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Inspiring Stories from South LA

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of South LA’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rebel rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out South LA’s rising stars below.

Young Woo Han

After trying several built your own concept restaurant, I wanted to create a Korean version of it and since Korean food has similar bowl dish called “Bibimbap” which is mix of rice and vegetables. I wanted bring the mix of my old (Korean culture) and new (Californian style) life to make a perfect dish that everyone can enjoy and stay healthy. Read more>>

Mr. George

If my story seems familiar and scripted, unlike a movie my life story continues as I put pen to pad. It is an unscripted and just beginning. The beginning of my story reads no different than many essays or movie. A boy runs far away from a small American town. Hooks up with a group of misfits and begins causing trouble. Read more>>

Catherine Williaume and Michel Djabali

Cyrille Cerretani was the owner of Revamerica Tours that he opened in 2007. We were working with him since the beginning. Michel and I were on the road as tour guide. We grow really close and everybody brought their efforts and professionalism to make Revamerica successful. Read more>>

Sonia Tovar

I came from Peru at the age of 13 lived with mother, my two brothers and sister in a small studio in Lennox, an unincorporated area in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. I went to Lennox Middle school and Hawthorne high school. Read more>>

James Fronk

Executive chef and founder, James Fronk started his restaurant career washing dishes at a local seafood restaurant in upstate New York at the age of 14. After tackling every position from prep cook to head chef, and server to General manager he decided to open his own spot and put everything he had learned to the test. Read more>>

Jully Peng

Growing up under my father’s strict, authoritarian guidelines, I used to think he is crazy (not of the norm). The way we live, eat, sit, sleep are all very controlled, to prevent injuries and diseases. For example (one of many), we do not own sofas or recliners in our household. His claim was that it eventually develops into spinal injuries. Read more>>

Leon Abravanel

Juggle the World is a nonprofit organization that uses the game of soccer to inspire academic achievement and healthy lifestyle. We manage an elite soccer club that competes in the highest level of youth soccer competition in Southern California. Read more>>

Angela Evans

Thirty-two years ago, I took my parents, Drs. Frederick and Betty Price, to lunch. I told them that it was simply time for our Church, Crenshaw Christian Center, to establish a school, a learning institution where children could be educated in a Christian environment. Read more>>

Thomas Barsoe and Jackie Hishmeh

Thomas: I married a beautiful girl from California in 2008, and I was just finishing up my last tour in Asia. We moved to California and I decided that I needed a break from touring. I was supposed to start working on my next record but I was a little burned out and needed a little break away from that. Read more>>

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