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West LA 11.13.2017

Marina Feldman-Schwartz

I am a Russian-born jewelry designer based out of Los Angeles. I have honed my craft through the past 25 years in the United States, Russia and throughout Europe, completing seed pearl jewelry restoration projects for Sotheby’s, Christie’s, numerous antique jewelry stores worldwide, as well as private estates. Read more>>

Soheil Levi

I was thirteen years old when Iranian revolution happened and my parents in pursuit of a better life for me encouraged me to leave Iran. But then war broke out and they would not allow any young Jewish families to leave Iran especially if you are approaching draft to the army age. Read more>>

Jackie Robbins

I started Leather Waves in 1975 and was one of the founding businesses in the Malibu Country Mart, built by the famous Los Angeles fashion retailer Fred Segal. I opened my custom leather boutique with one pair of suede bell-bottomed pants, a patchwork saddle-bag styled purse, a sewing machine and a lot of enthusiasm. Read more>>

Karina Gian Atma

I have always searched a clean holistic way to nourish my body, I just didn’t know it existed. For me, it was never a diet, but I did as a teenager have bad skin when I lived in England, I wasn’t eating well, that together with the fact that I did not have tools to manage my emotions, my anxieties more so. Read more>>

Robert Graves

So in essence, there are two types of leaders in the service. Those who are the Gung Ho I-Live-By-the-Strict-Code-of-the-Service… they got perfect scores on their physical fitness test, they won meritorious boards because of all the knowledge they could retain and all the trouble they seemed to stay out of (or never got caught doing), and then there’s the Troop Handlers. Read more>>

Carine Camara

I have always wanted to be of service to people since I was a child. It was a matter of finding a modality that I loved. After college, in my mid-twenties, I looked into various health professions. Read more>>

Blanca Michaels

I always had a passion for the beauty industry. ALl my life I’ve enjoyed helping others. My oldest sister who has been in this industry for a long time really inspired me. After my schooling, I did some internships in two med spas in Beverly Hills. Read more>>

Lee Dyson

Originally, I started as a nightclub DJ working in the Midwest, Miami and Los Angeles. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing mentor that taught me so many fundamentals about how much impact a DJ has on their environment. Read more>>

Kevin Mangold

With dreams of becoming the next Michael J. Fox, I moved to Los Angeles the day after my high school graduation to attend the USC Bachelor of Fine Arts Theatre Program. Thirty-something years later, while failing to reach Michael J. Fox status, I can say that I have managed to build an enjoyable life in Hollywood working in the entertainment industry. Read more>>

Jamie Tian

During my senior year at UCLA, I decided to obtain my real estate license and was quickly recruited by the prestigious luxury real estate brokerage Rodeo Realty. I had already been accepted with scholarships to law school, but at the same time my real estate business took off. Read more>>

Kelly Lyans Richardson and Dana Marie Lazzareschi

The idea originated from my (Kelly’s) aunt, who works at a preschool in Glendale. She said there was a dance teacher that came into her school once a week, to teach Hip-Hop to the kids, the parents paid the teacher directly, like her own little business. Read more>>

Amy Lawrence

Life never happens according to plan. Ever since I was 8 I wanted to be a musician. I earned my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance at The Boston Conservatory. Towards the end of my third year, I started losing my voice which I later found out was due to a cyst on my vocal cord, surprise, you’re welcome. Read more>>

Afshin Beyzaee

I have always enjoyed finding creative solutions to problems. From the time I was a child, I would look at rules–whether it was something from my parents, at school, or in playing a game–and try to think of what I could do reach my goal with the least amount of effort. Read more>>

Justin Klosky

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “life’s a journey, not a destination.” I am where I am today, because I have found love in the journey. I reached many destinations in my past only to realize that the destination switched mid travel. Read more>>

Eli Satra Shans

As far as I can remember, I have always had a passion for real estate. When I left Israel, my native country, and moved to the United States 18 years ago, I made the decision to dedicate my education path towards this goal. Read more>>

Annie Babin

I moved to LA from San Francisco following the dot-com crash in 2001. I was working as a freelance motion graphics artist, so as agencies and post-production houses went out of business, LA seemed like my only option. Read more>>

