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West LA 4.17.2017

Laura Cavallo

I played sports most of my life and excelled on the lacrosse field at UC Berkeley but it wasn’t until my late 20’s that I decided to pursue a career in the health and wellness field. My desire and ambition to help others stemmed from my own personal struggles with pursuing a healthy life. Read More>>

Jared Hughes

A Canton, Ohio native, Jared Andrew Hughes began his dance career at the age of 14, break-dancing under the instruction of Bobby Blaze (of the IllStyle Rockers). Instantly enamored with all things dance, Jared swiftly added to his B-boy talents; learning Ballroom, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Contemporary, Modern, and Hip-Hop. Read More>>

Shannon Harris, MPT

My initial inspiration to become a physical therapist was in my early 20’s, when a friend was experiencing neck pain. I touched the affected area to see if I could help. Read More>>

Tim Storms

I started gymnastics when I was four years old, and martial arts at 12. By 15, I was choreographing fights and stunts for local plays, television and student films. Read More>>

Jennifer Hamilton

I started as a young dancer at the age of 4 in my hometown just 45min outside of Los Angeles. I fell in love with dance and continued my training and passion year after year. Read More>>

Fae Gershenson

What is it like to run a company of real life Faerie Princesses? It’s pretty much exactly how it sounds. Each day that I walk into our ‘Faerie Office’ (our headquarters), I am still in awe. Read More>>

Teri Danz

My family was always musical. I grew up singing, dancing and was trained as a classical flutist. In college, I took a turn and majored in Speech (Communications & Therapy – BA) and received a Master’s in Education. Sometimes, though, the Universe has other plans. Read More>>

Samuel Rad

I was born in Iran during the Iranian Revolution. You know! The time where Americans were being held hostage at the Iranian Embassy. Definitely not a great place to raise children at the time, so my parents decided to run away to a place where they can raise their children without the threat of violence at their door. Read More>>

Monica Orozco

Like we said, the Argentines, “You don’t choose the tango, the tango choose you” I was born in BsAs, and at the age of 5, my family move to Uruguay. In one theater at that age I dance my first “Cumparsita”without knowing nothing. Read More>>

Margie Haber

With over 40 years of experience, I have been known as Hollywood’s top audition coach. While this is how I began my career, my philosophy empowers actors to create strong ‘characters’ for both auditions and booked roles in TV, film and stage, as well as finding their own power in their lives. Read More>>

Nathania Stambouli

Until August 2016, I was a marketing director for a wholesale liquidation company in Los Angeles, working in an office inside a warehouse making a good living, but I was checked out and uninterested in my work – I wanted to break free of the 9 to 5 grind but had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Read More>>

Johnny Latin

Johnny is the founder and creator of Latinva Dance Fitness. He is a talented performer and gifted teacher who came to the United States after a long and successful career in Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. Read More>>

Laurann Estevez and Chris Smith

We met while performing at an event in 2011. At the time, Laurann was working on her Bachelor’s degree in violin performance and Chris was a full time freelance music arranger. We quickly became friends and decided to start our own music business together. Read More>>

Brad Smith

When I started flying trapeze, I literally had no idea it was something I could do. I didn’t imagine that it was an option for someone not in the circus. After I found out about the trapeze school on the Santa Monica Pier, and took a class, I was hooked. Read More>>

Jackson Mou

I use to work at top 3 Japanese restaurants in New York as an apprentice. I always want to open a restaurant for my own. However, restaurant nowadays has too much overhead and cost. Read More>>

David Solesbee

I started in the food industry as a manufacturer of low-fat, frozen pizzas. I co-founded “Heaven’s Bistro” in 1996, and by 2000 we had a distribution network of over 2,200 retail locations, including Trader Joe’s, Costco, Walmart, Target, etc. However, after discovering that several unscrupulous partners had embezzled from the company, and a lengthy federal court case that followed (which I eventually won), I was forced to close the company. Read More>>

Antoine de Lartigue

Photography has always been a passion of mine, but I began to do professional headshots only a couple of years ago. As a child I was watching my dad work on his pictures (he was a photo journalist), and I have always been playing around with cameras. Read More>>

Sasha Tracy

After Leaving a career in the corporate world. I went out on a whim to explore the life of a photographer. I shadowed a few photographers and I was hooked. Read More>>

Katharine Hauschka

I was a naturalist in Vail, Colorado taking photos in my free time, and educating people about wildlife and nature for work. I then went to culinary school where I decided I’d work towards a Masters in Gastronomy then go to med school and become a Gastroenterologist, but photography found me during that time. Read More>>

David Cohan

I am the Founder and CEO of Pärdē Productions. I started my passion for design in my 8th Grade school Musical of Annie. Read More>>

Marcus Flanary

I began my career working behind the scenes in the TV and Film industry where everything always has to look good on camera. I have directed and produced a web series and short films in the indie scene. Read More>>

Noah Lewkow

The “Cappuccino Man” company started in Michigan in 1993 when my father, Elliot Lewkow, and our family moved from Los Angeles to the suburbs of Detroit. The original business plan was to sell espresso machines and coffee product to restaurants and cafes in the Metro Detroit area. Read More>>

Sara Khan

I grew up living a pretty nomadic existence. My father worked for an international company so we used to move around every few years, and ended up living in over nine different countries. Read More>>

Sarkis Takvoryan

At the age of 14, I started working at my father’s restaurants during summer break. I fell in love with the whole complexity of the culinary industry. Read More>>

Taka Narui

I was born and raised in Japan. When I was a kid I loved watching and helping my mom in the kitchen. She was a number 1 chef for my family. Read More>>

Rochelle L. Cook MA., ChT.

