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Inspiring Stories from West LA

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of West LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble-rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out West LA’s rising stars below.

Keven Ulrich

I was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL. I moved around a lot and had a very complicated family situation. I am biracial, grew up in the south and my father has been incarcerated since I was born. Read more>>

Zachary Bxllion

I launched my career as a creative entrepreneur in 2009 when I founded the first black-owned skateboarding company and retail space in Buffalo New York. Since then. Read more>>

Derrius Bond

I wasn’t taking it too serious back then, it was just something I ended up being good at and it helped get cool points around school. In high school, I was still rapping and this time I partnered up with my homie Monie. Read more>>

Pawel Sasik

Wearabouts(™), a real-time, geo-spatial, bio-medical data dashboard for the Industrial Internet of People (IIoP). The Wearabouts platform allows flexibility in the utilization of any wearable device. Read more>>

Jovon Times

I grew up in a small city called Huntsville in Alabama and that’s where I developed my love for music. In my home town I also learned how to sing, play the drums, act, etc. I lived there up until I was 13 and then I moved to Charlotte. Read more>>

Riccardo Iacovelli

I started taking pictures in Campobasso, small, calm, probably too calm, 45k-people town in the South of Italy. As soon as I had a chance, I went away to see new realities, possibly more vibrant! So, when I was 19 years old I moved to Turin. Read more>>

Ashley Bullock and Jasmin Ratansi

As long as we’ve been friends, we’ve dreamt of starting an event like Soul Therapy. The desire came from not being able to find the right hangout space in LA that suited our preferences. Read more>>

Brock Travis

I have been studying humanity’s wisdom teachings all my life. For instance I had read the Tao Teh Ching by the time I was fourteen. I became a psychologist in order to study and serve consciousness. Read more>>

Samuel Manar and Sylvia Bouslah

From Banker to Head Baker, Sam became passionate about making bread and pastry. He graduated from Ferrandi school in France and worked at well-known places such as Spago Restaurant or Bottega Louie. Read more>>

Angela Williams

The beginning of my journey creating A.Hill Creations begins with the decline of my physical health at 13 years old. Due to my physical ailments I was in and out of the hospital throughout middle school and high school. Read more>>

Brooke Holland

I was always artistic growing up, but I mostly stuck with drawing and painting. It wasn’t until college that I discovered and started to dabble in lettering and design. I was part of a creative advertising program at the University of Texas in Austin. Read more>>

Claudine Watt and Dana Kotler

ABUNDANCE + COMPANY is a Santa Monica based cooking school. We are two best friends who teach cooking, using an abundance of Southern Californian ingredients. Claudine is from London. Read more>>

Benny Salz

In 2009, after a career ending baseball injury I decided it was time to pursue a new passion. I had always loved music and dreamed of playing shows but I wasn’t very musically inclined as a kid. Read more>>

Alexandre Cote

I moved to LA five years ago in the summer of 2014 from Massachusetts. My Dad and I drove cross country with my entire life in the car: Instruments, gear, clothes, etc. It was a great experience. Read more>>

Shannan Allen

My story starts as far back as a kid and always being in awe of my mother and how she dressed. She was always so pretty and chic when it came to her style and all I wanted to do was emulate that. Read more>>

Tina Kong

I was first inspired by my dad, an architect who got me into art and design since I was a little kid. I used to draw and paint life-sized Pokemon character cutouts by request and sold them at my elementary school. Read more>>

Artii Smith

I’m a proud First-Generation Sierra Leonian Queens New Yorker. I proudly wear that badge on my chest because it’s partly because of that amalgamation of culture during my upbringing that I’m a filmmaker now. Read more>>

Chief Johnson

We released an album in 2006, tons of shows, had some mild success but through circumstances with the label things didn’t work out as planned which led me to other opportunities within marketing, fashion. Read more>>

Khatija Dadabhoy

I am a counselor and personal coach. I have a BA in Psychology, an MA in Counseling, a Pupil Personnel Credential in School Counseling, and I am a certified Reiki practitioner. Read more>>

Jonathan Rezvani

Ever since I can remember, I have wanted my own business. The creative side is what excites me most about a business. The fact that anything is possible. My favorite quote. “Everything around you that you call life. Read more>>

Heather Golphin

I’ve been a lover of fashion, music and the arts for as long as I can remember. In high school, I had the most insane fashion “library” which was almost ten years worth of every Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bizarre issue. Read more>>

Francesca Forquet

I have had a passion for photography since I was a little girl and finally while I was attending the Academy of Belle Arti in Bologna, Italy, I landed a job as a photo reporter for a local newspaper. Read more>>

Ayanna Patterson

Music has always been at the forefront of my life. My mom sang in her church choir + local girl group when she was growing up in the Bronx.. While my dad has been DJing since he was 15. Read more>>

Jill Sutherland

I have been professionally photographing people since 2012. My photo career is a soul calling to inspire and express myself through the means of photography and multimedia art. Read more>>

Craig Cutler

I originally wanted to become an industrial designer but eventually turned to graphic design. Early on in my career, I realized I wanted to photograph the ideas I came up with and began shooting in NYC. Read more>>

Sarah Turner

I’ve always been a firm believer in being able to do whatever we set our minds to, and I implemented that mindset into my life at a young age. When I was eight years old, I told my mother: “Mom I want to be a ballerina. Read more>>

Nick Allen

One of the first questions I was asked when I first moved to LA was where I was from. It was at my first job (Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills) and my new co-worker had only known me for a few minutes. I told her that I was from a small town in IL. Read more>>

Helena Goto

It starts many years ago with a 5am phone call from a radio station in Auckland, New Zealand, and the announcer telling me I have won a trip to Hollywood, California. This is what brought me to America for the first time. Read more>>

Marcus Dukes

Music was in my blood Grandfather Sie Edward Dukes born & raised in Kenner, Louisiana played guitar around the world Detroit, California New York, Apollo theater behind Ray Charles, James Brown. Read more>>

Justin and Sara Shipp

I watched and learned along the way, taking notes on aspects I liked and disliked in the construction industry. I then decided to step out on my own and developed my own general. Read more>>

Andi Scarbrough

My family were pretty traditional southern conservative Christians, but my grandfather was a farmer and I spent nearly every weekend and holiday effectively off-leash on the farm and at his home in the woods. Read more>>

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