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West LA 05.22.2018

Natasha Feldman

YES. Ok, let’s start with where I am. I currently eat a lot of salads and cookies, drink copious amounts of tea and sometimes host cooking shows. I am really interested in the intersection between cooking and comedy and trying to figure out exactly how they meet and want to encourage people to cook at home more frequently with humor. Read more>>

Elissa Huang, Cristina Gomez

We got the idea of creating our blog when we met in college. We both went to Pepperdine University and had several classes together in marketing and advertising. From the beginning, we both shared the same passion and interest in fashion, and it was when we were about to graduate that we thought of creating our fashion blog! Read more>>

Janie Schwartz, Dina Litt

Dina Litt and Janie Schwartz – both born & raised Southern California girls – met through their kids more than 7 years ago, and became fast friends. Dina attended one of Janie’s trunk shows and as she walked around the mini curated marketplace she noticed the feeling of women truly enjoying each other, connecting both socially and professionally along side a true tactile shopping experience. Read more>>

Matt Dajer

When I was 19 I read Richard Branson’s autobiography ‘Losing My Virginity’ and it changed my life. After reading it, I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur. So, I started 4 different businesses in 4 years which all failed. Read more>>

Rocio Villalobos

Well, as a bit of a gypsy and explorer at heart, I have a story or two in my past – But by far what has shaped me the most both personally and professionally has been my upbringing in a tight-knit Peruvian-American household. Read more>>

Raquel Rodriguez

My name is Raquel Rodriguez, I was born and raised on the Westside of Los Angeles, the 310. I started to pursue music at a young age when I began taking piano lessons early on. The piano lessons led me to choir classes in school, which eventually left me wanting more. Read more>>

Shelby Rogowski

I guess I have always been an artist. I took an early year-round interest in musicals when all of the other kids were playing with dolls and practicing sports. I loved the movie Grease and would put on full reproductions of it with my friends. Read more>>

Henry Edward Hall

I retired in 2010 from 30+-yr careers in sales of media/marketing services within newspaper/radio; e-commerce & financial services industries. Restless in retirement I decided to transition college photography classes into a PT job. Read more>>

Phil Koosed

I started out selling T-shirts in college as a way to make some money. During spring break one year, when the rest of our friends were in Cabo, my business partner and I decided to head to an industry trade show and see what this whole promo industry thing was about. Read more>>

Roy Yerushalmi

I was working as a builder and I had a good friend who worked with me in my previous life. He was working as a windows and doors sales person and was providing me with a great service. When his company was purchase by the competition, I was not getting the in the level of service I was used to. Read more>>

Ross Gerber

Following the financial crisis of 2008, the world was in need of a new type of financial firm that they could truly trust again. That is when Danilo Kawasaki and myself decided to pledge our new business to ensure that we always have our clients best interest in mind. Read more>>

Paul Rahimian

Paul Rahimian is a 3rd generation real estate developer and general contractor, who successfully built projects in Southern California for over 21 years. In 2009, he started lending on construction projects as a direct Lender. Read more>>

Joe Killinger

I moved to California in the 1980s, skipping the last couple years of college to seek work. When I first came to California, I needed to make money right away and had no real experience. My first job was with Stride-Rite shoes in Laguna Hills mall during the day, and working in telemarketing most nights. Read more>>

Tony Chan

Ampere Motor USA launched their revolutionary $9,900 electric city roadster at the Los Angeles International Auto Show in November 2017. It was also featured on Shark Tank in Feb 2018! Many buyers have placed pre-orders to get on the waiting list for 2018 delivery. Read more>>

Rebecca Youssef

Rebecca Youssef is a Los Angeles-based artist and arborist in-training. Rebecca grew up on Oahu’s North Shore and returns to Hawaii as often as possible. In 1991, Rebecca moved to the desert to attend the University of Arizona in Tucson. Read more>>

Erin Tauscher

I started my company 17 years ago with one of my best friends and $500 each. I was a freelance line producer and met my business partner, Taylor Ferguson, while working on a project at the company she was running. I convinced her to leave her current position and start a company together. Read more>>

Madeline Arenas

I was born & raised from Pangasinan, Philippines. Art has been a huge part of me growing up. My loving mother thought I had a great left hand when it came to an art and sent me to art class at the early age of 7. Since then, I can see art everywhere through my eyes. Read more>>

Andrew McGregor

The part of my story that brings me to today began in Rwanda in 2007. I had an idea for a journalism not-for-profit that would teach people living in difficult situations and conflict zones how to practice their own journalism and then we’d help our students launch careers in journalism and media-related industries. Read more>>