Lauren Johnson and Marissa Mandel

In 2012, Marissa and I were sitting at our dining room table congratulating ourselves on our dinner made from organic produce, grass-fed beef, etc. I looked at the glass of wine and my hand. “What about this?” I asked her. Read more>>

Dr. Tanya Kormeili

I remember what was a turning point in my love as a child very vividly still. I was in the third grade, and could not have loved my grandmothers anymore than life itself. I rushed to greed my paternal grandmother, and asked her what she had brought back from the store for me. Read more>>

Lana Antonova

I was born and bred in Saratov, Russia. At 15, my family and I moved to Melbourne, Australia. Driven and ambitious with a hint of stubbornness, I was infected with an “acting bug” in Australia. I came to LA to find fame and fortune. Read more>>

Dan Stueve

I got started because I was unhappy in my previous career. I was in the Law field. I was looking for a change in my life, both professionally and personally. I didn’t know what I wanted to do but many people would encourage me to try real estate. Read more>>

Anthoni Allen

My story dates back to my high school days. Bring an innovative and creative person at an early age led to what now is an AMAZING Career. College years at Clark-Atlanta University, dropping out to pursue my dreams, was offered a job after my junior year internship at MTV’S TRL and it kinda just unfolded from there… Read more>>

Daniel Byun

In December of 2001, two friends decided to start an educational consulting firm that would make a difference. Combining professional acumen and extensive volunteer experience, they created FLEX College Prep, an innovative model for elevated college preparation that is both holistic and intimate in its approach. Read more>>

Riley Rhodes

Riley has worked with the wine Industry of Malibu for over 12 years beginning as a server for a high end Oceanside restaurant with an extensive wine cellar and eventually ending up as the General Manager for Rosenthal Tasting Room on Pacific coast highway. Read more>>

Dr. David Alessi

Grew up in Philadelphia then a suburb of Detroit. Graduated Michigan State Honors College with degree in Biochemistry. Wayne State University for med school. UCLA for Head and Neck surgery which included Facial Plastic surgery. Board Certified Facial Plastic surgery and Otolaryngology/ Head and Neck Surgery. Read more>>

Sara Gepp

I started with Apple Retail at one of the first retail stores as a Mac Sales Specialist. I loved working with customers and at that time, people were switching from P.C. to Mac and the iPod had recently come out. Read more>>

Ben Mansouri

I have created “MagnaBid” knowing doctors’ frustration with existing medical marketing solutions. I found that health industry middlemen were prohibiting patients from securing procedures at affordable prices and doctors were stuck seeking new patients through inconvenient sites like Groupon and Yelp. Read more>>

Carmen Margaziotis

When I got my first paycheck in the entertainment business, I wanted to spend it on an acupuncture treatment. Growing up my best friend’s dad was an acupuncturist so, I always heard about it. It sounded like magic in a lot of ways. Read more>>

Kamil Rehman

In 2007, as a futures markets trader, the markets used to take a break at 1:15 pm here in Los Angeles for a few hours till Tokyo and the after-hours markets opened. During that gap, after a quick lunch, usually at some fast food place, I have a body that’s almost 75% Carl’s Jr. spicy chicken sandwich and 25% jalapeño poppers, thank God I run, I used to head straight to Rancho Park Golf course to work on my golf game! Read more>>

Cristina Luca and Michelle Barrios

We met in college studying music at Loyola Marymount University. Our friendship and passion for music led us to become colleagues only a few short years after graduating. In 2012, Cristina became involved with South Bay Music Together as a teacher, and shortly after brought Michelle on board. Read more>>

Peppe Miele

Peppe is an acclaimed Los Angeles-based restaurateur and chef. Born in Naples, Italy he grew up in a city renowned for its culinary traditions. The art of cooking that is synonymous with the Neapolitan heritage has been an integral part of his success in the food industry. Read more>>

Guy Camilleri

Intimacy and the joy of an authentic moment are at the heart of Guy’s work. It is this rawness that has earned him the enviable reputation as Los Angeles’ premier acting coach to whom artists gravitate for assistance when in need of exploring the human condition without judgment and hidden agendas. Read more>>

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