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Mid-Wilshire Inspiration

The heart of our mission at VoyageLA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of Mid-Wilshire’s (and K-Town, WeHo, Mid-City) finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Mid-Wilshire’s rising stars below.

Pattie Ehsaei

I am an attorney, financial expert, content creator, and author. I’m best known for my TikTok channel, “Duchess of Decorum”, where I teach financial literacy, female empowerment, and workplace decorum. For the last 20 years, I’ve had a multi-faceted career as a lawyer and manager in financial services, and I currently stand as Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions Lending. It seems my entire life has been a series dares, challenging me to take the harder route and bet on myself. Read more>>

Paks G.

I’ve always been into fashion since I can remember. Growing up I listened to hiphop a lot so I was always into what my favorite rappers wore along with the streetwear fashion in LA. In school I always dressed different whether I wore Jordans, Timbs, or Nike Janoski’s my style was always diverse I always believed the way you dress is a form of expressing yourself. At one point after highschool when I was working at my old job shoutout to Shoe Palace, I always told my coworkers and manager how I wanted to start a clothing brand so people can wear it with the latest kicks we released at our store and this is when they told me to just go for it and I finally convinced myself to start my own brand. Read more>>

Jake Gatsby

I think it really started with writing when I was young. Every card I wrote was for my mother. You know as a kid, you don’t have any money, but you do have hella paper – like actual 8-1/2 x 11 paper. Really, my mother, my grandparents and my brother raised me, so I would be writing cards for my mother for every holiday. Eventually, I got sick of saying the same things over and over, so I started writing poems. Read More>>

Shawna Charles

I worked for corporate Direct TV for 15 years and then our company was acquired by AT&T. From there, I decided to take a year off to gather myself. I went to therapy, did some self-assessments and decided what my next journey was going to be. I thought a lot about what I enjoy doing and wanted to do something that didn’t feel like work. That’s when I decided to open my own communications company because it brought all of my skills together. Read more>>

Tonya Amos

I grew up in an amazing family in the impoverished Sunnydale neighborhood in San Francisco. We often had no running water, no electricity, barely ate enough to stave off hunger, and moved 14 times over 10 years. My family drilled into me that education was something that could never be taken from me and was the key to break intergenerational poverty. So although we often did homework by streetlight, I attended UCLA and UC Berkeley, received a BA in Cultural Anthropology, and was the first college graduate in my lineage since slavery. Read more>>

Brittany Black

When I was younger I got scouted a couple time to model/act however I wasn’t able to pursue my dreams quite yet as my parents wanted me to finish school. So that’s what I did, after finishing school I decided to pursue modeling/acting and have been for the past 8 years full time. In the past 8 years I have modeled and done print/commercial for brands like Urban Decay, Jimmy Choo, Lamborghini, Hyatt, Diane’s Beach Wear, Hurley, Kenra, Paul Mitchell, and so much more. I also started acting about 8 years ago and fell in love with it. I have been in films like Fast and Furious 7, Ted 2, and many more, along with television shows like The Young and The Restless, Truth & Iliza, Revenge, and many more. Read more>>

Froilan Cruz

When COVID-19 tragically devastated the city of Los Angeles my brother and i got together and the idea came to us to bring our family’s recipes to the city. We made it a reality with only 3 days till opening day we risked it all. Today Xnana LA is progressing with the support of many loyal customers who love the idea of a very tasteful Consomé that is used to braise our beef, which we transform into our famous Zombie Quesadillas and Tacos. At Xnana We like to think of ourselves as more than a taco stand. Our recipes have been passed down from our mothers and grandmothers who were raised in Oaxaca. Read more>>

Dianna Aguilar and Tanya Major

We’re actors who became business owners when we cofounded our adaptogen-infused sparkling water company, élevé. Our friendship began here in LA, and we each travel regularly between Los Angeles for ongoing commercial & theatrical work and Austin – the home base for élevé. We’re both creative people with backgrounds in the performing arts and view entrepreneurship as another art form. Dianna: As an actress, I’ve always been a visionary, storyteller, and creator. I attended college at a top-ranked performing arts conservatory and our days were long and vigorous. We were taught to respect our craft by putting in hard work, making specific, intentional choices, accepting critique, and collaborating with fellow artists in a judgment-free, creative environment.Tanya: I grew up an athlete and a dancer. My schedule was always very busy but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Even with my intense schedule, I always had a business idea in my head. I made my own clothing and sold it to classmates in elementary school, opened a dance camp in my basement as a young teen and started doing music mixes for other teacher’s choreographies when they saw I was able to create my own. Read more>>

Marion Maclou

I am a French 25 years old young adult in Los Angeles. I am a dancer, actor, and model. I start being on the stage with dance when I was five years old and I couldn’t imagine a better place for me. Since this period I have never stopped dancing. It is a part of me, almost my only way to express my emotions. I discovered theater in elementary school, but I decided that being on stage will be my career in high school. The high school period was a difficult moment in my life. Doubt, anxiety, questions about the future, and depression were my daily life. I persuaded my parents studying those arts to be a professional actor and dancer will be the only way for me to live my life fully and merrily. Paris was a wonderful city to express my art during my four years of study, but in 2019 I wanted to discover my passion around the world. Read more>>

Angel Hollyfield

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I didn’t know what it was that I wanted to do. In 2017, I started working in a dermatology office and they had estheticians working there. I realized that the estheticians did more than just waxing and that you could be your own boss being an esthetician. In 2018, I was looking on Instagram and came across someone’s page who was doing body contouring training. Right then and there I knew what I wanted to do as far as being an entrepreneur. An esthetician and body contouring tech. I took the body contouring training in April 2019 and opened Heavenly Body & Skin in June 2019. I enrolled in esthetician school as well but it was a lot of setbacks happening plus Covid hitting. I was determined to go to esthetician school and I went back in September 2020. So today I am an esthetician and body contouring tech. Read more>>

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