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West LA 3/6/2017

Shannon Brown

I began my career at Fairfax High school djaying all the events for the Cheer leaders. Once out of school I was able to Dj events with friends at other schools. Which lead to djaying one off parties with promoters doing shows with artist such as Young Mc, Paper Boy, and Dr Dre. Read More>>

Marcus Vinicius Di Lucia

I was born and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I first started training Judo at the age of 5. When I turned 18 I was still training Judo and started to learn Jiu Jitsu. I trained Jiu Jitsu at the Kioto Academy with Grand Master Mansor where I earned all of my belts. I am currently a 6th degree black belt. After a long successful career in Brazil, I decided to move to California in 1997 to start teaching at Beverly Hill Jiu Jitsu Club. Read More>>

Catherine DeUgarte

I was born in Romania and came to The USA at age 13. I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 3 years old. I did my college and medical School training at 7 year Boston University accelerated BA/MD program. Read More>>

Mandee Johnson

I grew up with a Canon AE1 always in my hand or around my neck. I spent hours behind my camera or in darkroom as a teenager. When I went to boarding school I built a darkroom, insulation and all, so I could keep shooting. Read More>>

David Licht

I was a lawyer. In 1991, I changed course and bought a small run down restaurant on P.C.H. It was called Topanga Beach Cantina. It served Mexican food. I had zero restaurant experience. My dad told me I was crazy. Read More>>

Eldon Hernandez

I change lives by changing the way people think about fitness; removing the fear, intimidation, and pressure of working out. As a Dominican-American raised in New York City, fitness and nutrition have been in my life since I was a child. Read More>>

Dr. Mukunda Karmacharya

I was born in Nepal, received Japanese Government Scholarship in 1965 and completed BS, MS, and PH.D. in engineering (civil). My father was an Aurvedic doctor in Nepal. Read More>>

Richard Alonzo

I grew up watching Saturday morning Kung Fu Theater with my brother, so martial arts classes were a natural solution for my parents when high schoolers in my school’s neighborhood would bully kids on campus after school. Read More>>

Patricia Perez

Andrew, Robert, and Patricia were lunch buddies who all worked as techies for their day jobs in Culver City. They all often wished there were a Pho restaurant near them. Nothing around the area offered the kind of taste that appeased their appetites, and the closest place from them were too far to visit during their lunch breaks. Read More>>

Sheree Swanson

As a single mom of two young children, I struggled with the notion of working full time and ultimately having my children spend more time with caregivers than their own mom. It was nonnegotiable to me that I spend a good amount time with my children, so that’s what I did. Read More>>

Alexa Parashos

I’d been practicing yoga since my early teens living in San Diego and always had an interest in maintaining a daily practice. I found that after years of work behind a desk working at length with computers I needed yoga and mediation in my life just to keep me sane. Read More>>

Logan Hofkamp

My venture into private yacht charters started entirely by accident. At the time I was working for an exotic car rental company in Los Angeles and while speaking to a client he asked me if I could refer him to any companies in the LA area which rented yachts. Read More>>

Emma Williams

I met my best friend and business partner at a CrossFit gym. 3 years later we now own our pasties and body stickers company Neva Nude. All of our products are made from swimsuit materials and last over 10 hours. Read More>>

Benjamin Allen

I have always been someone who loved to dance! It all started in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah scene and continued into High School as I attended 7 different proms. Guess the ladies liked a guy who could move. It wasn’t until college that I took my first official dance class. Read More>>

Marjan Sharshar

Juices and natural remedies to health issues have a long history in Iran, where I am from. I wanted to share a piece of my culture with the community that wanted to eat healthier, but didn’t have any options. Read More>>

Laura Gideon

I began my Career in the Fitness industry in 1981 as an “Aerobics Instructor” and then studio owner when I lived in a small shoreline town in Connecticut. I never realized that it would span 36 years of wearing “many hats” while earning an income helping people become healthy, vital and fit. Read More>>

Sheena Langford

I started my business because I was at a job I hated and I got tired of listening to people who didn’t have as many credentials as I do tell me what to do. I stumbled upon a seminar on how to create a hair business. Read More>>

Matt Thomas

From our Gotham roots in NYC we had a mission to bring great pizza to LA in 2005. With decades of experience in New York and our passion for pizza enabled us to create real New York City pizza in Los Angeles. Recognized as the most legit NY slice in Los Angeles by LA times, LA Weekly, Zagat and Food critics such as Pulizer Winer Jonathon Gold. Read More>>

Rachel Browning

I wasn’t always interested in fitness or health…when I was younger I loved fast food and hated exercise. I was an overweight teenager, and I never felt good about myself. When I turned 18 and moved out, I changed everything and dropped over forty pounds. Read More>>

Tony Pacheco

My first job after leaving the service (Air Force) was working as a driver sales for the Seven Up Bottling Company of Los Angeles. It was during this time that I took up Custom Tailoring as a hobby. I went to night school at L.A. Trade Tech to learn custom tailoring. Read More>>

Mario Vollera

I love Venice beach and I love pizza and wine. I got the opportunity to open a place and I did it, the community helped me so much. Read More>>

Patricia Nevil

I will never forget the meltdown panic I felt at the prospect of choosing a wedding gown as a 26 year-old. I was new to this country, basically a stranger living in El Paso, Texas. How was I supposed to find the “perfect” dress for my upcoming nuptials in this strange city with no one to give me their honest opinion? I then came to the sudden realization that the only opinion I had to acquiesce to, was my own. Read More>>