Rochelle Orion

My journey began at 3 years old when I recognized God’s voice within. My sight burst open at 11 when Yeshua and Mother Mary appeared before me. A full-on death experience in the hospital at 15 led to my search and propelled me onto my path. Read more>>

Janelle Pietrzak

I am from…. some place warm, a place where the beer flows like wine, where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I’m talking about a little place called Aspen…. Ok yes, it’s true, I am from Aspen, but I have been living off-and-on in Southern California since I was fourteen. Read more>>

Josh Fechter

I worked at four startups in two years. They all failed. And they were in four different markets: pharmaceuticals, real estate, crowdfunding, and the music industry. So I founded my own company, an online publication. A year later, that failed, too. Read more>>

Sarah Lahalih

I have been boxing since I was 17. I am a 4 time Chicago Golden Gloves Champion. Boxing helped shape my youth, it kept me out of trouble and taught me discipline and focus, and it continues to give me mental strength and confidence in my adult life. I moved to LA about 8 years ago. I met my business partner, Lauren at my neighborhood boxing gym. Read more>>

Jason Tolerico

Its funny you should ask. Growing up I always loved teaching. But for whatever reason, I chose to law school instead of pursuing a career in education, While I was still in law school and searching for a prep course, I visited a company that would later be one of my competitors. Read more>>

Amie Leadingham

I was successful in the corporate world for many years, but being single during that time I really doubted my ability to date since I never chose the right kind of guy for me. To tell you the truth, I SUCKED at dating. Read more>>

Maura (Mo, the Morselist) Knowles

Soon after I graduated college, I was hired to play Glinda the Good Witch in my first professional acting job in my favorite all time musical, The Wizard of Oz. During the run of the show, I went in for a simple routine procedure which should have taken a few minutes that turned into an emergency life or death abdominal surgery. Read more>>

Atom Rose

Atom was born into a family of conscious healers. He gravitated towards physical activity and music. This led to yoga, nature based activities and music performance, production and writing. Towards the end of his music degree, he discovered the healing teachings of an Amazonian healer. Read more>>

Jennifer McGarigle

Over 2o years ago, I started Floral Art from my house in Venice, CA. The business organically grew and over time, I moved it into larger studio spaces, then to a big retail storefront on Abbot Kinney Blvd (Venice). Read more>>

Sha Givens

My first trip to Kenya changed my whole perspective of the world. I was focused on launching a career in the entertainment business, owning a home in Hollywood Hills and pursuing a successful life in terms of materialism before my encounter with the country-Kenya. Read more>>

Leanne Hirsh

Perfumera Curandera Healing perfumes evolved over many decades of travel to my husbands native Peru, and our continual work there with traditional shamans and curanderos in plant medicine ceremonies in the Amazon Jungle and the Andes Mountains. Read more>>

Katie Durko

During my senior year at the University of Southern California, I interned for Burberry in the Public Relations department. When I graduated, I was offered a full-time position in their New York offices as a Public Relations Coordinator for the Womenswear division. Read more>>

Jodie Okun

I have always had a love for design. Even as a young girl I was involved in all of the decorating decisions for my room and spent hours antiquing with my mom. After college, I was fortunate enough to work with some very talented designers who taught me the business of Interior Design. Read more>>

Emilee Wilson

I’ve been licensed as an esthetician since 2002, but couldn’t find a spa that used enough holistic skincare or incorporated enough spirituality in the service menu. In 2012, I became very interested in plant medicine and by 2015 I had begun my journey as an herbalist using herbs for healing and making homemade skincare. Read more>>

Bill Megalos

I started working with Hand to Hand 20 years ago and nearly 15 years ago saw the opportunity to add more service by offering haircuts. It was an opportunity to interact on a deeper level with the homeless community we were feeding. Read more>>

Elodie Ichter

My name is Elodie Ichter. As you can already tell, I’m an immigrant. I was born in France 35 years ago. I’m a movie colorist. I studied cinema in France and specialized in Editing. Computers and movies seem pretty fun to me. Read more>>

Mozart Dee

I’m a globetrotting, trilingual, award-winning songwriter/singer/actress/musician/dancer who has been called a “prodigy”, did a TED Talk at 16, won a best actress award, and play 5 instruments. I’m currently working on my debut EP with Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue. Read more>>

Nadya Christian

My professional journey began at an early age in my country of birth Russia in a small town called Khabarovsk as a little girl I learned the importance of looking healthy and beautiful from my mother and grand mother. Read more>>

Greg Laemmle

Laemmle Theatres was started in 1938 by my grandfather Max Laemmle and his brother Kurt. They were introduced to the movie business by their uncle, Carl Laemmle, who was the founder of Universal Studios. Read more>>

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