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West LA 6.26.2017

Silvina Frankiel

I started the business about two years ago but it was a lifetime in the making! I have been organized ever since I can remember and always helped friends and family with getting their closets organized, getting settled after a move, etc. Read More>>

Patricia Echeverria

I was always interested in the idea that we can use design to make an impact in the world; the idea that we can apply the design process to transform our reality. The more I experimented with this, the more I realized that we have to start inside. We have to transform our Inner Reality before we try to change the External World (if we want to be truly effective.) Read More>>

Steve Gonzalez and Pedro Medina

Hi my name is Steve Gonzalez, I am a barber who started my barber career like most great barbers at home with a target eagle trimmer. My first client before I went to barber school and before I knew I had skills was my older brother Paul Gonzalez. Paul let me practice on him for many years in junior high then high school. Read More>>

Ron Pomerantz

My passion for construction started with my love for Legos when I was 5 years old, I was always attracted to building and construction, at the age of 11 I built a beautiful tree house with a friend, it continued with building all the furniture for my room, and when I was old enough to start working (just as I finished my 3 years military service) I started working as a helper in a big construction company. Read More>>

Kita Marie Williams

KMW Interiors was founded in 2012 by, company CEO, Kita Marie Williams. In the last 5 years, the company has become one of the go-to interior decoration and home staging company in the greater Los Angeles area. KMW Interiors has also won best of Houzz in customer service for 4 years in a row, Read More>>

Elijah Dittersdorf

Mom’s Computer came from an observation. I was waiting at the Apple store about five years ago and there was this holding that was standing around looking for the cash register. Nobody explains that there really is no more cash register…. That was my first awareness of the need for Mom’s Computer, Technology Care for Adult Learners. Read More>>

Marcie Smolin

I started as a child actor and have worked in the entertainment industry my entire life. I have worked as an actress, standup comic, director, producer and writer. When was first starting out, I taught acting to children but as my professional life took off, I stopped teaching. Read More>>

Dylan Ziv

We established LifeStyle Cleaning Company in 2006 as a local small business in the valley and have grown to several locations since, by focusing on keeping customers happy and returning. We have served our customers with the goal of having 100 percent customer satisfaction with our work. At first, we were investing about 80% in marketing and three years later, decreased marketing by 20% from building loyal customers. Read More>>

Chelsea Simone

I was introduced to strength training in college. I was earning my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from Fordham University and the Ailey School. Our instructors suggested that we take up strength training to supplement our dance training. Not long after I began strength training, I noticed a major improvement in my endurance and balance. Read More>>

Tiffany Lopez

My mom Kathie, brother David and I started Posh Portage in 2007. Our business sold fancy coffee equipment to doctors’ offices and wealthy south bay home owners. Manufactures were stubborn for change and afraid of internet businesses so they refused to sell to us. We advised, “If your products are not sold online your company will soon be out of business.” Read More>>

Dr. Sarah Murphy

I was born and raised in San Francisco & LA. I loved dance and theatre as an adolescent and was set to pursue a career in it, but the physical demands of daily dance and the stress of the entertainment industry were grueling, ultimately making it an undesirable path for me to continue. Read More>>

Radina Veliova

15 years ago I decided to let passion lead my life. This was when I decided to dedicate my professional life to the human voice, music, speech and singing. Ever since then I have a relentless hunger for knowledge in the field of voice production, singing and speech. I am happy that my clients call me a vocal coach, mentor and voice specialist. Read More>>

Debbie Stogel

On November 18, 2014, my life changed forever. Prior to that date, I devoted my career to diversity training and anti-bias education. On that date, I was told by my employer that my time at the place where I worked for a quarter of a century…the place I called home…would come to an end. Read More>>

Jean Franzblau

If you’d like, you can call me your Cuddle Consultant. Or maybe your Hug Home Girl. That’s because I’m the Founder of Cuddle Sanctuary in Los Angeles. You may be thinking to yourself, “What the what?!” I know. It is rather unique. Sometimes I don’t believe it myself. Read More>>

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