Joe Gorrie

After living in Venice for 12 years, my partner got a tenure-track position back East in New York. We sold our house, packed up, but I felt like before I left Venice for good, I wanted to do something crazy, out of the box — something I or anyone who knows me would never imagine myself doing. Read More>>

Armine Nazarian

I went to Dental School in the East Coast, to Tufts School of Dental Medicine and I moved from Boston after graduating in 1992. My family and I moved to Los Angeles area for the beautiful climate, relatives and friends who already lived here. My goal as a young 20 year old was to be in a profession that I could help others and make a difference in my community. Read More>>

Sepi Bakhtiar

I’ve been a licensed esthetician for over 25 years and I’m also a certified Reiki healer. For a long time, I was a stay at home mom, but I was always interested in the beauty industry, specifically skincare. Read More>>

Michael Balchi

The practice is owned by Dr. Maryam Talaie. She graduated from USC Dental School in 1996 and took over the Century Smile in 2010. With the help of her amazing team, she transformed the old dental office into a state-of-the-art facility that focuses on preventative and cosmetic dental treatment. Read More>>

Bernard Buenaventura

I started tattooing in 2009. Worked in Venice beach at Tattoo Asylum and then Modern ink in Inglewood. During those times I worked a few conventions and did a couple of guest spots at Guru Tattoo in San Diego. Read More>>

Holden Zalma

In 1994 I started as assistant athletic trainer at USC. I originally planned on going into the doctoral of Physical Therapy program at SC but saw that there was a gap not being met within medical world. There were spas that focused on pampering, Chiropractors that focus on the spine, PT whose treatments were limited to the doctors prescriptions and the orthopedics that were limited to injections, drugs or surgery. Read More>>

Joey Diamond

I have been with the company for 34 years. I started as a monogrammer and quickly moved into sales. Back then, there were five Savinar members and maybe eight other employees. The founder of the business back in 1916 was Harry Savinar. Read More>>

Nathalie Sampson

As a kid, I owned all kinds of lovable critters, from birds to guinea pigs, rabbits to turtles. I cannot pass a pet without petting it … I just love them all! After working 17 years in the corporate world for IBM, Microsoft, Autodesk and ConMed, I was disillusioned and needed a radical change. Read More>>

Laurence Segal

I started making handmade Culinary knives in 1996 and the people that ordered them from me we so impressed with the sharpness that they asked me to please sharpen their other knives. Read More>>

Daniel Raminfard

I’m an artist and teacher. I’ve been drawing and painting for 30 years. I have been teaching for about 15 years and I’ve personally taught over 750 students how to draw and paint. I started my art school in my dad’s garage in 2002. Read More>>

Dr. Payam Tizabgar

I received my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Roseman University in Henderson, Nevada in 2005. I moved back to Los Angeles shortly after and became a manager for one of the busiest chain pharmacies in Southern California. Read More>>

Bebe Chianni Lin

Growing up in Taiwan, Bebe Chianni Lin’s interest in and experience with Oriental healing practices began when she was very young. Taiwan is a society deeply rooted with the Chinese culture and Chinese Medicine. Read More>>

Camie Beattie

My husband, Brandon Beattie, the owner of Breezeway Air Duct Cleaning, has been doing air duct cleaning for the homeowners of Los Angeles for a very, very long time… He recruited me to come work with him many years ago – at the time I was the Vice President of Promotion & Marketing for Alpha Structural, Inc., the #1 hillside and foundation repair contractor in Southern California, which also just so happens to be my father’s company, Dave Tourje. Read More>>

Sean Main

After a 25 year career in Hollywood, almost 20 of them self-employed, my time had come to an end. The first two companies that I started grossed between 3-4 million per year, but my third was a spectacular failure. Read More>>

Mark Verge

When we purchased the building, the Ocean Park Hotel was run down and looked upon unfavorably in the residential neighborhood where it is located. We quickly learned that the hotel business can be challenging and through trial and error, developed a strong management team to lead the hotel in a new direction. Read More>>

Christ & Hana Lewkow

We are two sisters who always dreamed of opening a preschool of our very own. With 15 plus combined years as Lead Teachers and Directors at prior preschools under our belts, we decided to take a leap of faith and open a quaint, boutique-style preschool on our property in the Culver City/Playa Vista neighborhood. Read More>>

Eliona Cela

They met, fell in love, got engaged, quit their jobs, spent all their money traveling … and then began to plan their wedding. With no money and visions of a wedding full of sentimental meaning and charm…..and lots of pretty things, Jackie & Shaun, began to collect items that would eventually create the backdrop for one of the happiest days of their lives. Read More>>

Claudia Warren

Santa Monica Plastics, LLC is owned by Eric and Claudia Warren who established their company in Santa Monica, California in December of 2011. Bruce Zelesnik, the lead sales representative, with his significant plastics industry experience, has also been integral to the company. Read More>>

 Angela Oh

In 2013, my husband at the time wanted a divorce. I didn’t. The divorce was inevitable though because I was miserable and in a constant mode of fear. Anxiety, stress, panic and blame became my best friends and safety net. I knew I had to do something to relieve the lowest vibrations I have ever felt in my life. Read More>>

Andrei Gorbis

I started as early as five with my first computer. Exploring Radio Frequency to technology, Electromagnetic technology and following the developments of fiber-optics across the world. Read More>>

Shelby Blecker

Started SLB Printing in 1984 at the age of 24. Prior to starting SLB Printing, I was the operations manager at Shazzam Visuals and worked there from 1976 to 1981. Since 1984, SLB Printing has been providing printing to a wide range of clients across the United States. Read More>>

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