Rochelle L. Cook is a clinical hypnotherapist and consultant in spiritual psychology with a fresh and innovative approach to healing. Rochelle utilizes effective spiritual and traditional techniques of Hypnosis and Gestalt methods to ignite “Rapid Healing.” Read More>>

David Moradi

My vision is to provide personalized orthodontic care in a fun, friendly and nurturing environment for all my patients. I started my practice about 3 years ago with one dental chair and no patients. Read More>>

Lorene Boisvert

I arrived in LA from France in 2001. I was originally trained as a dentist there and I practiced for a few years. Read More>>

Corinne Asch

I’ve been in the beauty business for over 25 years. I’ve always been an artist. Pencil drawings being my favorite medium, so microblading was a natural progression for me. Read More>>

George Bovili

I was born in the Republic of Georgia in 1984. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 there was constant civil war in Georgia and living there became pretty unsafe. Read More>>

Steven Becker

I was born and raised in West LA and went to UCLA where I studied biology and psychology. I then went to the LA Chiropractic College and graduated in 1988. After school, I began my practice near Century City and decided that I wanted to stay in the area. Read More>>

Neda Rezapour

I had a ‘Best Buddy’ (volunteering program) in high school, a kid with Downs Syndrome. I remember spending most of my lunch time with him, especially during my senior year. Read More>>

Miriam Elyse

I grew up in northern California, lucky enough to be surrounded by nature and raised by a spiritual mother who introduced me to yoga and meditation at a young age. That foundation helped me to cope with the challenges in my personal life, including sexual harassment and emotional abuse, which lasted throughout my childhood. Read More>>

Brenda Barsumian

My grandmother was an interior designer and my mom was obsessed with interiors as well, so I was surrounded constantly by finishes, fabrics, all kinds of things growing up as a child. We were constantly looking at wallpaper, tiles, paintings, plants, pillows. Read More>>

Elaina Greenberg

I always wanted to go into medicine but never wanted to be a western doctor. When I left for college I did a year at a large university and was a Forest Conservation major. Read More>>

Shelley Cerny Lac

I grew up in a very tiny unincorporated town in Wisconsin, population 1106. I left as soon as I was of age and headed to larger cities to see what the world was all about. Read More>>


After my parents’ divorce, my mother left the Paris area to go to Dunkirk, in the north of France. I had a very hard time adjusting. I was 15 at the time and the move was unbearable to me. Read More>>

Sydney Weiss

An interview with Sydney Weiss about Mark Buys Damaged Cars. Our founder Mark Weiss, my dad, grew up surrounded by cars. Read More>>

Andria Sato

I started Lilikoi in 2007 out of my passion for graphic design, a love for ink on paper and an open heart for the cherished, handwritten note. After several years of experience with print media, a desire to own my own business, and my love for letterpress that started back in college, the opportunity to own a circa 1889 manual press presented itself and there was no turning back. Read More>>

Gina Raphael

Mickey Fine is family owned and we treat our customers and employees as part of our extended family. We have third generation customers and team members that have been with us over thirty years. Read More>>

Paul Murphy

When I was just 16 years old, I began my apprenticeship in the antique restoration and refinishing field in my hometown of Farnham – Surrey, England.  As a third generation restorer, I discovered my natural ability to bring out the beauty in antiques. In 1982, I moved from England to Los Angeles and brought with me my love for the restoration and refinishing trade. Read More>>

Jonathen Marder

I originally started working in the telecommunications industry in 1988 for US Sprint. In less than 3 months I became the companies top outbound sales representative . I held the status of “Top Outbound Sales Representative” for over a year. Read More>>

Fernando Armas

It all started when I was a kid 8-10 years old. My step father was a gardner and would occasionally trim his clients trees. Read More>>

Mike Paz

I graduated High School in 92 and had no clear direction on what I was doing with my life I started working a lot of odd jobs, construction, plumbing, warehouse, machining etc. 8 years later I met and starting dating a girl that was college bound and I decided to start taking some classes at a local JC purely so that she wouldn’t think that I was dumb. Read More>>

Etel Leit

I decided to share my story with you here so you will get to know me better before you work with me. What shapes each one of us is more than what we are now, more than what we wear or drive. It is the journey that created us, the laugher and the tears. Read More>>

Ron Dayan, MBID.

Ron Dayan, MBID, (Member British Institute Interior Design) is the mastermind of the renowned Beverly Hills Interiors. Ron possesses a wealth of expertise and experience, and is considered by many, worldwide, to be one of the foremost authorities within the world of Interior Design & Decoration. Read More>>

Sylvia Rath

26 years ago I started on in the world of Preschool with my own son. I joined a Coop for the low tuition only to find that there was so much more than childcare to Nursery School and so much more about community when you become a member of a cooperative. Read More>>

Michael Pang

I started Santa Monica Tech Support a year ago because I realized that there were a lot of people in the Santa Monica region who were not very tech savvy. Typically a lot of older Americans rely on their kids to help them with their tech support issues but their kids are not always available (sometimes they’ve moved very far away or are busy) so they can’t always help them or they get frustrated because of this gap between the generations in terms of tech. Read More>>

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