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Elkhan Shahbazzade

My passion for photography started around 7 years ago when I purchased my first semi-professional camera, a little before me and my wife celebrated the birth of our first child. I started taking pictures of my beautiful baby girl and slowly I developed a habit of making a lot of pictures everyday and posting them on family friendly websites in Russia where other people would post same as well. After that, I continued onto Facebook and Flickr and became noticed. I realized that this is what I want to do professionally and after some time did my first photoshoot. Because of the “word of mouth,full time” I started getting more and more requests and this full-time profession. And today I can proudly state that I achieved a lot and went a long way to be where I am now. I am now working with different entities and photographing families, sports events, private parties, weddings and etc. Read More>>


I started 7 years ago, before being a full-time photographer, I was a full-time talent agent, working for one of the top talent agency here in Los Angeles. I left after 17 years and ended up working for an underwear company that was based in Vancouver. After 5 months of working with them, they went bankrupt and I was left without a job. Not wanting to go back to the agency business and itching for some creative out, I started producing small little events here and there. It was fun, but not fulfilling. Read More>>

Caitlin Soffa

I’ve been drawing since I was about 6, but never thought about pursuing art as an actual career until about junior year of high school. I just never thought that it was an actual profession, I always assumed that the only artists who were out there were either starving or just doing it on the side of their main career. It wasn’t until my teachers, as well as my parents really pushed me to do something with my art that I finally started considering it as a career path. After many long, convincing talks with my art teacher, I decided for sure that this was what I was going to do. I was so sure in fact that I only applied to one college, and it was an Otis College of Art and Design. And lucky for me I got in. And now I’m currently a junior in Illustration and loving every minute of it. Read More>>

Scott Cronan

Growing up, my dad was into all of the latest techs so we had early access to VHS cameras and as far back as I can remember, my brothers and I would make silly videos and screen them for our parents and their friends. Around my sophomore year in high school, my dad gave me a Nikon SLR and I enrolled in my one-and-only photography class and instantly fell in love. During my early 20s, in the midst of failed relationship, I took a road trip north and shooting both color and black-and-white film, created a book of life and love as a gift for my family. Read More>>

Andreina Vasquez

I always knew I wanted to be a designer. I started very young learning how to make patterns and sewing dresses for my dolls. Clothes have always been something that makes me happy. I have always felt that they help you transform and express how you feel inside. So, when it came time to decide a career path I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Right after high school, I couldn’t afford to go straight to a university or design school, so I did the next best thing which was a community college. Read More>>

Andres M Labrada

I started when I was young. I always liked to draw but it was in the 4th grade where I really got pushed by my art teacher to practice it. Drawing Pokemon and the sorts in a sketchbook she gave me. I eventually got into Japanese and American comics in middle school and it took off from there for the rest of my life. My Mother was also very supportive of my talent. Read More>>

Laura Calvo

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I began my Art Career. After graduating from the University of Buenos Aires, realizing my passion for the craft, I moved to Los Angeles to explore the Makeup Industry on a new level. Trained at Make-up Designory School, L.A.C.C., L.A.V.C., P.C.C. American Makeup FX and Asian Beauty artistry, Taipei, Taiwan. I also obtained a Cosmetology CA License. Read More>>

Diana Lopez

A first-generation immigrant, I fell in love with computers, the web, and the way the connect people when I was 12. I taught myself web development and later design, skipping college. As of October 2015, I am freelancing to focus on building products & businesses, both for clients and for myself. Read More>>

Shakir Dzheyranov

In 2010, I moved from Russia to the United States. I had to pick a job to make money so my best friend suggested me to learn graphic design and he taught me the basics of it. During the first year I was certain that design is 100% not what I wanted to do in my life. 6 years fast forward: now I own a creative studio and have a team of creatives and in the beginning of this year I was recognized as one of the 30 most creative people in advertising under 30 in the US. Now looking back, I realize that hard work, impudence, sleepless nights and approximately 5 tons of Red Bull, helped me to get to this point. Read More>>

Ryan Pesecky

I’ve been shooting since I was a kid, I’ve always loved documenting things and enjoying capturing a photo in the moment than having it forced. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot under Jeff Reed an Art Photographer that taught me a lot about framing and color work. In my six years of living in LA, I’ve gotten to shoot many celebrities and for some of the biggest brands in the world. Read More>>

