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Inspiring Stories from The Valley

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of West LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble-rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out The Valley’s rising stars below.

Kenneth Averion

Skateboarding exposed me into an amalgamation of cultures. It brought music, art, fashion, photography, and videography into one group. Meeting the likes of punks, hip-hop heads, metal heads, and indie scene kids together for one purpose brought me to a positive community of artists of any background. It was like a cultural explosion for me and it always keeps me looking for something new to do. Read more>>

Nimisha Patil

I’ve now started performing solo sets at events and incorporating original loop station pieces into my routines as well. There’s so many sounds I still need to learn and new beats that can still be discovered. I think that’s the best part about beatboxing, as is true for all art: the infinite possibilities of what can be created. Read more>>

Adam Brooks

We always felt that we would find the right fourth guy and expand, and that is how it went. Jesse and I worked together at a swanky spot on Ventura where he was a sous chef and I was a bartender, or a door guy or whatever I was at the time. Jesse would roll up on me in the liquor room or out by the dumpsters and play me songs he was working on. Read more>>

Nick Geracie

I freelanced as a writer on the side in addition to working previously in the music industry and digital marketing. I wrote about things I knew – baseball, music – but I never had written an esports article. Despite my immense passion for esports, particularly League of Legends starting in 2014. Read more>>

Stasie and Shai Bitton

The concept behind Cafe Smitten came from the cafés of Europe 一 a place where you can grab a morning coffee and scone to go, sit at a table with a friend for lunch, have a gathering at the communal table, or have a glass of wine after work. Shai brings over a decade of experience managing restaurants in New York City. Read more>>

JD Bailey

In the past two years, my life has changed drastically after I made the decision to take my health and business more seriously. In 2018, I lost 100 lbs in eight months and created a tour to tell my story along with others, that took my family around the world and back to our home country reuniting generations of Micronesians for the first time ever. Read more>>

Kenny Lane Schwartz

I maintained a few students via Skype and really invested time in my playing and networking. I would spend 8 to 10 hours a day at my studio practicing drums, writing, and learning new skills like audio engineering, audio mixing, photography, videography, and video editing. A LOT of focus and dedication has gotten me to where I am today! Read more>>

Travis Walker

I realized, at a very young age, that I enjoyed singing. During my early years in elementary school, I began performing in school plays. As I started to mature, during my teenage years, I discovered that I could actually sing. I knew that I had something special in me – a gift that just could not be hidden or kept to myself. Read more>>

Claudia Pardo

Art has evolved alongside my own evolution: from experimental graphics in high school to conceptual paintings in grad school to my current style of illustrations which has opened my eyes to the link between beauty and healing. Unknowingly to me, it was that moment that would eventually lead to the creation of my brand, Everyday Buddha. Read more>>

Nicholas Veinoglou

As a touring guitarist and musical director, my responsibilities range from anything to performing, arranging songs for live performance, rehearsing the band, and production. I’m proud to have been working full time in my field, self-employed for the last seven years. Read more>>

Hunter Johnson

I moved to Los Angeles in 2012 with the hopes of getting into films, in particular, horror films, as an actor/director/producer. I had made some indie films growing up and had always had aspirations to move to Los Angeles to get into the film business, even as a young child. Read more>>

Marcela Iglesias

I am the head of “Plastics of Hollywood,” the first “Human Doll House” — and has a television show in the works. She feels that it is the perfect time to release content like this in order to help the younger generation, who spends the bulk of their time watch television and on social media seeing celebrities go through transformations, even though these celebrities claim that the results are from exercising and diet. Read more>>

David Snyder

My story is a hodge-podge of joys, fears, struggles, questions, and victories–leading me to doing what I love and loving it. I would say I’m a storyteller, but in more simple terms, I’m an actor, model, and musician, craving a medium to tell a story, execute a vision, and impact someone doing it. Read more>>

Anahit Fstkchian

My journey into the world of art began when I was very young. My family immigrated to Los Angeles from Armenia in the early 1980’s. While I was growing up, most of my afternoons were spent at our family-owned sewing contracting shop where I learned how to sew and fell in love with the craft. Read more>>

Ana Moreno

June 2016 found some unfortunate news and my husband and I spit up and I moved in with my brother but then my brother moved out of his apartment because his lease was up and he ended up moving out of town, so then a gracious friend Brenda offered her home for me to stay, because at that point my income was still super low. Read more>>

Ashley Archuleta

I started This Boy Mama Sews a few summers ago on accident, really. Sewing was always a fun outlet for me, I use to make scrappy blankets for my boys and as gifts for friends. I was mostly a “trial and error” type of sewer, but I enjoyed the process! The more I would sew, the better I became and I started to branch out on more than just blankets. Read more>>

Evan Wecksell

I was fortunate to find some great jobs after college – NHL intern, youth running programmer for the New York Road Runners, but somewhere in between I took a NYU sports, marketing and entertainment seminar were during the final presentation I was surprisingly funny. Read more>>

Claudio Parrone Jr.

