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West LA 2.20.17

Sevana Petrosian

I started in a tiny salon in Glendale. Was renting a room at my ex-boyfriend’s mom salon. I had a room and one machine and my goal was to just make enough money to make my next months rent but within just a few months I was fully booked. It hasn’t always been an easy road. We now are opening our 4th location. Read More>>

Mariah Kraft

I started doing makeup for my friends and family when I was in high school. I knew word got around that I was pretty good when some girls who went to another school called and asked if they could hire me to do their hair and makeup from prom. It was my first paid makeup gig and it made a big impression. Read More>>

Kelley Baker

I was a brow artist of 4years and looking for ways to start my own product line because everything I used didn’t suit my needs. My mother offered her last 10k from her 401k savings to help and the rest is history! I opened up my own salon in 2011. Read More>>

Kam Mitchell

Kam and Mitchell founded Green Truck 10 years ago to make organic food accessible and affordable for all. Today the business has grown into a full-scale catering company and food truck commissary which houses Green Truck and our Healthy Asian Food Truck – Ho-Lee-Chow. Read More>>

Marco Ochoa

For true artists, there is always a way. In the case of Marco Ochoa, his creative spirit awakened at the tender age of 13. He had a gift but no fancy pencils to draw with so he improvised and used his mother’s makeup to begin creating portraits. Through those initial drawings, he came to understand the intricate angles of a woman’s face. Read More>>

Kazumi Morton

I moved to Los Angeles at the young age of 21 from Kyoto, Japan with the burning desire with only 1suitcase to explore the world. When I moved to California I spoke not a word of English, I went to English school and soon after I attended Vidal Sassoon Academy to study hair, hair was always my hobby and passion. Read More>>

Allen Ashouri

I’ve loved business from a very young age. Whether it was setting up lemonade stands, trading Pokemon cards to get the best (since I couldn’t afford to buy as many as my friends), or selling custom CDs as a kid. It felt good being independent for my own costs and lightening the burden on my family from the age of 13. Read More>>

Vivienne Vella

Soupure was a simple idea conceived during a lunch between myself and co-founder, Angela Blatteis when we both ordered a disappointing bowl of soups at a local restaurant. Both having had family members who took ill from cancer, we discussed the healing power of soups and we lamented over the challenge it has become to get TASTY, nutritious soups without cream or preservatives. Read More>>

Kelly Bender

My business partner, Dr. Heath McAllister, and I have always been passionate about helping people heal, not just manage symptoms but actually become healthier and stronger. Read More>>

Kazia Cumbler Robyn Murgio

We both religiously attended our own mother’s groups when our babies were born and these meetings were the beacons in our stormy waters of early parenthood. We both gained so much from the experience of having a weekly date with a comforting group of sympathetic moms and learned so much about parenting from the group leader. Read More>>

Sally Monroe

I started entertaining as a child and began training other entertainers and planning parties about 15 years ago. We have Silly for teaching others how we do what we do and training our own entertainers. Read More>>

Steve Spill

I’ve been a magician since forever, and the idea for Magicopolis came to me from sleeping around. I love Santa Monica and knew it would always be my home… unfortunately I wasn’t at home often, by necessity, of course. I was on the road 300 days a year. Read More>>

Thomas Hill

Intent Productions actually began in London where it continues to thrive. I myself joined that company in 2008. I was quickly appointed as a director and very early on expressed an interest in introducing our services to the United States. Read More>>

Nick Armstrong

In 1998 six guys from the improv group Mission IMPROVable at UMASS Amherst moved to Chicago, the Mecca of improv, to continue to learn and perform the art of improvisation. Read More>>

Lila Delkhah

Professionally, I’ve been a photographer for 13 years, initially focusing on musicians, head shots, and editorial work for major publications, starting at the World Famous KROQ 106.7FM radio station. Read More>>

Lexi Quintero

It all started in 2012 when I was working as an oncology nurse at Beverly Hills Cancer Center. My mom got diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer shortly after I started working for BHCC, and although I had been a nurse for a few years already, my newfound fear of losing my mother changed the way I saw things at work. Read More>>

Kara Bertok

I started singing karaoke when I was two years old on my grandmother’s 8-Track karaoke machine. You could say I got hooked at a pretty early age. I’ve always loved performing and singing. Read More>>

Benny Borsakian

The Best Mexican Food in LA is Right Here at Benny’s Tacos. Benny’s Tacos and Mexican Food recipes have come from years of travel and experimenting with only the freshest ingredients to make sure our food is unique and authentic! Each of our dishes are handcrafted and cooked to perfection while making sure each dish is consistent and individualized to your order. Benny’s Tacos is more than just tacos. Read More>>

Jay Scollon

Restaurants and cooking grabbed my interest at a young age. As a teenager I became involved in the restaurant life and their was no turning back and no regrets. My career path has guided me to contrasting (and all beautiful) places. From the playboy mansion to dude ranches, and a few places in between. Read More>>

Radek Rosiak

I am originally from Poland and I was playing tennis since I was a little kid and always had a dream to achieve something in this sport. I was playing in national tournaments and also trying many international Futures and Challenger tournaments. Read More>>