Aaron Sather

I’ve always been fascinated with design & typography, from when I was a scrubby little metalhead scrawling band logos on my school folders. As I got closer to the end of high school, I started to look into if that could even be something I could get paid to do – even if it was for cheap. A friend of mine was at an art school studying audio engineering and told me to check this place out it unveiled exactly what I thought I could do for a living, so I pursued it. As I got halfway through school, I became really intrigued by motion graphics and interned at Digital Kitchen in Seattle, and got to see up close what a real workflow and process was compared to school. It taught me a lot towards the proper ways of working through a project with real deadlines and client feedback. From there, I met the owner of this smaller design shop in Seattle and began the start of my career designing everything from motion pieces to snowboards. Read More>>

Gary Shikhelman

I come to the United States with my parents, grandparents, and sister at the age of 7 as a Russian/Jewish political refugee. Grew up poor but always loved to be creative. Had a hard time in school but was always curious and looking for answers to things even though I didn’t always have the questions. Read More>>

Jolene Lai

It all began with a conversation at work with a friend whom I had gone to art school with. I was working at an advertising company (designing entertainment/theatrical posters) then and he was establishing his career as an artist. Read More>>

Blake Fawley

I’m from Indiana and when I was 15 I got a job at a computer repair/design/video production place and from then on I knew I wanted to be in design/animation. I went to Full Sail university and after graduation, I got my dream job at Capacity. I’ve been here for close to 7 years now and love it. Read More>>

Chris Harvey

Artistic expression is interwoven in my genetic code – I truly entered the world immersed in art. My Sikh mother, Revina, was a couture fashion designer and interior decorator in London and my Scottish father, Stephen, was considered a renaissance man – balancing life as a music producer, songwriter, musician and carpenter in Los Angeles. My life transpired between London, Scotland, Los Angeles and New York. I believe growing up amongst different cultures and cities enriched my character with a combination of humility, adaptability, and gusto. Read More>>

Logan Delaney

I got started in college actually. I switched my major to film and TV production and decided I wanted to be a cinematographer. I asked around and did my research and most people told me in order to be a cinematographer I had to develop an eye, so I bought a digital camera and started messing around with my dad’s old Nikon f3 and the rest was history. Read More>>

Misia Clive

When I was 19 I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Design. Before then, I had gone to university at 16 between London and Paris where I lived. I wrote, illustrated and self-published a children’s book and had an agent helping me grow my career as an illustrator. However, I then decided I wanted to try something different. I decided I wanted to work in technology to use my creativity to innovate real, tangible, experiences. By 21 I had moved to Los Angeles, was a Lead Designer working with clients such as Nike and Uber, and designing software, apps, and experiences. Now, today, I am 23. I’m getting married in a few days to my soulmate and business partner. Together we are building a business centered around the arts and design. We look to push the boundaries of what it means to be creative, what it takes to come up with true innovation, what it takes to be true to the self and channel creativity from the heart. Read More>>

Karen Nakada

Karen and Masato pursued different design fields for the first couple of years, which helped us gain skills and knowledge as a designer and as a business owner. We got to know many great people and shook many hands. As time went by, we started to accumulate projects that required both of our skills. It made perfect sense for us to finally join forces together and create our own studio. Read More>>

Maggie Chiang

I’ve always drawn ever since I was a kid, and kind of knew then that I would hopefully someday become an artist. When it came time to college, I only focused on art colleges. Read More>>

Geoffrey Brummett

I grew up doodling & drawing but that laid mostly dormant through my teen years. I found creativity in skateboarding and myspace when that was a thing. My first experience with photoshop was creating my own background images for my page. I use to spend hours on that thing, not being social but browsing for new music to skate to. Read More>>

Genesse Carrillo

I’m so bad at anything to do with numbers; I can barely calculate the tip on a restaurant check. Writing, however, comes naturally. I studied English and Screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA and decided after graduating that I wanted to pursue a career in the entertainment industry (so original, I know). I spent the next year paying my dues as an actor’s assistant but found grocery lists and replacing batteries on smoke alarms a little redundant. I was tired of working jobs that I hated just to maintain my writing hobby. I had to change my mindset and take writing from a hobby to a career. Since then, I’ve worked as a freelance writer in both social media and entertainment. Read More>>

Shirley Zhou

Every kid draws, I’m just one of the stubborn few who never stopped. I grew up drawing comics and making amateur animations whenever I wasn’t buried in the books at school trying to get into a good college, and I eventually enrolled at UCLA for my undergraduate education as an undeclared major. Read More>>

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