with the arts, music and theater, I studied religions and philosophy in college. I was not just content studying however and wanted to be immersed in what I call the “real deal,” so I found teachers of merit in Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and Indigenous ways and started formally studying with them. There are some fabulous teachers of integrity and wisdom out there. As of late, Eckhart Tolle has done a great service for humanity by introducing many to the practice of “Presence.”

I had also been a musician, singer and composer for a while, when in 1990 I started studying indigenous music and dance with an indigenous dance Chief in LA. Due to that fact, a great opportunity opened up for me. In 1991 I was at a Halloween Party and met a fine artist who looked like Peter Gabriel. Well anyone that knows me, knows that I greatly admire Mr. Gabriel for his many contributions on this planet, as well as his looks at the time (ha ha), so this man had my attention. Anyway, we talked and he found out that I studied indigenous dance and music and said “I play Shakuhachi flute with this woman who does therapeutic sound, and you should come and play music with us.” I was like, “sign me up!” Music, healing, sound and spirituality! I was in heaven. I apprenticed with this woman for 14 years and played with our group about 3 times a week and learned everything I could from her. She was one of the originals in therapeutic sound in the US. This was long before Sound Baths were an in-thing, and Certificates in Sound Healing were obtainable.

In 1998, I started apprenticing in Alternative and energy medicine with a well-known Naturopathic doctor of Chiropractic and Natural Healing who had an innovative practice that combined some amazing modalities. I became his medical assistant and as he became older, his resident medical intuitive when he was in his mid-90’s as he needed me more and more. I studied some of his modalities formally and became certificated in them as well as introduced him to some new ones I discovered.

I also cultivated a background in mediation, mentoring, coaching and a counseling technique called “Motivational Interviewing.” I worked for USC Keck School of Medicine in their pilot program facilitating MI therapy.

I have been lucky to study some of the finest modalities with some of the finest teachers, some in lengthy apprenticeships. I also have earned certificates of achievement from various universities, and completed studies in these disciplines.

Lastly, I will mention that I have a background in teaching, and have taught at the Armory Center for the Arts, Montecito Art Center, Cinema Academy, Joe Blasco Academy, Antelope Valley College and some of the Unified School Districts as well as FOS and LC workshops.

It is my hope that I serve my clients to help them to find their path of heart, their authenticity and realize themselves to the greatest extent possible.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Actually it has not exactly been a smooth road. Adversity seems to be the mother of innovation and paradigm shift for me as well as many others. Years back I was diagnosed with a grim prognosis from the medical industry due to a specific incident that happened. Even though this pronouncement scared me, I decided not to give up. Strangely enough, this was one of the most profound spiritual times in my life. Later, through earnest contemplation and intent, the universe somehow magically helped me to discover individuals and wellness modalities that were an answer to my call. I would say, perhaps my desire to overcome, while keeping an open mind, led me to seek the truth, and a willingness to change the perceptions I held that were no longer serving me. Real healing, I find requires change. This in turn led me to health, Alternative medicine, Therapeutic Sound Work and where I am today.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Sound Bath’s by Mari & the “FRAGRANCE OF SOUND” ® – what should we know?
In addition to stress relief and relaxation practices provided by other companies, FRAGRANCE OF SOUND ® or FOS is uniquely known for delivering therapeutic sessions, concerts, coaching and Sound Bath events for personal transformation, health and the opening up of awareness. FOS utilizes gongs, crystal and Tibetan Bowls, voice and instruments from around the world as tools to help facilitate our processes.

FOS also includes Mindfulness and guided meditation practices, energetic medicine and cutting edge systems as well as various experiential and participatory workshop offerings to lead the client to experience themselves in a much more expansive way. We strive to challenge both ourselves and our participants to awaken dormant potential and authenticity, and explore the true nature of one’s own being. This is done through both ancient and innovative understandings, therapeutic sound, practices, therapies and participation.

Additionally, FOS, along with my other company, “LIVING CEREMONY” ™, facilitates the creation of group and personal sacred ceremonies and rites of passage led by myself, the client, and special qualified cultural leaders. These programs support the client to heal from the inside out, harmonize with the natural cycles around them and integrate their revelations back into the greater whole.

I am most proud of the fact that many participants have approached me and asked to apprentice with me on an ongoing basis. Clients have reported healing issues and problems that they have long struggled with, as well as say they want to learn to “become like me.” Though I can never encourage someone to become exactly like me, I would say that as each and every one of us opens to our own inherent potential, and truly lives that potential, our lives and the world at large will have a chance to transform in deeply meaningful, uplifting ways.

Do you feel like our city is a good place for businesses like yours? If someone was just starting out, would you recommend them starting out here? If not, what can our city do to improve?
There is a lot of opportunity in Los Angeles due to the sheer number of people and venues in the city. And there are so many people here that can benefit from transformational work that emphasizes empowerment, relaxation, meditation and being present. Not only do these qualities enhance your productivity, but they also bring beauty and a new sense of awe and appreciation into your life. Most importantly, relaxation is a major contributor to healing on all levels for the body mind and spirit.

In some ways there is a lot of competition here in the business that I am in, however, most of the “competition” has little to no background in therapeutic sound or energy medicine with few facilitators that have testimonials pointing to actual results. A lot of musicians or people looking for an opportunity have jumped on the wagon, to offer therapeutic sound under the moniker, “Sound Baths” because it seems like an easy or possibly enjoyable thing to do. Many even ironically call themselves master facilitators after as few as 15 years or less in business. But the question is, is that being responsible? If I was going to counsel someone just starting out in this industry I would say, be humble, heal yourself, and always be learning. Look for the best teachers and work with them, and learn everything about healing possible. Question the reality of “common” knowledge. Prove the effectiveness of ideas before completely accepting them. I like the old practice of apprenticeship, and the way indigenous people gauge a medicine person. The elders declare you a medicine person, and then the tribe stands behind you. The proof of your abilities is in the pudding as they say. On the other hand, declaring yourself a master, needs to go out of fashion. Live it long before you speak it, and better yet, let others call you that based on your work’s merits.

Contact Info:

  • Address: “FRAGRANCE OF SOUND” ®
    (818) 495-5449
  • Website: FOS mobile ready website:, &. FOS desktop website: FRAGRANCE OF SOUND (TM) – HOME PAGE
  • Phone: (818) 495-5449
  • Email: email:

Image Credit: Craig Weeding, Aaron Sluder, George Szabo


  1. Oscar Rospide

    April 4, 2017 at 10:44

    Dear Mary what a wonderful surprise to discover you again l’m Oscar Rospide the musician friend of Paul Burton congratulations in your magical project Cheers Oscar

  2. Mari

    April 11, 2017 at 21:22

    Wonderful hearing from you Oscar. Stay in touch, Mari

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