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Michael Manfredo

I began producing short films as a teenager and grew into working in the film and television industry during a time when it was very difficult to produce a quality moving image on a budget. So working for major networks gave me the opportunity to learn production, lighting, etc, however, it did not afford me freedom in creating my own images. Acknowledging the challenges in having creative control over my images, I was encouraged to seek freedom in shooting unhindered from the hurdles found in the motion picture medium so I turned to still photography and quickly found great passion in the freedom and creativity the medium afforded me. Read More>>

Suzanne Baran

Post 9-11, I moved to sunny Los Angeles to pursue a better overall lifestyle. I was a financial journalist in NYC and lost half my office in the attacks. Other deaths occurred the same year, notably my brother and best friend. Read More>>

Frances Armstrong

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. If you haven’t been, hop on a plane immediately! It’s exquisite, the people are incredibly warm, the food is delicious, and it’s incredibly cheap! I studied to be an MD at the University of Cape Town, and worked as a medical doctor in South Africa for a few years, before moving to London to work at a global consulting firm, called McKinsey & Company. Read More>>

Nara Strete

My formal training is mostly in fine and studio art but I’ve always been interested in illustrative and graphic arts as well. I received a BFA in Fine Art from East Stroudsburg University and an MFA from Penn State University in Drawing and Painting. During my time at Penn State, I also worked as a teaching assistant and taught two introductory drawing courses. From about 2008 to present I’ve been selling my original work as well as taking private commissions. I’ve also been consistently participating in art exhibitions and am currently planning to curate a show for 2017. I can’t remember a time in my life when art wasn’t a focus for me. Read More>>

Kennedy Ann Roberts

I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada a place that has snow on the ground 8 months out of the year, so we were all pretty desperate to find ways to occupy our time. Just like everyone else I was on an indoor soccer team and in ballet class, but I was a seriously anxious kid so all that social stuff was a really hard place to be myself. So I started writing stories. It’s really the artist’s story we’ve all heard, but writing became a way for me to create a space where I felt like I belonged at a time where I really didn’t feel like I did. Read More>>

Kyle Anderson

I feel like too many of us are prisoners in our own minds. We base our actions on our fears and our insecurities instead of our visions and our dreams. I would be making stuff anyway because I just can’t get enough of it, but if I can use it as a tool to empower others to become aware of their own potential then that becomes something far more special. Read More>>


At 14 years of age, armed with his Mom’s Kodak Instamatic, he started shooting moments of his daily life. He fell in love with photography because he realized that it was a way to freeze memories that would otherwise be lost. When he moved to the US, with a digital camera realized the full potential of photo editing and the freedom of having his own personal darkroom. Read More>>

Jonathan Flanders

I grew up on the east coast in New Hampshire. As a kid, I loved cartoons and originally wanted to grow up to become a cartoonist. As traditional cartoons were being replaced with animated productions I decided to pursue computer animation instead. Turns out I was terrible at animating, but I excelled in modeling the characters. Around 2010 Hasbro, Inc held a competition at my college. Read More>>

Ryan Kelm

I purchased my first digital SLR camera when I was thirteen years old. For my first many years of shooting, I would see work I admired and figure out how to create tone, exposure, composition, and story in a similar way. After I worked at these skills, I went on to develop my own way to shoot, choose, and edit great photos. Read More>>

Taylor Christensen

What makes me different is that I didn’t physically travel very far to get where I am today, I have been usually seen in front of my computer since I was 2. My journey is focused on getting the tools to depict the characters and settings that I can imagine accurately. I’m slowly learning the importance of understanding light, colors, anatomy, perspective, etc in an illustration. Even today I’m still in front of my computer, studying and practicing in order to improve my craft. Read More>>

Christina Erwin

After graduating from Texas Christian University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, Christina spent the early part of her career as a crime reporter for a Fox News affiliate in Louisiana. After realizing her passion was not to be in front of the camera, Christina made the journey to Los Angeles, taking a position at a boutique PR firm securing press for brands and celebrity clients. It was there that she was able to combine her love of brands and entertainment with her ability to craft unique stories. A new career path was born! Read More>>

Lu’Chana Keller-Evans

Lu’Chana Keller-Evans is an artist, graphic designer, and visionary. Her inspiration comes from her surroundings, dreams, and aspirations in life. She is a New Orleans native with a strong background in the arts. She has fulfilled many jobs and wears many hats within her craft. Art Director, teacher, mentor is just a few things she’s been called. Lu’Chana is a graduate of Southern University, she holds a Bachelor’s of Art in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and a Master of Arts in Museum Studies. Read More>>

C. Michael Edwards, Sr

I’ve been shooting since I got my first camera from my father (who is also a photographer) at the age of 14. I got into ALOT of trouble with my camera. And because of it, I had to be the photographer for every school event that I wasn’t involved in. So I started taking more classes in school, learning lighting, developing my own film, the difference between portraits, editorial, and fashion photography. I fell in love with it all and I’ve been shooting ever since. In 2003 I started shooting for Wheels Magazine (An Urban Automotive Magazine) which actually got me really seen and noticed. 2 years later I became the publishing editor for the same magazine and have been doing the same thing until this day. In between these past years, because of the contacts I’ve been shooting glamour, weddings, portraits, calendars and ad projects. So pretty much me in a nutshell. Read More>>

John DeCindis

John DeCindis graduated from Penn State with a BSLA in Landscape Architecture. What really grew out of John’s time at Penn State was a love of photography.

After a year in Boston working for the Landscape Architecture firm of Jewell and Robinson, John decided to devote all his time to photography in his daylight hours and be a bartender by night. In 1970 The Polaroid Gallery at M.I.T.presented a solo show of hid black and white photography. Read More>>


I’ve been drawing since I was two, and always knew I wanted to create art. When I graduated from college, one of the mentors said that with my colorful aesthetic I’d be more successful on the west coast, so I moved to LA! Read More>>

Carlos Coll

When I was 10 years old I got hold of my dad’s camera gear and that was that. Been shooting ever since. Read More>>

Jason Massie

I’ve always been very passionate about the arts ever since I was an infant. My parents have always been very supportive of me, always making sure I got the best education to help pursue my art. I went to the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in downtown LA, where I was exposed to a lot of really talented people my age. It was a school that put the arts before anything else, like having 3-hour studio classes every day. Read More>>

Emily Perez

I made a career change into photography about 9 years ago and I am mostly self-taught. I was fortunate enough to have been able to use some of the skills I had acquired while working in the film industry and have applied them cinematically to my work. I also shoot and direct from time to time anything from infomercials to music videos. Read More>>

Shelly Rolandson

After I graduated from college with a degree in environmental design(architecture), I moved to California to get away from the frozen tundra and to pursue a better life. This was right when the market crashed. Many people told me I’d fail, California is too expensive and that I’d move back to the midwest… Read More>>

Tzuyi Shimizu

I have always been interested in expressing my ideas visually. Growing up in Taiwan, being an artist was not considered a noble career. One of the earliest memories I had was when my parents caught me covering their white bedroom wall in a decorative underwater world with fish swimming around mermaids. My parents did not get upset, and looking back, I now realized that they encouraged me to freely express myself. Read More>>

Craig X Sotres

Craig X. Sotres  began his photography career in the fashion world of New York City. He was originally exposed to the fashion industry as a model working with clients such as Sasson Jeans, Prell Shampoo, Superior Beer, Christian Dior, Sergio Valente Jeans and Newport & Salem cigarettes. An invitation by a model agency to work in Mexico City was so successful that he eventually moved and  became a favorite of the country’s premier fashion magazine Vogue Mexico. Read More>>

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