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West LA 6.12.2017


I was in fashion and production before I started max-bone which made the transition to max-bone very natural since its exactly the same process as any other fashion line. My love for dogs and not be able to find good quality products for my own dogs started the venture. I was raised in Sweden which reflects a lot in my designs, simplicity+ Quality = Perfection. Read More>>

Terrence K. O’Rourke

I was first introduced to woodworking through my grandfather, an avid hobbyist who let me help with his various weekend projects in his garage/wood shop. Although the projects were simple, and the tasks I was allowed to perform were basic and rudimentary, it instilled in me a love of working with my hands. I later enrolled in shop classes in middle school where I learned formal applications and techniques of various crafts. Read More>>

Hope Easton

I started playing cello when I was 7. I received a bachelors from New England Conservatory and then went on to become a Fulbright Scholar (U.K.) I have always loved classical music, but love to be creative and write and sing my own music. So I do both. I have my own group; Sonos Chamber Players as well as my own music which you can get on iTunes and CDbaby. Read More>>

Amanda Baird

I started my company right after graduating from Oberlin Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Music. I was a voice major. Rather than going straight to graduate school, I moved back to Los Angeles and started looking for work. I wasn’t certain that a career in Opera was for me. Read More>>

Mitra Pakdaman

I started my journey with the passion for design, creativity, and art since childhood. I got my bachelor in interior design from the California State University of Northridge, worked for large companies on projects such as Walt Disney, ESPN, Equinox, ESPN. As years passed by, I felt I really like interior design but something is missing in my heart. Read More>>

Laura Grier

For me, growing up in Indonesia and the US planted the seed for what would become a life-long quest to travel and document the world. The BEST advice I ever got was from a conversation I had with my mother when I was 13 years old. That day at school my mother told me I would never have a desk job. Read More>>

Dyanne Williams

I experimented with many art mediums, but once I discovered mosaics I knew that is what I wanted to do. I love the gorgeous colors, the shine, the feel of glass. Fortunately, the discovery of my love of mosaics coincided with a resurgence of architectural mosaics. I love creating art that is functional and enhances the beauty of a home or business. Read More>>

Andrea Michaelson

My education is architecture and environmental design. I started working in commercial design, and slowly ended up in residential design. I do a lot of kitchen and bathroom remodels currently. I have worked in the shoe business doing design and distribution, and spent many years traveling abroad, and love the arts, food, and fashion. Read More>>

John Elman

Growing up, I had an interest in music and science. My family discouraged me from going into music and pushed me to go into a field where I would be more assured of making a living. I chose optometry. After graduating from optometry school, I could see there were a couple directions I could go–working for some group, or starting my own business. Read More>>

Jill Pierce

My husband and I produced TV commercials for many years. It was time for a real change. We checked out quite a few businesses before we found Barry Carpet. For some reason, it felt like a good fit. The store had been around for many years and the clientele were very fond of the original owners. Read More>>

Camilla Grove

Our founder Fabienne Wen was invited to a high school reunion party, an “art jam” in Hong Kong. She didn’t know how to draw or paint, had never touched acrylic, so she sat back and watched her friends. Their creativity and immersion, their joy and pride, inspired her to make a collage the minute she got home. Read More>>

Mitchell Binder

In the 1970’s, when I was a teenager, I moved from Jackson, Mississippi to Los Angeles. It was when music reflected a spirit of idealism and new-found freedoms. Musical artists like Hendrix, Joplin and The Dead ruled the airwaves. “It was the ‘Summer of Love’ and my mind was officially blown.” Read More>>

Faissel Farhi

In 1912, my Grandfather established the business in Fez Morocco and my father followed. I grew up around Zellij making, I used to go to my father’s factory and play with different Zellij pieces, it was a fun game back then. After college in Florida, I took a long road trip traveling through Morocco, Portugal and Spain. Read More>>

Mansoor Javahery

In 1934, I was born to a Jewish family in Tehran. At the age of 13 after a big discussion with my parents, I convinced them to send me to a boarding school in Brighton, England. After graduating from high school, I came to USA to study for a Bachelors and Masters in Chemistry and then I returned to Tehran. Read More>>

Anastasiya Kot

I was born in Belarus, Eastern Europe. I got my Masters in Finance and Banking in 2011 and bake then I would have never imagined that I would run my own business in sunny Los Angeles, California. After the bank job felt somewhat stale, I moved to Montreal. Read More>>

Kylie Tullipan

I guess you could say I got my start when my boss gave me a good kick in the butt and told me to pursue my dream. Growing up I danced, figure skated, water skied and dabbled in athletics. I was in my 20’s when I got into triathlons then CrossFit and now Kettlebells. During that time, I was working in the Entertainment Industry in Sydney, Australia- specifically in Event Management. It’s not an ideal career for your health and fitness. Read More>>

Laura Erlich, LAc, FABORM

Holistic Medicine has always been a part of my life, even as a kid. My parents definitely had a “new age” bent, and my dad got cancer when I was 6 years old, so things like acupuncture, meditation, even green juice (!) were on my radar very early in life. As a young adult, I tragically lost both of my parents to cancer, and as I’ve progressed through my life, I’ve always employed holistic medicine over western medicine whenever possible. Read More>>

Kevin Canning

Around 2002 I happened to be shopping for a pearl necklace as a gift. The jewelry stores in my area carried a few pieces of pearl jewelry, but clerks in the stores couldn’t even tell me what type of pearls they were. Online wasn’t any better… Read More>>

