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Community Highlights: Meet Yan Ling Weng

Today we’d like to introduce you to Yan Ling Weng.

Hi Yan Ling, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
My inner work journey started 20 years ago as I wanted to break the cycle of being stuck, having low confidence, and struggled to trust others. I was not able to develop a deep relationship with anyone.

All of that had changed after I learned from a qigong grandmaster, who helped me heal and feel healthier and happier. Since then, throughout the last two decades, I’ve dedicated my life to integrative health practices including qigong, yoga, and Reiki.

As a successful VP in a high-stress field of finance, I find that having a holistic lifestyle is crucial — it keeps me poised and focused despite challenging projects and deadlines. These daily restorative practices restore my balance, infuse my life with clarity and purpose. I vividly remember qigong practice had kept me calm when the first plane hit the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001; I was in the tower right across from the first Twin Tower that got hit. I came to realize that having a healthy mindset with a good support system is important for resilience and healing. I believe that each of us has that inner ability to heal and tap into our full potential if we were shown how to unlock that power. I want to share what I learned with those who welcome the tools for happiness, stress relief, and personal growth. That’s why I now offer one-on-one and group Reiki self-care courses, in addition to leading stress-reduction seminars at both small non-profits to multi-billion-dollar firms.

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Life is like ocean waves with its ups and downs. My road has not always been a smooth one. When I started offering Reiki classes, few people signed up. I was thinking, “Reiki healing is so powerful, how come more people aren’t taking advantage of it?” Then I realized that being an expert in Reiki won’t help spread the modality if no one knows about it! Covid has also made things difficult because the yoga studio that I conducted my Reiki classes recently closed.

One of my students told me, “Reiki gives me a sense of peace and calm which allows me to be better with my family and network”. It is in these moments that I reminded myself to embrace my life’s mission – to heal and to inspire others so they can find growth and joy in life.

When times were challenging, when I started to doubt myself, I sat in stillness and continued to practice Reiki daily, meditate and ask for guidance from my higher source. This process helped me get grounded and connected with my intuitive power; in this state of being, ideas and solutions flows to me.

I outreach to potential referral partners who work with mind, body and spirit wellness to share powerful synergy. I also got support from experts in branding and marketing on how to strengthen my network. By taking actions with a flexible mindset, I shifted my entire model to online classes; this helped attract students beyond Los Angeles.

The journey of guiding others in maintaining their well-being is humbling and rewarding. It teaches me perseverance, understanding, and keeping my faith unshaken no matter how tough the path seems.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I’m a Reiki teacher, yoga instructor, and qigong practitioner with 20 years of experience in healing modalities. I help overworked professionals who want to excel in their work without burning out by providing them with effective and simple de-stress tools.

I best served busy professionals who
– Feel drained and stressed as there are so much on their plates with a long list of projects, pressed to meet goals and budgets with tight deadlines;

– Need that extra support and replenish energy as they juggle multiple responsibilities including caring for their children or aging parents;

– Have lots of tensions on their neck and shoulders, overwhelmed, sometimes with mood swings and felt depressed for no reason, poor sleep quality;

– Stuck in a vicious cycle, life is stagnant;

– Want to feel calm, feeling alive, focused, in control, hopeful, inspired, spend quality time with family and loved ones, moving forward with confidence and purpose.

Looking back, I was blessed that Reiki found me after an accident. When I fell from a scooter a few years ago, my upper body hit the concrete, straining my neck and shoulders. I was amazed by the quick healing effects of Reiki. I was inspired to take Reiki Level I and Level II training. I found that Reiki not only relieved my pain but it also reduced my stress from working in the fast-paced finance sector. It also calmed my mind quickly so I could concentrate on my work effectively. Later on, I advanced to the Reiki Master degree, the master teacher level as I was determined to educate others to access this invaluable Reiki self-healing system.

Reiki is a holistic and non-invasive hands-on practice that helps restore balance to your whole system. In an online or in-person Reiki treatment, the client will lie or sit comfortably, fully clothed, while the Reiki practitioner directs healing life force to the recipient’s body. During the treatment, some people feel warmth, tingling, cold, or a deep sense of relaxation and peace, while others may have spiritual experiences and visions. Students can also take Reiki self-care courses to learn the Reiki hand placement system so they have direct access to this healing practice any time, whenever they need it.

Many professionals working in various sectors across the globe were affected during the Covid-19 pandemic. They felt stressed, overwhelmed, depressed, experienced grief…Through Reiki courses and healing sessions, I’ve guided them to not only feel relaxed but also feeling hopeful, rejuvenated, and inspired to lead their lives with renewed focus and meaning. I saw first-hand how Reiki practice has provided a simple and effective way for them to feel calmer, healthier and happier.

If we knew you growing up, how would we have described you?
My grandmother, who was also my primary caregiver, left China when I was seven years old. A guardian was assigned to look after me. However, the nightmares had just begun as I was abused by this guardian repeatedly. My world had turned upside down, and the sight of him made me sick to my stomach.

This childhood trauma haunted me into my 20’s. Every time I began growing close to someone, I got scared and ran away from the relationship. I felt trapped—trapped within the shadows of the past, the hurt, the pain. I was stuck. I wondered: How do I get out of this vicious cycle? I didn’t want to be forever running away from others and from myself!

One day, I attended a qigong workshop held in New York City. The qigong grandmaster shared words of wisdom that touched my heart deeply: “Forgive the people or situation that you thought you could not forgive before.” At that moment, I realized that I must forgive. I must forgive to free myself from the bottomless pit of resentment, hurt, and anger. I recognized that forgiveness didn’t mean I was a doormat for future maltreatment from anyone, nor was forgiveness making right of a wrongdoing or de-valuing my hurt or pain. Rather, forgiveness was a golden key that I could use to unlock myself from the prison of the past. To forgive is to be free, to live in the present, to move forward with my life!

This experience further inspired me to follow a holistic approach to my well-being, and guide others so they can also move on freely and joyfully with their lives. I’m eternally grateful for my qigong grand master, yoga teachers and Reiki masters to impart in me these gifts of life!


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