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  • Mid-Wilshire Dining Guide

    The Mid-Wilshire, Fairfax, West Hollywood area has some phenomenal choices from the epic paneer makhani at Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills...

    Local StoriesOctober 3, 2016
  • 6 Best Desserts Spots in Mid-Wilshire

    From Cronuts, Fonuts and NY’s Magnolia Bakery, Mid-Wilshire is home to some truly praise worthy dessert choices.  We’ve listed some of...

    Local StoriesOctober 3, 2016
  • Go On and Get Your Brew On

    Chain coffee doesn’t cut it – and thankfully our neighborhood has tons of mom and pop coffee shops to meet your...

    Local StoriesOctober 3, 2016
  • The Mexican Spots that Dominate Mid-Wilshire & WeHo

    Our area has some of the most innovative, downright delicious Mexican fare you’ll find anywhere.  From plant based Gracias Madre to...

    Local StoriesOctober 3, 2016
  • Our Favorite Neighborhood Italian Spots

    The Italian restaurants nearby will have you singing Mama Mia in sheer delight – we’ve got some of the most authentic,...

    Local StoriesOctober 3, 2016
  • Top 4 Spots to Grab a Drink near Mid-Wilshire

    Mid-Wilshire and surrounding areas (WeHo, Midcity, etc) have some of the city’s best spots to grab dinner, drinks and more.  From...

    Local StoriesOctober 3, 2016
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