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Inspiring Stories from West LA

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of West LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble-rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out West LA’s rising stars below.

Christina Tanios

I was actually working as an editor before I went to nutrition school. I always packed my lunch and took it to work. I’d get so many questions like, “what is that?!” Or “how can you have time to make a healthy lunch every day before work?” I’d split up my lunch hour so that I could sit and eat for 30 minutes. Read more>>

Betsy Moyer

I grew up in a Mennonite home in North Carolina, went to college at UNC-Greensboro where I studied art history and after some really great internships at renowned East Coast art museums, I landed a museum marketing job in my own hometown. By age 24, I was ready to see what else there was and so I hit the road for Los Angeles. Read more>>

Halley Lutz

Photography has always been my passion. I love capturing moments to last a lifetime. In high school, I was drawn to a film camera which led to second shooting weddings through college and a Bachelor’s Degree in Art/Photography. After college, my first 9-5 industry job was as production manager. Read more>>

Jacqueline Kim

I’m happy to realize that I came to the work I do presently from seeds planted very early on. From grades K-6, being outside (recess!) was my favorite time – as well as music class where I was lucky to learn how to harmonize at the age of 5. Top this off with art class. Read more>>

Leslie Kim

The life I have now is what I have always wanted, but never thought I could have. I never would have imagined myself making a living off my creativity and love of rock climbing. But I also don’t think it could have been any other way. As a biology student in my undergraduate years, I had a strong rebellious streak and a passion for writing and drawing. Read more>>

Emilio Guerra

I was never the best student growing up, It wasn’t that the material was too difficult I just never liked being a part of a system. That’s not say I am not a team player, I love and prefer being a part of a team rather than working on my own. However elementary school through High School was tough. Read more>>

Silvia Carluccio

I moved from Italy ten years ago to follow the dream of becoming a concert producer. I did not know exactly what that meant at the time! I won a full scholarship at Cal State Long Beach where I received a Masters in Musicology. Started working for Live Nation as an intern, shortly after was hired as a receptionis. Read more>>

Kevin Davi

I graduated with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in 2014. After a year working in Phoenix, I moved out to Los Angeles to be the director of a physical therapy clinic in Santa Monica specializing in orthopedics and pediatrics. Read more>>

aniel Johnson Jr.

I grew up in Washington D.C.’s suburbs of southern Maryland. My mother’s specialty is computer programming, so I was exposed to computers and technology at an early age. I spent a lot of time on the computer. What started as a fun way to play games turned into becoming familiar with the device in its entirety. Read more>>

Jacob Pechenik

My Lettuce Grow story began when I started my family. I became especially curious to find out more about where our food was coming from and how it was produced. I saw several issues in the food industry which has little transparency. I quickly learned that there was a problem. Read more>>

Candace Nicholas-Lippman

When I was a kid, I thought I was going to be a lawyer… changing the world one courtroom at a time haha. But God had other plans. In 7th grade. I performed my very first monologue and that’s when my life completely changed. The response I received, the way I felt on stage. Read more>>

Rishi Khatri

Clear Mind Treatment was founded by two attorneys/doctor who were working in the legal system and hospitals respectively, realizing the great need of mental health treatment options. There is a huge provider shortage in this field, yet the market is overcrowded with substance abuse and Detox clinics. Read more>>

Asja Ozen

Born in Atlanta, raised in LA, raised by a single mother, she always pushed me to do something I loved and would never regret. She always told me my happiness and my health was more important then anything. She knew from a young age that I would be doing Art as a career. Read more>>

Chris Brodnax

Since I was young, I was always intrigued by entertainers, especially in music. Coming home after school and turning on 106 & Park and being exposed to music that defined the decade really jump-started my love for music. I also played clarinet from 4th to 8th grade, which introduced me to music theory. Read more>>

Mela Green

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and moved to LA almost six years ago. I’m an actor, singer and voice-over artist. I also like to dance, like really really like to dance. I grew up in an English speaking home with my dad, mom and my two sisters. My dad always played music and my mom sang as well. Read more>>

Kim Toomer

My mother, Dr. Barbara Donahue, MD, was the owner of this practice for over 30 years. Unfortunately, we lost her to cancer in July of 2018. Me and my two brothers made a decision to keep the family business going. My mother had a thriving business in Culver City, View Park and Inglewood. Read more>>

Darrell Asberry

Started out passing out promo merch for artists at Lowrider Car Shows, then got into booking artists for performances for Lowrider Magazine and my road began there lol… The first artists I booked performances in Los Angeles for was NB RIDAZ and WC of Westside Connection. Read more>>

Camille Corbett

I grew up in Marietta, a suburb of Atlanta. My father was a former NFL player turned entrepreneur and motivational speaker from North Carolina and my mother was an accountant from Jamacia. When I grew up and my parents were already separated, so when I was 11, I went to live with my father and my stepmother. Read more>>

Kendra Croft

Born and raised Beaumont, Texas, a small town that most people only know as “we drove through there on the way to Louisiana” or “outside of Houston.” With my dad being an engineer and my mother being a teacher, my parents instilled the values that knowledge and responsibility went hand in hand. Read more>>

Xiomara Bernard

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, a Cuban-French, African-Native American and am no label. I’m the daughter of a former refugee and a former political prisoner. Both, along with my siblings, managed to escape a dangerous regime in Cuba. After arriving in a new country, they fought many battles. Read more>>

Angela Jones

I simply went shopping for a pair of yoga pants and I couldn’t find anything cute-n-comfy AND well-made that wasn’t less than $100! I just thought that was absurd. So I made my own. I would receive a ton compliments whenever I wore my designs to the gym or just out & about, and as a former Fashion Editor. Read more>>

Jack Liang

Growing up as a low-income and minority student in Brooklyn was difficult, having to balance work and education. I ended up graduating bottom 5% of my high school, got rejected to all 16 colleges I applied to, and ended up at community college. Read more>>

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