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West LA 4.3.2017

Rasta Asaru Khnum Alexander

It began its story with Founder Rasta Asaru and Co-Founder Khnum Alexander. The Creative House Gallery is a Non Profit Art Gallery with a goal of helping the Community Transition, Survive, Develop and Thrive through Art Access and Art Education. Read More>>

Keon Khatibi

Solter Plastics has been in business over 48 years, previously owned by Bill & Dick Solter. I took over the business in 2014 with little knowledge of plastics. I wanted to create a tailored plastic fabrication experience with my customers and create unique items that leaves them speechless. Read More>>

Marisa Esposito Noah Hunt

We met 4 years ago, and it wasn’t too long until we started making music together. Shortly thereafter, we decided to take the plunge and build a studio! We started in just one tiny room and built everything ourselves, we worked incredibly hard to turn a very modest little room into a professional magical bubble where people felt comfortable and inspired! Read More>>

Gwendolyn Williams

Greg went to welding school in Los Angeles, CA and became a certified welder at age 20. He worked for a few other welding shops before starting his own business. Read More>>

Tracy James

My interest in fitness was sparked in 2004. While in my third year of Art College, I started walking on a regular basis to get away from the computer and relieve stress. Read More>>

Sheryl Benjy

I’m an artist and I started my business 5 years ago when my friend asked me to teach her child and a few of his friends art. It grew from there. Read More>>

Karina Klimtchuk

Growing up across various parts of Europe instilled in me a very broad and holistic sense of the world. I spent much of my time traveling and learning in great depth about many facets of life. Read More>>

Lawrence Rouse

I started studying Kung-Fu San Soo around 1972 at the age of 19 from first generation Masters Larry & Sharon Wikel. I studied from the rank of white belt through black belt and nine levels of black belt to Master. Read More>>

Denise Mange

After a decade working at some of the most prestigious advertising agencies in New York City, Denise left the glitz and glamor of Madison Avenue to pursue a true sense of fulfillment and soul’s purpose, which she found working with dogs. Upon certification through traditional dog obedience training programs, she felt there had to be more that could be done to honor the connection between pups and their humans. Read More>>

Erin Eastland

I’ve always been drawn to this industry. In college, I had my first taste of the rush that comes from working in a fast paced kitchen and I was hooked. I worked making sandwiches at Provisions on Nantucket, a really popular lunch spot that had a line out the door from 10:30-1. Read More>>


I’ve been in practice for twenty-eight years specializing in chiropractic sportsmedicine. I have a wide experience treating athletes from various sports while participating as a staff doctor at Women’s Pro Beach Volleyball, American Jiu-Jitsu Association International Tournament, National In-Line Skating Series, Los Angeles Marathon, I.O.G.K.F. California Karate State Championship and World Oceanman Series. Dr. Yoser currently treats many yoga teachers throughout Los Angeles and is a chiropractic consultant to Maha Yoga studio. Read More>>

Christina Santini

I have always been interested in the medical aspects of foods – my mother was quite health conscious and researched a lot about nutrition as my dad had lung cancer due to smoking heavily. He was from a time where smoking was considered healthy back in the early days where it was introduced. Read More>>

Jasmine Moradfar

Growing up, I always loved being around children. In my eyes, there is nothing purer and free than a young child! That feeling you get when you watch them learn and grow can’t compare to anything else I’ve experienced in my life. However, I didn’t always know I was going to be a teacher. Read More>>

Guy Joseph Ale

Lifespan Seminar helps individuals to live their longest and healthiest lives. It’s a holistic approach that helps them understand the energy in their body and includes everyday skills of stress management, good nutrition, sufficient rest and active lifestyle. Read More>>

Susan Giosa

Well, I was a working, professional actress who had won several theater awards, and earned my name above the title, starring in the comedy, Breaking Legs, in New York, and touring for Neil Simon in Lost in Yonkers in the First National Tour. Read More>>

Lawrence Fung

Post dental school, I joined the US Navy to serve as a dentist for four years (two being overseas in Japan). I remember I had just come back for a week from Japan for a little R&R and had my first experience with Uber. I remember how much better I thought that was that taking a traditional taxi. Read More>>

Kristina Tabb

I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca. so I am no stranger to beautiful, natural, beachy hair. I was an accountant at a small firm in La Jolla, Ca. before packing up and moving to L.A., to pursue my passion for natural beautiful hair. Read More>>

Dustin & Stacey Cohen

It all started when we met at the beginning of dental school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We hit it off immediately and started dating by the second month of school. We sat next to each other in everyday in every class for the next 4 years Read More>>

Bobbe Dawson

Bobbe Joy has a passion for pushing the envelope in the development of color. Believing that makeup must be truly wearable, she custom-blends original lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, blushes and other essentials, which are far beyond the limited palettes of mass-produced brands. Read More>>

Ryan McComb

I grew up in South Florida before heading to Emory University for undergraduate studies in Spanish Literature. I then attended the University of Pennsylvania where I did research in education. Read More>>

Ericka Dotson

I was a hair extension stylist working in Austin, TX. I ran across this amazing premium, non-Remy human hair and thought it would be a great idea to sell it to my clients for convenience purposes. Read More>>

Chris Petroff

I began my hairstyling career graduating from the esteemed Paul Mitchell Academy with top honors, working with the advanced academy for both cut and color. At the age of 20, I started my working career by assisting at the world renowned Prive, one of LA’s trendiest salons. Read More>>

Jeannie Choi

I’m a Southern California native and a recovering commercial litigator. Looking for a creative outlet, and knowing there was more to life than a courtroom, I volunteered with various non-profits and soon after, found myself organizing and producing fund-raising events, like silent auctions, galas, etc. Read More>>

David Pressman

I began my professional career in NYC, working first for American couture women’s designer, Mary McFadden. Traveling around the country doing Trunk Shows (with 3 large trunks) at the top designer clothing stores from Fifth Avenue to Palm Beach, Tulsa, Tyler, Texas, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Boston, Beverly Hills and more catering to the political wives, celebrities and wives of very wealthy men. Read More>>

Alex Richardson

Like most, I moved to Los Angeles in hopes of fame and fortune haha. Found myself on many Hollywood sets as an extra (good lord). Met someone with pretty cool camera and was inspired to purchase a 5 megapixel Sony point and shoot. Read More>>

Louise Farnam

My 14 years of experience doing mosaic art led me to look for a way to channel my passion. I wanted to create a business and use my talents to craft custom invitation cards for my clients, making their events unique and memorable. Read More>>

Varina Bleil

Co-Founded in 1964 by world-renowned conductor Mehli Mehta, the American Youth Symphony (AYS) provides paid Fellowships that provide 21st century professional orchestral training to approximately 100 musicians who are selected through a highly competitive audition process and represent talent from all over the world. Read More>>

Joseph Crapanzano

I started my journey in NYC & Miami with restaurants and gourmet shops. While vacationing in California and sampled the local Italian food I felt I can put out a superior product than most. Read More>>

Kim Nguyen

Ever since high school where I planned functions, proms, and other big events it has been something that has followed me throughout my entire life. Whether it was corporate or personal, I’ve always loved to plan all sorts of events, trips and parties. Read More>>


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