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West LA 9.5.2017

Thomas Della Bella

Capturing weddings all started back when I was attending film school. On the weekends, I was looking for creative ways to make some money while applying my filmmaking skills. One weekend I reached out to all the leading videography companies in LA with my resume to work as a videographer and many of them got back to me! From there I was off to the races learning all the secrets of live event videography. Specifically, I’d like to mention Brand Videography and All Because He Asked Videography as I ended up working exclusively for them for a few years as a videographer and editor. Read more>>

Omid Mousaei

Like many businesses, Mad Mind Studios started from humble beginnings in 2006. We started by crafting logos for companies and building brands that found great success from our continued and dedicated partnerships. Designing beautiful websites soon followed, and we found that we were experts in creating digital marketing strategies for every industry. Each project that we graciously engaged incrementally made us better at designing, strategizing and marketing. As the services we offered grew, our team increased in number, which allowed us to serve a wider and larger client base. Read more>>

Elizabeth Fraley

I’ve been teaching in early childhood education for as long as I can remember. After finishing my master’s program in education, I taught for a while, was a preschool and early elementary director, then I decided to take it a step further with entrepreneurship. The road has been pretty smooth. The biggest challenge I’ve found is not having enough time in the day to complete all of the things I would like to. Through good time management skills and prioritizing, I am able to make the most of each day. Carpe Diem! Kinder Ready™ is a specialized program designed for 3-5 year olds. The program would best be described as a “balanced approach” to learning. Read more>>

Jon Varsano

I founded Vars Realty and Management in 2011 after working for several companies as a commercial real estate broker. I have been a licensed real estate broker since 1993 when I worked for my family’s business, Automated Laundry Systems where I sold coin laundry businesses and eventually became President. In 1995, I purchased an apartment building which I lived in and managed. I also helped manage family-owned commercial properties. Vars Realty + Management was established as a brokerage and management company to expand upon my previous experience. Read more>>

Joel Gross

I was raised in the Pacific Northwest and really had not ventured outside of that region for most of my life. After college, I found success in search engine marketing for a funded startup in Seattle, but quickly realized that working for someone else wasn’t in the cards for me. After some soul searching, and some conversation with friends who had moved on from the gray, rainy skies of Washington state, I decided to head to Southern California. Over the course of two weeks I got rid of most of my belongings, said goodbye to family, friends, and great paying job, and packed everything I owned into a Ford Contour. Read more>>

Renee R. Sperling

I was working at an employment agency after my 4 years at Long Island University. One day I told my boss there that I was unhappy just “getting people jobs only”. I continued with “I want to leave here to go to the NYU school of Social Work” and I made an appointment with the Dean of the school for the next day to discuss my options, if any. When I originally sent in my application to NYU School of Social Work, I was not accepted for admission, but I made an appointment to see the Dean of the school to discuss if there were any other options for me. At the appointment, she asked me about my upbringing and background. I shared that at 10 years of age, my father was taken ill with the Diagnosis of “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” which caused him to lose the ability to use his hands & speak clearly. Read more>>

Kristen Crawford

My career in the beauty industry started at Paul Mitchell The School in Los Angeles, CA. Upon graduating, I discovered a passion for styling and began working with Toni & Guy Advanced Academy in Santa Monica and assisting on photoshoots doing hairstyling and makeup all over LA. After a few years working in the industry I had the opportunity to develop my own company and open a hair salon. I moved to La Jolla, CA and opened my first business, a full-service hair salon specializing in beauty and styling. It was during my first year of business that I began building an exclusive clientele in bridal styling. Read more>>

Juliet Chowdhury

I have taught for over ten years and it’s my greatest passion! I love watching students engage and learn. I have instructed a wide variety of students from various backgrounds and cultures. As a result, I am a compassionate teacher, who remains sensitive to each student’s unique needs. I am an effective listener, an excellent communicator and provide flexible support whether it is one-on-one or in a group scenario. I have learned that positive encouragement keeps students focused and motivated. My goal is to foster and maintain a fun, open, communicative and a supportive classroom, in which each student feels comfortable, secure, and appropriately challenged! Read more>>

Debbie Magno

I am from Argentina and I moved to LA one year and a half ago with my boyfriend, Martin, who was transferred from his job from Buenos Aires to California. One day talking to a friend, who is also Argentinean and a teacher, I had the idea of creating my own Company to teach Spanish classes. This idea came into my mind since I’ve been hearing about the need to learn Spanish in LA and the importance to communicate in that language at work, school, with family and for travelling. Consequently, I’ve started preparing exercises for different purposes and ages, looking for a great variety of Spanish materials in bookstores, internet and all my material from Argentina when I’ve used to teach there. Read more>>

Nicole McIntyre

Nicole M. Tutoring started in 2006 with a secret love for school. Throughout high school, Nicole voluntarily tutored both acquaintances and friends in math. It was at this time that she discovered a deeply-rooted passion for education and helping others. After Nicole graduated high school, she went on to pursue a Bachelors in Cognitive Science at UCLA. This was the perfect fit, considering she was fascinated with everything related to the brain, especially learning. Nicole paused tutoring her first three years of college, so she could focus on educating herself. However, as graduation approached, she knew she had to start thinking about her future career. Read more>>

Julie Ferman

I know what it’s like to be that “great girl” who couldn’t seem to find her guy. I joined the local video dating service, and as fate would have it, I ended up marrying the man who sold me that membership. I worked for him for 7 years, and then I launched my own personal matchmaking and dating coaching company in 2001. My mission has always been to simplify and dignify the dating process for relationship oriented men and women. Owning a business is usually a wild ride. Some of my challenges have been financial — keeping reserves on hand for slower times and to fund development. Also challenging is the process of learning who might be an ideal client and … who might not. Read more>>