Lara Estrada

I started practicing yoga in 2007 after a friend from work invited me to join her for class. I distinctly remember laying on the floor at the end of class in a spinal twist and feeling blissed out. I was hooked! For years growing up, I trained in dance, played softball, and was always athletic. Read More>>

Keary Ann Bixby

I am very passionate about personal fitness. Everyones body has different needs and finding the right program is my specialty. I founded two Los Angeles based health and wellness businesses and have been involved in health and fitness since an early age. Read More>>

Annalisa Mastroianni Johnson

Annalisa Mastroianni Johnson is an impressive Los Angeles businesswomen in the foodservice industry. Prior to buying Gotta Have S’more, she ran and continues to run Annie’s Edibles, a top gourmet meal delivery and catering service popular with entertainment and technology businesses in Hollywood and Silicon Beach. Read More>>

Jeff Glass

Rider Shack is a Family owned business that began with a big dream and a small humble beginning. We began with a dream to pursue something we love and wanted to share our passion. In November of 2006 we opened Rider Shack. Read More>>

Sanad Rashed

Hello tennis enthusiasts, I am Sanad Rashed, originally from Tripoli, Libya. I moved to the U.S. (Los Angeles, CA) about 5 years ago, I was a dentist who came to the U.S. to continue post-graduate dental studies. Read More>>

Lydia & Alex Baikalov

“Can you believe this?” – we find ourselves asking each other this questions often when we think of how far we’ve gotten from when we started our business. We are siblings, brother and sister, and photography and film-making have been our hobbies for most of our lives (Lydia: Although still longer for me as I’m older!). Read More>>

Sheryl Utal

Before I found yoga I was unhappy and suffering from many common physical and emotional issues, stress anxiety, autoimmune conditions, toxic relationships and lack of purpose. I didn’t even really know who I was. When I began my journey with yoga it immediately changed my life. Read More>>

Bryan Kest

Aloha, I am Bryan Kest, owner of Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation and, located in Santa Monica, CA. I am 52 years old and I was born in Cleveland, OH and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I was very fortunate to move to Hawaii at the age of 14. Read More>>

Rose Stepa

In 2007 new owner Rose Stepa took over a studio in la Lubas Tailoring and the studio took off with altering suits and gowns for the public and the many talents of the Hollywood and music industry of Los Angeles. Read More>>

Morris Polonski

George Meyer TV and Stereo was started in West Los Angeles in 1964. I bought the business from its second owner in 1987. We serviced lots of televisions, boom boxes, headsets. and other 1980’s vintage consumer electronics back then. Read More>>

Dan Khoury

I began my career in the late 60’s operating mainframe computers that at the time took up a full floor of office space. I work in the first commercial high-rise building in downtown Los Angeles Occidental Center that is now the AT&T Center on Olive and 12th street. Read More>>

Angie Ramirez

It began about 8 yrs ago in San Diego, when i took an interest in pet grooming. I worked for a few Private and Corporate salons, and realized i wanted a different environment for our Furry friends. I was looking for a fun, safe, clean and happy place where pet can socialize as the wait to get pampered. Read More>>

Robert Litvak

My father graduated from the University of Buffalo Pharmacy School in 1932, where they taught him about homeopathy. Our family moved to Los Angeles in the Fall of 1943. My father passed the state boards one year later and purchased Santa Monica Drug Company at the corner of 4th & Broadway in downtown Santa Monica. fyi – my mother worked alongside my father and was coming into the pharmacy at the age of 90. Read More>>

Austin Adabi

Started in 1979 building furniture. continuing in furniture design and manufacturing. Working with leather and leather restoration. all was a self-taught journey. Read More>>

Albert Steptoe

Well how that started in business so it was something that I never thought I would ever do it, it was just an idea I used my mom’s Bissell carpet cleaner and while I was cleaning my apartment I decided to do a carpet cleaning company I figured that I knew a lot of people there for that would get me started in that direction and as it goes it did and as I progressed and save more money people where getting the word out more and more and my company started to grow and I started to buy better equipment to where I am Read More>>

Gary Harutyunyan

Gary (the “G” in G&V Tailoring) grew up in Armenia leaning how to tailor. He spent time in Europe working for various tailors, and met his wife Varsik (the “V” in G&V Tailoring) in 2005. Over the years, Gary developed a faithful following among American expatriates wanting to take advantage of inexpensive high-quality fabric in Armenia to have custom suits and coats made. Gary and Varsik immigrated to LA in 2008, with Gary beginning at Rudolf Valentina Tailoring in Venice. Read More>>

Lisa Mueller

My partner, Matthew Mueller and myself started Toddle Tunes® in Feb of 2008 with a dream to share our love and passion of music to children of all ages. We were both experienced musicians from different backgrounds which seemed to compliment each other well. Read More>>

Frank Songhorian

At the age of 27, I moved to the United States in 1980 with literally nothing in my pocket. Standing in the middle of times square, I realized I had nowhere to stay, and ended up spending my first night in New York on a bench in Central Park. On my second day of searching for a job and place to stay, I was offered one by a restaurant owner. Read More>>

Baolin Wu

Dr. Baolin Wu is a Daoist (Taoist) Master, Physician and martial artist from the White Cloud Monastery in Beijing, which for almost a thousand years has been one of the most respected centers in China for the study and practice of Daoist philosophy and medicine. Read More>>

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