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West LA 1.20.17

Georjeana Mesica

After graduating USC with a B.A in Communications and getting a post-graduate degree in Graphic Design at FIDM, I started in the fashion industry designing graphic t-shirts. While fashion has always been a driving force for me, I left the industry after 8 years designing for major denim and athleisure brands because I found it to be too predictable. I wanted a career with more life, Read More>>

Dersu Rhodes

I grew up in Montana sketching on napkins with my dad while we waited for our food at restaurants. He is an architect and my mom is an artist so art was a big part of our childhood. I went to The University of Victoria and studied Fine Art, History of Art and Film. Read More>>

Kristen Stokes

I’ be always loved photography since I was a little girl, I remember to this day getting a Barbie camera from my mom for Christmas when I was 5 years old. I never considered it something I could pursue. Until I signed up for a photography class in community college, I’ve always been interested in the arts but photography was instantly my passion. Since then, I loved getting my friends together to be my models, because I had ideas coming into my mind left and right. Read More>>

S A K Boun

I purchased an SLR for my then fiance for her birthday as a gift a while back. She said, it had too many buttons and told me to play with it. The rest was history. Read More>>

Shea Lewis

I dropped out of Art College half way through because I found more value in online resources to help me grow as a creative. As a result, I immediately went straight to work in the design industry. While working in the industry I found it very hard to obtain recognition while being so young and new within the industry. I also saw an absence of culture or leadership at other companies I worked at prior. So I set out to create my own shop with creatives who are motivated and want to build amazing products at the end of the day. Read More>>


Maddie Nieman

I started my career as a graphic designer at a marketing agency. As much as I loved some of the work I was doing, and the people I was doing it with, I was starting to feel a little restless in my position. I knew I wanted to do more with my design career, but wasn’t sure what that would be yet. Read More>>

Don Bell

Time is the only entity in life that can’t be conquered, compromised or controlled. For that reason, a picture isn’t worth a thousand words, it’s worth a moment in Time. I’m obsessed with capturing fleeting moments and appreciating them to the fullest. Read More>>


Alana Hale

Fresh out of design school in 2008, I launched a couture inspired concept line under my own name. With my namesake collection, I showed in Los Angeles and London Fashion Weeks and created one-of-a-kind pieces for celebrity stylists and fashion editorials. Read More>>


Paul Farino

I got into design by accident. When I was in high school my father had a mortgage company in Long Island, NY(where I grew up). He commissioned a local design firm to create a logo. Unsatisfied with the logo and branding strategy, I created various iterations of what would be a new logo for my father’s firm. Read More>>

Alexis Rawlins

We started our shop 2 years ago when I made my husband a card for valentine’s day that said “To My Significant Otter’ on it. He thought I bought it, and when I told him I made it, he said I needed to start a whole shop! He was looking for work at that time after a layoff, so we were struggling back then and looking for opportunities. So that’s what I did, I created a line of cards focused on funny animal puns and food puns and opened a shop on Etsy. Read More>>

Eti Elison

I’m a Skin Therapist (Esthetician) with 25 years experience in Skin Care.I have trainings and license from 3 different centuries.In Los Angles I been working with many doctors and med spas until two years ago I decided to go solo and it was the best decision I made. Read More>>

Raisa Howard

We started in 1992 providing health care for women and quickly became the nurse practitioner to go to in west la. Soon after our patients wanted to get anti-aging and skincare services because Lora of skin issues are hormone related and we have expended in cosmetic dermatology. Thus the La Skincare center as a separate entity was born at the same location. Read More>>

Gina Rivera

Phenix Salon Suites is changing the Salon Industry. Founded by a family of Salon Professionals with over 85 years of Salon Industry experience, Phenix Salon Suites is poised to be the premier provider of Salon Suite concepts throughout the United States and Internationally. With over two dozen salon Professionals within the family, Phenix Salon Suites has a first-hand understanding of the Salon Industry. Read More>>

Brigitte Tolson

I began my journey in esthetics joining forces with a friend to start a day spa in Palm Springs, CA over 15 years ago. I wanted to expand my business and explore my passion for helping people’s skin, so I eventually moved back to Los Angeles and pursued being a facialist as well as becoming a cosmetic surgery technician full time. Read More>>