Kia Aran

Inspired by my wife, in short, I was driven by lot of hope and motivation in Real Estate to go after my dreams! I was told by many people that they feel I am too dedicated when I work with them and I make them feel very convenient when I support them from A to Z to make sure close their deal. Being a quitter is no in my nature! Real Estate is not just buying and selling properties, to me, it is engaging with other people and their living condition, create a relationship, and finally, it is a life style! If you follow me on my social media, you’re not only able to see real estate updates but also you can see how I spend my casual day engaging with other people and my daily lifestyle. Read more>>

Heath McAllister

Ever since I was a young boy, I was fascinated by the natural world. My father used to take me out hiking through the emerald green mountains in Maine, showing me wild edible plants. For me it was like discovering hidden treasures. From that initial curiosity grew a desire to dive deeper and learn more. In college, I studied plant biology and ethnobotany, which is the study of how people use plants. Just out of college I got a job with the USDA and Bureau of Land Management in the Mojave Desert of California doing field botany which was amazing in its own right. Read more>>

Tom Bagamane and Laura Albers

Tom: Our mission is to provide an unsheltered soul or souls with everything that they need to “survive where they stand” while educating our City on the reality of homelessness and the root causes of poverty. We have been told by parents, children and educators that The Giving Spirit is the best teaching tool for kids and families to learn about true social justice, the danger of making decisions without knowing the facts, the societal disconnect that comes with entitlement and in facing the realization that many of their fellow unsheltered neighbors have parallel lives, hopes and dreams. It realigns their filters when judging those less fortunate. Read more>>

Karina Liz

I was introduced to the world of naturopathy and colonics at the age of 16, by my European mother, who believed in a more holistic approach to health and wellness. Over the span of 3 months of being placed on an unprocessed low sugar meal plan and weekly colonics, I started to develop a surge of newfound energy and completely healed myself of a viral infection for which my ‘regular doctor’ had no solution. I had so much energy that I started to run every day for two hours and eventually started the track n’ field team at my school. I felt fantastic! I kept improving my diet, getting colonics, and returning to drinking at least 32 ounces of water per day over the next decade of life. I realized the importance of energy balance to vitality and how important a clean colon and water is to our own digestive system. Read more>>

Aaron Slotkin

While in pharmacy school, I was exposed to multiple modalities of natural medicine while working at a natural pharmacy. In 2011, I became a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist upon completion of the required reading, lectures and subsequent examination. Upon moving from New Jersey to California, I started my holistic nutrition practice. I have seen numerous clients suffering with various health problems in the past 4years. Using a holistic approach of customized diet and lifestyle interventions, targeted supplements, and laboratory testing, I have been very successful helping clients achieve their optimal weight and health. Read more>>

Corrie Greathouse Sloan

Corrie is the Founder and President of Life Uncommon. She has served as Executive Director for 3 years at another Los Angeles based treatment program that she created and has helped hundreds of clients in that time. Corrie is well versed in what it takes to create and sustain a clinically sound and patient care-driven facility. Her passion for helping addicts and alcoholics stay clean and sober and her own work in recovery has inspired Corrie to provide clients at Life Uncommon with something many treatment programs do not: the confidence, motivation, and follow-through to become self-sustaining, active members of society, while actively participating in their own recovery. Read more>>

Blain LeBlanc

Basically I got started by shooting my own personal adventures around California on surf trips and other backpacking trips. I started shaping surfboards for myself and friends just for fun then slowly started gaining customers. As for my media company, it was always just a hobby until I became passionate about it and that’s when my eye improved. Then I started just advertising on Instagram and craigslist then grew a following and started getting jobs. It is never a smooth road when starting your own businesses or trying to become self-employed. Read more>>

Cyrus Hadavi

The company was started as a business consulting company in 1994 out of my bedroom in Dallas TX. within the first 6 months I was working with some major companies such as Northrop Grumman in LA and Philips. More people joined the company as our business expanded. Some of our customers expressed interest in planning systems in order to increase the velocity of their business, improve their inventory turns to reduce their cost and increase their profit. To this end, we designed one of the most advanced planning systems using Artificial Intelligence technology. Read more>>

Terry Bahri

Terry brings to the travel industry a multi-cultural background, a zest for traveling and an extensive sales experience. Born in Egypt, raised in Lebanon and French-educated, Terry started traveling throughout Europe at age 18 and has since lived in France, Belgium, Greece, Egypt, Lebanon and the United States. Terry is fluent in English, French and Arabic and can successfully dabble in Spanish and Italian. Terry’s business background is as diversified as her cultural background. Originally working in banking operations, purchasing and security, she later transferred to private banking catering to high net-worth and entertainment industry clients, and transitioned into the planning and design of financial institutions. Read more>>

Ben Wynkoop

I stumbled into digital marketing by accident. In 2006, I began selling fitness supplements out of my wall locker while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Sales quickly grew to several thousand dollars a month and I decided to take the operation online. At the time, I knew nothing about running an eCommerce website. Somewhere along the process of figuring out how to drive traffic I discovered the “magical” world of search engine optimization (SEO) to rank websites in major search engines such as Google. Ultimately trying to build the world’s “greatest” online store while using my barracks room as a warehouse turned out to be a failure, but began my journey of optimizing websites. Read more>>

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