Karina Leigh

I started in this business when I was 16 years old at a Beverly Hills eye wear store. This did not feel like work for me. At that point, I knew it was my passion! My parents also could see how much I enjoyed working in the eye wear field. Read More>>

Jamara Ghalayini

Jamara Ghalayini resides in Calabasas, California with her daughter Ofelia and their 3 dogs Bear, Ollie, and Henry Michael. Prior to founding Pumpkinheads in September 2005, Jamara worked as a Sr. Business Consultant for Deloitte Consulting in Los Angeles. While working as a consultant she began volunteering in local schools through Junior Achievement educating children on the importance of community, education and the economy. Read More>>

Jennifer Hogaboam

I got into fashion in my early 20’s after being a beauty school dropout, and started my own clothing line that got as far as being in a couple local boutiques Fred Seigal being my first! The further I got into pushing my line the more I realized I didn’t know enough of the industry lingo which kept me from becoming huge. Soon after, I was throwing my own fashion shows fashion shows to stay in the loop and decided to go back to school to get a fashion design degree from FIDM. Read More>>

Michael Aarestrup

Stefan and I grew up in Sweden, surrounded by the serene beauty of nature and the sublime craftsmanship of art and antiques our parents and grandparents collected throughout their lives. Our parents had a textile company called Denbo and their fabrics were used by many of the Danish mid-century designers that have become so sought after today. Many of them had been friends with our grand dad who had a furniture store in Copenhagen where he would sell their pieces. Read More>>

Adi Hed and Tamir Elghanayan

Tadibrothers was started while in college. We were selling all sorts of car electronics from radios to DVD players. We then added backup cameras to our product lineup. We soon discovered that the market needed a better solution for the need of backup cameras. There were few options and for a monitor you basically had to hack into a DVD player monitor. Read More>>

Greg Shukov

My career started earlier than most – it seems around 2 years old.. I was a technology nerd out of the gate. At 2, I had an Apple II in front of me. At 3 years old, I had a reputation for busting open my toys to find out what made them tick. Read More>>

Chuck Wolf

As a fine art dealer, starting with where I am today, and looking back to how I started is probably a little long, but somewhere back there I was traveling the country training sales teams how we shoot the Internet off of satellites, which was interesting. Next, I found myself buying internet companies for stock, and collecting options of my own which was all very exciting, in what some might remember as the dot com days. Read More>>

David Steinitz

In the late 1970s I took a trip to Europe and came back with a bunch of catalogs of furniture and lighting I wanted for myself. I was currently working in lighting for the local movie studios and running the lighting division of a studio rental company. looking at all the catalogs I brought back, one of them, a Dutch lighting company of many years and design awards stood out so much that I decided to open a little lighting showroom on the edge of Beverly Hills where we stayed for 4 years. Read More>>

Joani Stewart-Georgi

I went to design school at UCLA from 1978 to 1981. I graduated 1981 and had my first job as a guidance counselor for the Design Program. I was also in charge of the “job box”, so as soon as I saw an opening with a very successful designer, I took the job. I worked for several different successful designers to learn the ropes and gain some experience. Read More>>

Dario Ragnolo

Started the company about 1 year ago with my partner Francesco, we both had our parents running a cleaning company back in Italy and so we decided to open one in LA. Of course, the business in Italy was really different than LA. There is a lot of market here in Los Angeles as far as cleaning companies, lots of competition but at the same time lots of customers, and the market is growing. Read More>>

Bader Howar

Originally, I was an actress making my way through the Hollywood audition scene and working part time for master printer for one of L.A. top photographic printers. While working there, I was inspired by images taken by some of the city’s leading fashion and music photographers. Having been a theatre/ photography major in college it was time to pick up my camera and start shooting my fellow actor friends. Read More>>

Dmitry Lyubimov

After buying my first yacht, I always want to share that amazing experience with other people (that breathtaking views, unforgettable sunsets, cruising on a slow speed inside harbor or fast thru the ocean, priceless memories with family, friends, or a romantic date) so I started doing Yacht Charters, first with my own yacht. Business minded people always staying around each other, so a lot of my friends are the business owners. Some of them have exotic car rentals, some doing Limo transportation, and some doing cruises on a plane. Read More>>

Ms. Keyz

I started by walking away from a 17-year abusive marriage with my three daughters, having to fend for myself and them. I suffered from major hair loss and financial stress, so I started to take the minimum income that I did have, and make small investments in hair and started to purchase hair for myself. After a few bad investments, I saw an opportunity to invest and provide quality hair for other women in the community. Read More>>

Kady Weatherby

I am the founder of Pacific Elite Nannies. I am from a small Northern California town, and now reside in Huntington Beach. I was a career nanny for over ten years with nanny experience all over the USA and Australia. Read More>>

Monika Votavova

LA Luxury Home Staging is a sister company to a Remodeling and Design Management Inc., doing business for the past 15 years throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Because of a growing demand for our remodeling services we made the decision to expand into Home Staging services so we can provide our valued customers with more choices and options. And that’s where I decided to move forward and go back to school. Read More>>

Zee Smith

I worked with children and wanted to find a way to connect other people to families. I met a lot of educated, kind nannies who were great and I knew plenty of families so it became a natural matchmaking of sitters with families. I then also became a mother and experienced how using the service was helpful firsthand. Read More>>

Herbert Reyes and Pejman Sodouri

Herbert R: I’m originally from Lima, Perú and I’ve been living in Los Angeles for the past 10 years. It’s a funny and interesting story at the same time, I really believe that one creates its own path making the right choices at the right time. I consider myself as a risk-taker and perfectionist, ambitious individual. Read More>>

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