I am an independent singer-songwriter. I consider myself just as much of a vocalist as I am a songwriter. I’d say I am more known for my voice than anything else, though. I do get love for my lyricism, however, the first thing that people will mention is my singing. Read more>>

Unicorn Skull

Before I came up with the Unicorn Skull concept, I was Djing under different DJ names and everything was really smooth besides one fact – it wasn’t really me. I was making and studying music since 14 years old. I was such a metalhead and literally hated electronic scene at that moment. Read more>>

Kiki Ebsen

As my herd began to grow, a modality called equine growth and learning started to evolve. It is designed to use horses to help those in need of emotional support as well as life skills. It was found that by studying horses, especially in a herd, and their specific language, many positive lessons could be gained starting with more personal confidence and a general sense of well being. Read more>>

Vita and the Woolf Jennifer Pague

I started recording and producing music in high school and slowly built up enough confidence to begin performing at local open mics in and around Philadelphia. I had really intense anxiety about performing music I had written so that was a huge milestone for me to overcome. Read more>>

Shaun Fletcher

Acting eventually morphed into writing, my truest passion and something I had also had a knack for since as early as I can remember. Those two competed for a while but over the years my writing overtook the desire to be in front of camera. And within all this, ‘The Outside Writers’ were born into existence. Read more>>

Ilgi Candar Dyer

I am always trying to learn something new, expand my horizons and do something I haven’t done before what makes our job as creatives unique and fun. My latest projects involve immersive projection mappings that combine physical space with audio and visuals to captivate the audience. Read more>>

Rob Leines

After a few years of traveling and working as a welder, I decided to take music more seriously. I found great local players and hit the ground running. Very lucky to have played around 100 shows last year with the release of my first album “Bad Seed”. We are currently in the studio recording new tunes with lots of live dates to come this year. Read more>>

Meredyth Hunt

As an adult, I became an actor and moved to Los Angeles to be famous! I had some success booking, commercials, guest star roles and hosting a short-lived dating show called “Lover or Loser”. Mostly, though, I was an excellent waiter! I started to yearn for creative control over my own projects and I really loved working with children. Read more>>

Josefine Marelius

I have learn so much from studying at the New York Film Academy here in LA and I am now working in LA, mainly as an actress and model. I have managed to work on some amazing movies both in front and behind the camera, I have walked in fashion shows during LA Fashion week and I am still chasing new challenges. Read more>>

Reanna Holt

I always knew I loved dance but in those three years of training my eyes opened up to the idea of actually pursuing dance as a full-time career. At the age of 19, I decided to take the leap of faith and move to Los Angeles to further my training and get my career going. Read more>>

Tash Marconi

Nine months into my LA journey, I tore my ACL and had to move back home for a year for surgery and recovery. It was a rough road and one of the toughest challenges in my life but I finally got back to dancing and moved back to LA. I jumped back into work and have continued ticking goals and making connections and back dancing better than ever. Read more>>

Noah Jackson

At 19 years old, I auditioned and got signed to one of the best dance agencies in Los Angeles, MSA Talent Agency. And now I’m able to get opportunities to do amazing dance projects going on in the industry today, and have started accomplishing and experiencing some of my professional goals! Read more>>

Liz F. Bradley

Stories were the stuff of making and communicating meaning about the world. Today, I’m still a dedicated educator, writer, and performer, and can’t imagine a better synergy among the spheres. I know for a fact that my ongoing quest to tell better stories ultimately serves my students and their goals. Read more>>

Meridith Newby

My first job in entertainment was as a casting director. I cast an indie horror film. It was an incredible experience because I was able to build those connections with actors and hone in on my eye to spot talent. In addition to casting, I worked with the line producer and director on the production side of the project as well. Read more>>

Tiffiney Cornish

I moved to Los Angeles with three suitcases and $100 in my pocket, January 2013 from the east coast. At that time, I had just decided to pursue my modeling career full-time after leaving college. I had been studying Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University between photo shoots. Not every parent’s dream, but it worked for me. Read more>>

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