Bree Solomon

We started Black Diamond Tattoo in 2008, it was myself and Charly Reynoso (my partner) with a team of a couple artists we knew in the area. We literally started the shop from the ground up, the space was empty, even the floor was unfinished. We had this vision of what a great shop should be, full of great talent and friendly people inside an inviting and open space. Read More>>

Neddy Rodriguez

I started out as a Make-up 12 years ago. It was working on set, using various mediums and products; from cosmetics to paint, to latex on faces, that’s how my journey with skin began. Often, the actors or models after a long day of shooting would ask for suggestions on how to care for their skin. Read More>>

Marc Christopher

When I was in school I won this Photography contest and got the opportunity to work with some major designers in Spain. I lived there for a year and when I got back to the states I got a position with an up and coming makeup company as a Global Makeup Artist. Read More>>

Anna, Dawn and Jules Tidball, Palomino and Hebert

We met at a spa we had all worked at for several years previous to opening up our own location.We were all ready for personal growth and a new challenge in our careers, so we sat down together and shared each one of our specific visions for what we wanted to create in a boutique spa. Read More>>

Meg O’Hare

Meg O’hare Beauty is a Mobile Luxury Beauty Services company servicing Santa Monica and the greater Los Angeles area. MOB is roughly 2 years old, and they represent roughly 20 artists and growing. What makes MOB stand apart from other companies is the high-quality Industry level professionals that work for the brand. Read More>>

Natalie Lapidus

Our story started in 2013, when my husband (Ruslan Balashov) and I played the first escape room in Russia, Moscow. It was an amazing experience, we both really loved it. After half a year we decided to open our own escape room, but Moscow was overwhelmed with it. So we monitored the market in the US and thought it would be a great move. Read More>>

Noelani Riehle

I worked in the entertainment industry for almost ten years before I left my job to open A Magic Forest. I was ready for a change and wanted to do something that would give me more flexibility to be with my daughter, who was then 2. Building A Magic Forest was actually an impulsive, lightbulb moment kind of idea. Read More>>


Jon Chua

The fashion photographer behind On Location Group began developing film more than 20 years ago. He’s changed with the times, though, mastering digital photography and creating his own unique style using a combination of natural sunlight and a high-end digital studio flash system. Read More>>

Ben Kadkhoda

I worked at a few independent pharmacies and realized that I would be able to do better with regard to customer service. At that point, I saved up and decided to open Allure Pharmacy with my partner’s who are my brother and my parents. Read More>>

Eric Crowley

Chef Eric Jacques Crowley is a seasoned, professional chef and the founder, owner and chef instructor at his dynamic cooking school, Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom, where he has shaped the careers of many professional chefs. He graduated with honors from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Read More>>

Jonathan Bijur

reDiscover Center was founded in 2004 to provide recycled materials for art and creativity to schools, artists, and families in Los Angeles. A group of parents and teachers came together to share expertise on creatively reusing waste and scrap for education, unlocking kids’ creativity while diverting thousands of pounds of material from the landfill. Read More>>

Matt Worley

There are two stories that are important here. First is the founder’s Story. Rob Herzog, the CEO/Founder of ZogSports started ZogSports in NYC after 9/11. Rob worked for a company of 295 people on the 96th floor of Tower One at the World Trade Center. That floor is where the first plane entered the building. Read More>>


Martin Squires

I fell on hard times and was living in an RV in Santa Monica. I started by helping other surf lessons operators with lessons, then slowly venturing out on my own. I started with 1 beat up board and a few old ratty wetsuits, 7 years later and I now I have 5 vintage VW buses that I operate my business out of, I buy about 100 new boards and 400 new wetsuits each year and run the #1 surf school in Venice and one of the top surf schools in the world. Read More>>

Mary Montague

I grew up in Townsville, Australia and as a dual citizen, I moved to the US for college. I earned my Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Special Education and worked as a Special Education teacher for the Beverly Hills Unified School District for eight years. I was a serious dancer growing up, primarily Ballet, but in my adulthood, I developed a love for Pilates and Yoga. Read More>>




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